The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 — Give Birth to Baby Foxes? Don’t scare her!


When she finished speaking, she suddenly felt his gaze drifted from her face to her flat stomach. Her heart ‘badump’ in trepidation, why was he staring there?

Xiao Xi turned to the side, her face had a faint trace of red. Her hands subconsciously went to cover her stomach as an image of a baby snow fox appeared in her head.

She was going crazy ah! Why else would she have thought that she will give birth to a litter of foxes in the future?

But with whom?

Xiao Xi instinctively peeped at Feng Lingran. If she were to bear him baby foxes, his cold expression would probably crumble right?


A laugh escaped from her as she imagined Feng Lingran’s collapsed expression.

Hearing her quiet giggle, Feng Lingran’s line of sight shifted to her pink cheeks. Her smile was clean and pure, like a burgeoning cherry blossom. “What did you think of to laugh so happily?”

The thought of giving birth to your litters ah~

“Feng Lingran, if one day you were to have litters -cough. I mean, when you have a child, would you want them to resemble the mother more? Or the father?” She had nearly said the wrong thing.

Seeing the playfulness in her eyes, Feng Lingran’s lips curved upwards. “Ben Wang thinks that instead of worrying about Ben Wang’s child, you should consider whether yours will be fox or human.”

The corners of her lips twitched as a shudder went through her heart. Give birth to foxes? Don’t scare her ah.


These past few days, Xiao Xi had been running around to deliver the little snow wolf’s meals. Gradually, the two became close, and whenever it saw her now, it wouldn’t avoid her like it did before. When it eats, Xiao Xi’s could stroke its head and back. The little wolf’s fur was clean and soft as silk. Xiao Xi’s heart thumped, no wonder Feng Lingran and Nangong Yin liked to caress the little fox’s fur, it had actually felt this nice.

After it finish eating, Xiao Xi would play with it for a while. And every time she needed to go, the cub would act reluctant. She wanted to bring it back to her bedroom and live with her, but it wasn’t willing to leave. It guarded this room, not going anywhere.

Truly a persistent little cub.

When Xiao Xi left, it was already time for tea. She went to the dining room where Feng Lingran and herself would usually dine in. Seeing the tabletop full of small dishes of snacks, her stomach suddenly felt a bit hungry. Xiao Xi picked up a piece and placed it in her mouth, chewing only once before frowning and spitting it out straight away.

“Taste so bad ah!” Did the Regent’s Palace change cooks? How can the snacks be so disgusting.

“Who allowed you to eat them? This is what Ben Junzhu made for Brother Feng.” Yun Ni saw that the snacks on the table was touched by Xiao Xi and became mad. This anger only grew more when she saw the snack that was spat out by Xiao Xi. The food personally made by her, was not for this sl*t to eat, yet she actually still dared to say it tasted bad?

Yun Ni Junzhu’s voice made Xiao Xi jump in fright. She turned around and saw Yun Ni’s furious face.

She frowned, why did Yun Ni come to the Regent’s Palace again? And to make such disgusting snacks for Feng Lingran?

“I didn’t know you were giving these to the Regent.” She didn’t say Feng Lingran’s name in front of her, and her eyes flashed a mischievous light.

If Feng Lingran ate such terrible snacks made by Yun Ni Junzhu, wonder what his expression will be?

“You didn’t know? You think it would be okay because you didn’t know? Ben Junzhu’s hands got burned just to make these snacks for Brother Feng, yet never would Ben Junzhu expect it to be stolen by you.”

Xiao Xi stared at the glaring red mark on Yun Ni’s hand with a small grin on her face. If she had known that such disgusting snacks were made by Yun Ni, she would not have ate it even if you gave it to her.

“Jun Zhu, don’t be angry, the Regent would be coming back soon. If you were seen like this, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be good. I already know I was wrong, I’ll clean up the food I spat out, and leave.” She grabbed a handkerchief, and wrapped the half chewed off snack in it. It was too repulsive ah! Feng Lingran, please ‘enjoy’!

Hey, who told you to bump into such a ruthless Junzhu?

Yu Ni had nearly been angered to spurting blood by Xiao Xi’s words, especially seeing the crumbs on the table that haven’t been cleaned by Xiao Xi yet. The disgust was obvious, did the sl*t really think that she did not see it?

When she made them, she had already tried them, it didn’t taste that bad. At least the amount of time and effort she’d spent can express her genuine feelings towards Brother Feng. Now that she saw Xiao Xi’s expression, she felt that she had destroyed her good intentions.

Yu Ni’s remembered that Feng Lingran will come back soon, she could not be so brazen in his residence. She still had to maintain a good demeanor so that Feng Lingran would like her.

“Quickly scram for Ben Junzhu, don’t interrupt Ben Junzhu and Brother Feng’s teatime together.” When she becomes the Regent’s Wangfei, she definitely wouldn’t let these lowly people off. She would throw them all out of the Palace, and the ones that dared to seduce Brother Feng would be sent off to serve the army.

Yu Ni studied Xiao Xi exquisite face with a certain light in her eyes. This cheap sl*t only had a bit of beauty, yet she dared to appear so casually in Feng Lingran’s dining room. When she becomes Wangfei, she will first send her to father’s military, the soldiers there were all unruly, it will be better if she died there.

