The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 — Feng Lingran Likes Her?


Xiao Xi stared at the pastry, and three black lines appeared on her head. Such an unpleasant desert, if she ate it, she was afraid that she would eat her own life out!

Feng Lingran was definitely attempting to kill her ah!

Yun Ni felt like a deer who crashed at a table’s edge as she watched the pastry fall into Xiao Xi’s bowl. Her heart tightened, glaring hatefully at her, If the sl*t dared to eat it, she would chop her into eight pieces.

Such a murderous gaze, even pretending to not see anything was hard, Xiao Xi passed the pastry to Feng LingRan’s bowl, “This is a little courtesy from Yun Ni Junzhu, if I ate it, wouldn’t Yun Ni Junzhu kill me?

Hearing her words, Feng Lingran glanced at Yun Ni. That pair of venomous eyes instantly turned soft and gentle the moment they met met with Feng Lingran’s.

“This miss sure is hilarious. Although these pastries were prepared diligently by Ben JunZhu for brother Feng, Ben JunZhu is not a stingy person. If this lady would like a taste, there are still many in this plate.” Eat and choke to death, b*tch.

If she hadn’t ate the pastry and experienced Yun Ni’s killing intent beforehand, she would have really thought that Yun Ni was nice. Unfortunately such kindness, was faked in front of Feng Lingran, just for him.

He placed the pastry back into her bowl, and said, “Eat.”

At that moment her smile froze, what was Brother Feng doing? She had burnt her hands just for these few pastries, yet Brother Feng didn’t even taking a single bite, and had given them to this sl*t. This lowly b*itch did not deserve the pastries she had made.

Xiao Xi stared at the pastry in her bowl, gave him a bitter expression.

“Do I really have to eat it?”


“What if it taste horrible?”

“Spit it out.”

Xiao Xi’s eyes brightened, she was waiting for Feng Lingran to say these words. Her small hands grabbed a pastry and took a little bite. She had not even started chewing before she spat it out, saying to Feng Lingran with a frown, “It taste really horrible.”

Yun Ni’s face turned ghastly, she had the impulse to slap Xiao Xi. Why didn’t she take look at herself, how dare she dislike her snacks?

“You have gone too far.” Yun Ni could not bear it anymore, red-eyed, she pleaded Feng Lingran, “Brother Feng, Yun Ni had burnt the hands in order to make these, now that they’re unliked, Yun Ni feels really sad!”

Yun Ni displayed her red marked hands Feng Lingran, before drop of tears began to roll down her face…

She was pretending to be weak in front of Feng Lingfan as she wanted him to seek justice for her and teach Xiao Xi a lesson. From now on, Xiao Xi will never appear in front of Feng Lingran again.

Xiao Xi saw Yun Ni’s acting skills were first-class, she shrugged and glanced at Feng Lingran, “It was you who said to spit it out if it’s horrible, this pastry is really bad, otherwise, try it yourself, if you can take a whole piece, I would admire you.”

She had never ever ate a pastry this bad, it wasn’t sweet, wasn’t savoury, as soon as it entered her mouth, she couldn’t help but to spit it out.

But Xiao Xi would have never thought that… Feng Lingran would actually picked up same pastry that was in her bowl.

At the same time, Yun Ni’s eyes widened. Her heart was racing as she watched Feng Lingran’s lips draw near the pastry. She had forgotten how to breath, feeling every one of her cell trembling. Brother Feng… was eating the pastries she made.

Feng Lingran placed the pastry down after having a small bite. His lips tightened, before reaching for the tea on the table with his slender fingers to wash his mouth. He frowned and said, “Yun Ni, from now on, no need to deliver anything to Regent Palace. These pastries, you should keep them to yourself!”

That was an order to leave.

Yun Ni was heartbroken when Feng Lingran had also thought that the pastries she’d made tasted terrible. She suddenly ran out bursting in tears.

Xiao Xi saw her running out due to shock and sighed deeply. She saw the affection for Feng Lingran in Yun Ni’s eyes, but he didn’t like her at all. Yun Ni’s love would always be unrequited.

But, Feng Lingran not placing Yun Ni in his eyes was considered a blessing to the Regent’s Palace. If she were to be Wangfei, with her attitude, who would be willing to serve her?

Once the better food were on the table, Xiao Xi grabbed her chopsticks and didn’t hesitate to start eating, her dampened mood slightly became better.

She would also sneak a peek at him from time to time. In fact, Feng Lingran with such a temper wasn’t so bad, at least he wouldn’t be a common target for women. His character towards women also want them to back away, even Yun Ni Junzhu had cried because of him!

Xiao Xi smiled at her thoughts. Feeling his eyes on her, she held back her smile and continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

Feng Lingran placed down his jade chopsticks, “If you’re not happy, you can immediately tell Ben Wang.”

Xiao Xi heard and looked at him. She blinked as her heart skipped a beat. If I’m not happy, I can tell him? Then her position in his heart, was different from the other women?

She thought of Feng Lingran’s distance to women, yet she was allowed to approach him. Feng Lingran had mysophobia, yet he even allowed her to bathe with him. She was special to him…

Her face blushed red, and she softly nodded.


After a while.

