The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 — Feng Lingran’s Pursuit


Seeing her pitiful expression, Zi Yi sighed, “If you don’t want to leave, then take it here!”

Eat the pill here? In this room?

What if Feng Lingran came in and saw?

Xiao Xi was full of anxiety, thinking back at the transformation last time, she was fully naked, this time in this room, would she end up naked again?

She had her clothes on when she was asleep, it should not happen like last time, right?

“Oh, that’s right, master forgot to tell you, during the transformation, flames from ingesting the Jin pill would burn away your clothes, if you have decided to take it in this room then take the pill quickly!”


Then she’s going to be naked again?

Other people are children taken care by God, Xiao Xi felt that she was the child that God had abandoned, it was enough to have to endure the agonizing pain of the rebirth process, now every transformation she also had to be naked, if others got a peek, how would she defend her reputation?

Xiao Xi woke up from the dream and saw Zi Yi floating in the room, she hesitated a little.

“Little disciple, master will set a formation at your door, take the pill soon!”

As Zi Yi floated out the door, Xiao Xi jumped off the bed in a flash and extended her paws towards Zi Yi’s arm.

“Master, wait.”

Unfortunately, her little paw passes through the purple hue and catches nothing.

Zi Yi stopped, saw Xiao Xi’s fluffy paws, a curious glint passes his eyes, then saw Xiao Xi’ ears turned into sharp fox ears, his mouth raised into a mischievous smile.

“Little disciple, master feels like your appearance of half human half fox….is also very amusing, actually, you could just follow master like this!”

Xiao Xi raised her paws and touched her ears, the corner of her mouth twitched a little, they really did turn into fox ears.

Zi Yi’s fingers raised gently and points at the bronze mirror, that bronze mirror flew to the front of Xiao Xi. Xiao Xi clearly saw, an exquisite little young girl in the bronze mirror, with a pair of fluffy, snow white fox ears, an appearance in between a demon and a fairy.

Whether it was a demon or a fairy, putting the word fox in front, it either became a fox demon or a fox fairy, there wasn’t much of a difference.

The difference was the young girl’s pair of hands…. No, paws, pair of paws, immediately less like an immortal fairy and more like a demon.

Xiao Xi rolled her eyes at Zi Yi, “Master, if you one day become like me, then you will see if it’s still amusing.”

Zi Yi suddenly chuckled heartily, eyes vibrant and full of brilliance, this little apprentice of his, couldn’t eat even a little bit of loss。

“Master, let’s go outside! I don’t want to stay in this room.”

Feng Lingran was not aware of Zi Yi’s existence, but what happened in Nanling six floored pagoda, Feng Lingran also wouldn’t forget, if Feng Lingran discovered the formation, even she didn’t know how to explain Zi Yi to Feng Lingran.

Zi Yi’s eyebrows furrowed, seeing the determination in Xiao Xi’s eyes, he did not say a second sentence. With a flip of his sleeve, a ray of purple light shot through the air and they disappeared.

This was not Xiao Xi’s first disappearance with Zi Yi, she seem to understand that Zi Yi was taking her away with a mysterious force, and the speed he used had reached a rapidly swift state, an average person wouldn’t be able to keep up, probably only Feng Lingran that talented genious could catch up with Zi Yi!

As she was about to leave the Regent Palace, Xiao Xi’s ears twitched, seemingly heard a lady screaming in anguish.

“Little apprentice, don’t worry about it, let’s just leave.”

Zi Yi reached out, fingers went through Xiao Xi’s arm, failing to grasp it, his eyes darkened, clearly not pleased at the inability to touch the mortal plane.

“Master, please take me there, just a peek, then we can leave.”

Xiao Xi soon distinguished that the sound was Xiao Lu’s.

“Feng Lingran’s cultivation is high, if you go, he might notice.”