Of course, Yun Ni would not propose such a sinister idea immediately, so she could only hide these thoughts in her heart.

Xiao Xi originally wanted to leave, but after hearing Yun Ni and Feng Lingran are eating together, her heart felt a bit uncomfortable. She stared at Yun Ni, the chair in front of her was the one she would usually sit on, could it be that Yun Ni was going to sit on it today?

Her eyes lowered, the feathered like lashes casted a shadow on her face. Her eyes flashed, how would Feng Lingran decide?

“Why haven’t you scramed yet?” Yun Ni saw Xiao Xi standing still, she was already in a bad mood because her food was eaten, but now it was even more unbearable for her to still see Xiao Xi.

Xiao Xi headed towards the door, and just as she past Yun Ni, her finger flicked slightly. A purple light shot out, so fast that if you didn’t look closely, you would not have noticed.


Yun Ni suddenly felt a burst of pain from her leg. She toppled onto a chair, hurting both her chest and elbows in the process. A layer of mist appeared in her eyes as tears began to fall.

Yun Ni head turned to glare at the figure by the door, “Stop right there! It was you, you who had plotted against Ben Junzhu, right? Stop! Did you hear what Ben Junzhu said?”

Xiao Xi had clearly heard her, but she didn’t stop.

Yun Ni told her to stop, but did she have to? She may be a Jun Zhu, but she wasn’t her Jun Zhu.

In pain, Yun Ni glared at Xiao Xi’s retreating figure. She whispered, “Sl*t, this hatred, Ben Junzhu would sooner or later return it back to you.”


Feng Lingran returned to the Palace, and saw Xiao Xi standing in front of a crape-myrtle tree, her small hands picked a flower, and pulled each petal off before chucking it away like it had offended her.

His eyebrows furrowed before walking to where Xiao Xi was. A large section of the tree’s blossom has already been pulled off by her, florets littered the ground. From her hand, Feng Lingran rescued another victim.

It’s almost teatime, why are you so angry at the crape-myrtle flower?”

Normally, by this time she would have already be in the dining room, waiting for him. What happened today?

Xiao Xi raised her head to look Feng Lingran’s beautiful face, the corners of her mouth lifted, “I’m not angry, I just thought that the flowers were too dense, so I’m helping it trim down the excess bits.”

His eyebrows raised, obviously not believing what she had said.

“Let’s go and eat.”

“You go yourself! There’s a beauty waiting for you at the room!”

She did not want sit with Yun Ni, did not want to eat with her, did not want to even share the same table as her.

“Beauty?” He felt somewhat baffled.

“Mhm! Your little sister Yun came, I’ll go find something to eat, so I won’t bother you guys.”

She turned and left after she finished.

He frowned, little sister Yun? Seeing her leave, he walked forward and grabbed her small hand. Saying nothing, Feng Lingran dragged her towards the dining room.

Yun Ni Junzhu face lit up in joy when she saw Feng Lingran coming in, “Feng Lingran, you’ve returned?” Just as she finished speaking, Jun Ni noticed the Xiao Xi behind Feng Lingran’s back, Xiao Xi’s seemed very reluctant to come in, and it was Feng Lingran that pulled on her hand.

She was dumbfounded, how could her Brother Feng pull this sl*t with him as well? Brother Feng had never touched any women before, even she couldn’t touched his hand. This sl*t just have a few positions, what qualifications does she have to touch her Brother Feng?

Anger rose in Yun Ni’s heart, she really wanted to walk over, separate Feng Lingran and Xiao Xi’s hands, then finally give Xiao Xi a slap in the face, amd let Xiao Xi realise her status and position in the regent mansion!

He ignored Yun Ni. He pulled Xiao Xi, and with one hand on her shoulder, he pressed her down on the chair next to him.

Yun Ni who was pushed away became even more dumbfounded. What did Brother Feng mean? Could it be that he liked this sl*t?

At that moment, the small sense of crisis in her heart gradually grew more intense.

Yun Ni felt her eyes glaze over, Just as the tears were about to fall, she held onto them whilst also holding onto the urge to hit Xiao Xi. Her face morphed into what she thought was the most beautiful smile. Yun Ni picked up a pastry with her slender fingers and brought it before Feng Lingran’s face, “Brother Feng, this is the snack Yun Ni had personally made for you, try it, it’s very delicious.”

Xiao Xi looked the snack in Yun Ni’s hand, choosing not to say anything. It was delicious, delicious enough to vomit out.

“Ben Wang does not like sweets.”

Feng Lingran rejected Yun Ni.

Yun Ni felt a slight disappointment, but very quickly she put the pastry back on the plate before grabbing another one. Completely ignoring Xiao Xi, she smiled at him and said, “Brother Feng, this one is savory, you’ll definitely like it.”

He glanced at the pastry she was holding, then at Xiao Xi. He picked up his jade chopsticks and took the pastry from her hands.

Seeing this, Yun Ni felt delighted. Was Brother Feng going to eat her pastry?

Her heart was like a charging deer as she expectantly stared at Feng Lingran. She knew that Brother Feng would definitely be moved by her gentle and virtuous qualities.

Feeling overwhelmed and nervous in front of the person they love.

Who knew…

He placed the pastry into Xiao Xi’s bowl, “Xi-er, try this.”

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