The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 69 Part 1

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Chapter 69 Part 1 — 


“You don’t want to be locked up, I can fulfill that, but don’t think of escaping. I have already placed an array in this building. If you take a wrong step, even your bones would disappear.”

What did he say? An array?

The little fox’s eyes swept across the place, and noticed that the area she was in looked exactly the same as the last one, even the items were placed in the same location. Was he fooling her? Or did he really set an array?

But… aren’t arrays supposed to be arranged according to the five elements and eight trigrams? Or was this a more of a Xuan Huan array?

Xuan Huan is another type of genre in Chinese novels. As you know, there is Wuxia, Xianxia, and Xuan Huan.

Leng Yuhan glanced at the little fox before leaving to change his robes. Throwing out a few threats, he walked towards the front door and with a large palm, the door was slammed shut.

Little did he know that when he was leaving, the little fox had been memorising every step he took. Extraordinary memorising skills could really count as a useful skill sometimes.

The little fox waited for a while, before jumping off the table. Copying the footsteps of Leng Yuhan, she arrived in front of the door. Looking behind her, the corners of her mouth lifted, exposing her teeth. This counted as an array?

Che~ You really frightened Fox to death ah?

Using the strength of her front paws, the little fox nudged at the large door, trying to get it to open. But it was like it weighed 100 Jins, unmovable. Being so weak, the little fox would never be able to open the door.

Did she really have to wait for the Adulterer to come back?

The little fox was not willing to wait, so she harnessed all the power she obtained from drinking milk and prowled at the door for a while. Not long after, she slumped against the door in exhaustion, the door wasn’t budging, looks like she wouldn’t be able to open it…

“Ha ha ha…” A demonic laugh rang through the room, “Little fox, do you want to go out?”


Who was talking?

The little fox raised her head, but she didn’t see anyone. It was as if that voice had appeared out of thin air.

“No need to find Ben Zun. You only need to answer Ben Zun, would like to go outside?”

The little fox’s entire body trembled. Was… was… this Zi Yi? At the Six Floor Pill Pagoda, he had also referred to himself as Ben Zun.

“Squeak Squeak Squeak…” Want, Zi Yi, quickly help me leave.

“Ng, did you miss Zi Yi?” His voice was whimsical as he coquettishly asked.

The little fox was stunned.

“Squeak Squeak Squeak…” That’s right! I miss Zi Yi, Hurry and help me ah! I’ll become human tonight.

“Such an interesting little fox, seeing you miss Ben Zun so much, Ben Zun will help you!

A ray of purple light flickered past and landed on the door. Immediately, It opened.

The little fox swiftly ran out of the building when suddenly, a purple aura appeared in front of her. She too busy trying to escape to notice her surroundings, and directly ran through the aura. Did she hit something?

Little fox immediately braked and turned around, only to be scared the soul of out her body.

There, floating in front of Xin Chen Tower, was a purple ghost-like shadow. His face… was the same Feng Lingran’s, only… those pair of eyes weren’t as deep as Feng Lingran, as for his charming gaze, it was… like the handsome man’s gaze from her nightmare.

“How does it feel to pass through Ben Zun’s body?”

He floated towards her, hands cradling his chest as he peered at the little fox with a smile.

“Squeak Squeak Squeak…” Please, you’re that tall, and I’m this short, could I really go through your body? At most, I passed through your leg.

Ke ke… what nonsense was he spewing?

Zi Yi stared at the little fox as it’s paw pointed towards his crotch. His eyebrows raised slightly.

“You want to look at Ben Zun’s…?”

The little fox never knew Zi Yi to be so evil. Her face blushed red, who who who… wanted to look ah?

“If you want to see… Ben Zun won’t mind.” As he spoke, his hand travelled down, and his fingers curled around the jade belt on his waist…

The little fox noticed Zi Yi’s movement. Her small heart trembled, she didn’t know how Feng Lingran would react if he saw this man that shared his appearance do this kind of thing?

The little fox gaped that the ready to stip his clothes Zi Yi… and covered her eyes… how indecent… how vulgar…

“Ha ha ha…” When Zi Yi saw the little fox’s cute moments and his handsome face smiled.

Only when the little fox peeked through her paws, did she realise that she was tricked by him. He had never intended to strip.

The little fox bit the corner of her mouth, when she suddenly remember that she was still near the Xin Chen Building. This was the Adulterer’s turf, and so there would definitely be guards. She anxiously look around, and saw a guard standing straight, but he didn’t seem to notice Zi Yi or her. She thought that the guard was dead, otherwise with Zi Yi laughing so loudly, who wouldn’t not hear?

“They can’t see Ben Zun.” Zi Yi’s words solved her doubts, but made her surprised again.

What? Other people couldn’t see him? Then he was… he was…

Zi Yi noticed the fear in the little fox’s eyes, he descended and walked towards the little fox.

“Little fox, are you scared of Ben Zun?”

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