Xiao Xi frowned and bit her lower lip, she also knows that Feng Lingran’s cultivation was high, how could she not be afraid of being discovered by Feng Lingran?

But…. Xiao Lu’s screams was too miserable and painful, her heart trembled at the sound, it wasn’t sympathy for Xiao Lu, but rather what Xiao Lu was enduring made Xiao Xi panic-stricken, she really wanted to see, just a little peek.

“Master, I want to go.” Xiao Xi was determined.

“Alright! Who made you this teacher’s treasured disciple? How can master bear to reject you as a teacher? Wait a moment, now hold your breath, if you can’t help but want to breathe, then do it lightly, Feng Lingran will not find you that way, if you don’t, Feng Lingran will be alerted, then if that happens teacher can only helplessly watch as you are taken away by Feng Lingran. ”

Zi Yi explained meticulously, seeing Xiao Xi nod her head, he flipped his sleeve and they teleported to another place.




Regent Mansion Dungeons.

A servant girl had both of her hands locked by iron chains, arms spread apart, and suspended in midair. Her body was criss-crossed with bright-red lash marks, a ghastly sight to behold.

“ Big Sis, are you still not confessing? If you tell me now, you don’t have to undergo this suffering anymore.” A boy around 12 years old was holding a whip as he questioned the girl. His face was adorable like a doll, his innocent smile gave rise to the two dimples on either side of his cheeks. He did not look like a person who had inflicted so much wounds on the maid.

“Since I’m already in your hands, if you want to kill me, just do it. No matter how much you hit me, I would never betray my master. You won’t get anything out of my mouth.” Blood flowed out of her mouth as she replied with a trembling voice.

The young boy turned his head, his clear exquisite big eyes look at Feng Lingran who was sitting on a chair, “Master, this big sister’s mouth is really firm, Xiao Qi couldn’t help but want to step things up a bit towards this difficult to deal with big sister.”

Feng Lingran’s fingers rhythmically tapped on the armchair, and with a casual voice he replied, “Ben Wang doesn’t care what you do as long as you find who she was working with in one sichen.”

The youth smiled at him and his dimples popped out, he delightfully said, “Master can relax, Xiao Qi knows what to do.”

Feng Lingran faintly nodded, his handsome face cold.

The youth discarded the bloody whip, and from his sleeve, he pulled out a transparent bottle. Something was twisting and turning inside of it, he pulled off the cork and an odor immediately came out from the bottle. It didn’t stink, but it made people feel uncomfortable.

“Big Sis, there was a Gu in your room. Xiao Qi trusts that you are familiar with this, right? Xiao Qi almost forgot, only one of this Miaojiang Gu exists. Big Sis surely has heard of its name, but not the actual Gu’s appearance.” The young boy wiggled the bottle and the Gu inside fell out. Its body was transparent with a white undertone, even the meridians on its body was visible. The youth happily continued, “It was said that this was the most poisonous one, it especially likes to eat women’s features. Little by little, starting from the ears, then slowly chewing it’s ways through the eyebrows, nose, mouth, and finally eating the eyes. Xiao Qi doesn’t know if Xiao Qi was just being deceived by the Miaojiang elder, so Big Sister can test out the truth!”

The young boy’s hand carrying the Gu got closer and closer to the servant girl, his mouth arched in a lovely smile, now looks more and more like a demonic smile.

Xiao Xi with her breath held, was overwhelmed from watching this scene. Especially at that young boy holding the Gu, he was too scary ah!

Zi Yi saw her tremble and sighed. He already warned her not to come, but she just had to. In the Regent Palace Dungeons, this blood chilling gory scene was normal.

The young boy stopped his advance with the Gu situated right in front of the servant girl’s pale lips, she let out a terrified scream, her complexion white as a sheet.

“Just kill me! Kill me!” The servant girl’s eyes was overflowing with uncontrollable tears, her heart was reaching its limit. She pleadingly looked at Feng Lingran, but his expression was cold, and his deep inky eyes were more fearsome than that of the boy in front of her.