Xiao Xi was almost full, and glanced at the chopsticks that Feng Lingran haven’t picked up after he placed it down. She knew, that he wouldn’t eat anymore. Suddenly remembering the tail behind her, her eyes flashed.

“Feng Lingran, I have some things I want to discuss with you.”


“I’m always in the Palace and it’s so boring, I want to go out and take a walk.”

She felt his deep gaze, and her small heart jumped a bit. Zi Yi said that she should take the second Jin Pill as soon as possible. Otherwise, this human body wouldn’t last much longer.

She wanted to find a quiet place to consume the second pill. The number of servants in the Regent’s Palace weren’t small, and Feng Lingran’s room and hers were next to each other. Therefore, this place wasn’t suitable for her to absorb the pill.

Not to mention, Zi Yi had already found a good place.

Feng Lingran studied her for a moment before taking out a few silver notes, and placed them in front of her.

“If you see something you like, buy it.”

She stared at the silver notes on the table. After seeing it was notes of a thousand, she was ecstatic. Feng Lingran is so wealthy ah! One thousand can buy a lot of things, and he’d even gave her 5 of them. Which equals five thousand!

“Handsome man, you’re so nice.”

She smiled and put away the silver banknotes.

When he saw her cheap smile, his thin lips had also lifted into one as well.

At that moment, Qin Wen appeared by the door, he enter with a pace faster than usual.

“Wangye, the person has been captured, the things were also found.”

Xiao Xi wondered what Qin Wen said, who was caught? ‘Xiao Lu’s’ face suddenly flashed in her mind. Could it be that ‘Xiao Lu’ was caught?

She had reported her last encounter with ‘Xiao Lu’ to Feng Lingran, but never would she have expected for him to be so efficient. He had even managed to secure the bag of poison.

“Return to your room first, Ben Wang need to handle some things.”

After finishing, he turned and left with Qin Wen.

Xiao Xi also stood up and grabbed his hand, “I also want to go.”

With his fingers held by soft and warm hand, his eyes darkened. Staring at the delicate girl in front of him, he softly said, “That place is suitable for you. Be good, go back first and Ben Wang will accompany you after.”

She blanked, and foolishly stared at him. He he he… why was he suddenly so gentle to her?

She didn’t know how she returned to her room, she sat on the bed smiling foolishly. Did Feng Lingran like her?

The smile remained on Xiao Xi’s face as she drifted off to sleep…


In her dreams…

Zi Yi wasn’t lying on the lounge this time. When he saw Xiao Xi, he came over and grabbed her arm, “Disciple-er, do you not want to be human anymore? Quickly come with Master to eat the Jin Pill!’

She stared at Zi Yi’s face that looked like Feng Lingran’s and smile again.

He was slightly startled at her smile, but he reached out and pinched her cheeks, “Disciple-er, Master know that you were eager to Master, but now’s not the time to be mesmerized by Master’s face. Look at your hand.”

Zi Yi lifted her hand.

She was shocked to the point her soul nearly flew out, her hand… why did it become a fluffy paw?

“Master, what should I do?” She was anxious, if her real body’s hand became a paw, would Feng Lingran after he came back… be scared to death?

Sure, he was courageous, and wouldn’t be scared to death by a measly paw, but will he still like her if he saw her neither fox nor human appearance?

She also felt that she wouldn’t like a fox spirit…

“What to do? Stupid disciple, quickly go to the place Master found for you!”

“But… the body in the room… the body in the room…”

“Master will bring your body away.”

She sighed a breath of relief. But then she remembered that Feng Lingran would come back and accompany her after a while, if she disappeared, what would she do if he couldn’t find her?

“No! Master, I can’t go. Feng Lingran said he would come see me after a while. He knows I’m in the room, I can’t leave.”

Zi Yi’s finger poked her forehead.

“Little apprentice, did lust cloud your head? If you don’t take the Jin Pill by tonight, you would change back tomorrow. Do you want to spend the rest of your life, staying by Feng Lingran’s side looking like a little fox?”

She instinctively shook her head. She didn’t want. Not one bit. She had only experienced the joy of being human for a short amount of time, she didn’t want to be a fox again.

But, if Feng Lingran couldn’t find her… what should she do?

Seeing her her pitiful expression, Zi Yi sighed, “If you don’t want to leave, then take it here!”


Nubilus: So sorry for the slow updates and the constant change of the release schedule. Sellychi has rl stuff so shes been on hiatus for a few months if you havent noticed *wink*. The two other tl-ers, Sitrus and Hibernation have exams? Rn. So they can’t really tl much, so there’s just me left *cough* i’m only the editor *cough, trying really not that hard. Pls understand guys v.v they better thank me for this. Things might be better after this week, so please expect slow updates rn, sorry readers. ^^;

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  1. I am wondering what will happen then. does it meant she can’t be a human forever since the last pill was given to wolf. Thank you!

  2. Hi! When will the updates come? Will it be a mass release for all the missing updates? I really hope that’s the case! I hope the exams went well!

  3. Hi! When will the updates come? Will it be a mass release for all the missing updates? I really hope that’s the case! I hope the exams went well!

  4. Thanks for the chapter – really, you guys are quite fast. No need to worry. Especially as our Xiao Xi does not seem all that bright as a person (or even a fox) so I think this story line will last a little while longer . . .

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