Xiao Xi held zero sympathy for the servant girl. Back then at the beast arena, this servant girl threw a palm at Xiao Xi, nearly ending her little fox life. Afterwards, mother wolf met a violent end under the claw of the short faced bear while protecting the little fox. For every grievance  someone is responsible. This is retribution.It’s just that… Feng Lingran’s way of dealing with things made her back go cold.

Extremely ruthless…

Suddenly, the desperate servant girl bit her tongue to commit suicide, but the youth clutched her cheeks, forcing the jaw open. His eyes flashed with coldness and he sneered, “It’s not that easy to die.”

He placed the Gu in her ear, soon, the Gu as if it had smelled something delicious, bit her ear.

The Gu’s bite hurts a lot, but it was more to let the victim feel fear, she screamed, desperately trying to move her hands, the sound of the shackles resounded through the room.

The young boy poked her acupuncture point, and she stopped struggling. She could only open her mouth but not close it and bite her tongue. She looked at the youth in horror while screaming, blood tainted saliva leak down her mouth.

The youth stepped back with folded arms, as he stared at the servant girl with a smile, “Big Sis, if you can’t bear it anymore, then tell everything to Master, and Xiao Qi would take the Gu off your face.” He paused, then continued, “If Big Sis doesn’t want to speak, then the Gu would continue eating your face, Xiao Qi is afraid that even your master wouldn’t recognise you by the end of this.”

Xiao Xi watched as the Gu eats at the servant girl’s ear, her exquisite small face was somewhat pale, trembling paws covers her mouth, she looked at Zi Yi, at her limit, she looks down feeling as if she’s about to vomit, she wants to leave.

As Zi Yi led Xiao Xi away, her head was suddenly dizzy and she bumped onto the stone wall, eliciting a muffled thump.

The young boy heard the noise, he immediately picked up the whip from the ground and threw a strike at Xiao Xi’s direction.

Zi Yi’s eyes flashed with a cold glint, he made a sweeping motion with his sleeve and the aim of the youth’s whip deviates upwards, hitting the wall. A deep whip mark was engraved on the stone wall, if this strike was to hit the body,  the results could clearly be imagined.

“Heee….good skill.” Xiao Qi smiled and then threw another strike at Xiao Xi’s direction.

“Master… Hurry, let’s go!”

Xiao Xi saw Xiao Qi wave the whip and said in alarm.

Feng Lingran heard the young girl’s voice, he knits his eyebrows, and in a blink stood up from the chair, “Xiao Qi, Stop.”

Xiao Qi’s expression changes, he hurriedly pulls back the whip and held back the strike. Pain flares from the pit of his stomach and blood spills from the corner of his mouth. He wipes away the blood and looked at the direction where Xiao Xi was at before. There was no movement, the person had already escaped.

Xiao Qi’s eyes flashed with curiosity, pouting his lips, “Master, who was it that made you care so much? Xiao Qi even received internal injuries.”

Feng Lingran ignores Xiao Qi’s question and coldly drop a sentence, “ Handle your own affairs.”

Finished, he then turned around and disappeared from the dungeon.


Zi Yi had brought Xiao Xi out of the Regent Palace. Phoenix eyes glanced at the side of the young girl’s frightened eyes, he smiled devilishly, “Feng Lingran is pursuing.”


Sellychi: Eiiiii~ Anyone remembers me? Hey I’ve settled in my new place…kinda…maybe…dying. RL’s a bish but it can’t keep me away from my beloved(this project) forever. And what’s this? What happened? Eh there seems to be cobwebs around. Well now that I’m back I’ll try kicking the wheel and get this thing rolling again. Let’s go full steam ahead- gets hit by a truck called RL– …m-maybe baby steps…

Ahem… I’ll go assemble the Fox Consort team and settle on a new approach. See you guys in the next chappie~

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