The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 68 Part 2

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Chapter 68 Part 2 —


“Not afraid of death? Excellent. ” Leng Yuhan gritted his teeth in frustration. From the expression of the little fox, he could tell that no matter which method he used, it would not hand over the Huo Yi grass and Jin Pill.

The cold dagger glided through the little fox’s white fur and was just about to pierce into its stomach when the little fox yelled.

“Squeak Squeak Squeak….” Don’t do it, Don’t do it ah! Fox will take you to Huo Yi grass and golden Dan.

Leng Yuhan had already been fooled by the little fox once, he definitely won’t be fooled twice. He warned: “You better stop playing these tricks on, otherwise you’ll find yourself dead.”

The little fox made a face of terror, but honestly speaking, it was terrifying. This Adulterer was such a merciless, he even had a knife in his hands.

Leng Yuhan release the little fox’s limbs, before cautiously watching it. Letting go of the dagger in his hands, he held his palms out towards the little fox’s paws, saying, “Where did you hid it, write it on my hand. If you dare lie to me, you will die.”

The little fox quickly wrote two words on Leng Yuhan’s plan, “East Palace.”

Leng Yuhan frowned. He thought, the East Palace wasn’t a easy place to enter, but this little had nowhere else to hide it but in the East Palace, so the what it had said was reliable. After all, Feng Lingran will return to Eastern Jin tomorrow, the little fox only had limited amount of time to retrieve the stuff when it leaves. What better place than near it?

The reason the little fox came out today, was probably to bring the Huo Yi Grass and Jin Pill away.

Leng Yuhan thought for a moment before continuing, “The East Palace is so big, how do I know where it is? Be more specific, where did you hide them?”
Write your sister ah?

The East Palace was so big, why can’t you look for it yourself ah?

Of course, the little fox only cursed in her heart. She wrote in his hand, ‘They are hidden in the flower pond. ”

Leng Yuhan’s face went cold, and the corner of his mouth slowly dropped. The East Palace had so many flower ponds, if he searched every one of them, tomorrow would have came.

“I’ll bring you there, you better remember which flower pond is it!”

Leng Yuhan held the little fox’s four limbs in one of his hand, and placed his hand in its back. They walked to the East Palace in this position.

The little fox wanted to bite Leng Yuhan a few times, but after thinking about it, he wouldn’t let go even if she bit him, he might even slashes a few times on her body with the knife he had. She gave up on the idea, it was just that… when they reach the East Palace, what should she do if she doesn’t have the Huo Yi Grass and Jin Dan to give him?

Feng Lingran went to attend the banquet. Nan Gongyin as the Crown Prince, definitely went as well, that was why this adulterer dared to be so bold and come out.

The little fox rapidly calculated in her mind, planning her escape from Leng Yuhan’s hands.

Suddenly, the little fox saw a figure of a woman. Her eyes shined excitedly but her mouth was pinched and she was stuffed into his sleeve.

Ji Yunxue walked towards Leng Yuhan, and gave a small greeting. “Imperial Consort Ji requests Guo Shi to go to Xin Chen Palace for the Emperor’s Blessing.”

The little fox’s paws and mouth were pinched. As long as she moved, he would add more strength. When she heard Ji Yunxue’s voice, the little fox was escalated, blessing ah? The adulterer had no time to take her to the East Palace then?

Ha haha…! That’s wonderful!

Now she wouldn’t be able to give the Huo Yi Grass and the Jin Pill to the adulterer!

“I understand. Xue-er, go inform Imperial Consort Ji, that I’ll be changing out of my clothes first for the Emperor’s Blessing.

Leng Yuhan’s attitude towards Ji Yunxue was obviously good. Not to mention, the “Xue-er” made the little fox feel that Leng Yuhan seemed to have some relationship with Ji Yunxue.

If they weren’t so close, they wouldn’t call each other so affectionately.

Unless Leng Yuhan… ‘ate’ both Imperial Consort Ji and Ji Yunxue?

The little fox shook its head in denial. Ji Yunxue’s temperament were not like the ‘dang fu’ Imperial Consort Ji is. Leng Yuhan probably have not ‘ate’ Ji Yunxue yet!

Raws left it in pinyin. Funny thing is, it means prostitute and the author was attempting to censor it lolololol

The little fox heard the footsteps of Ji Yunxue’s departing, but very quickly, she was pulled up by Leng Yuhan.

“Let me to cast a blessing first, then I’ll come to the East Palace with you.”

Leng Yuhan entered Xin Chen Building with the little fox. The moment he wanted to lock the little fox in a cage, it suddenly hugged his hand and shook its head.

Please do not lock her up ah! WIth this cage’s space, locking a dog was okay, but she was going to become human today, if she was locked up, she would definitely morph with deformity.

The little fox pitfully stared at Leng Yuhan, she promised that she wouldn’t escape, and promised to obediently wait for to come back, and take him to the East Palace to find the Huo Yi Grass and the Jin Pill.

Leng Yuhan was a bit surprise that the little fox suddenly stared at him with such gaze. Or… did this fox want to play some kind of trick?

Don’t blame Leng Yuhan for being cautious, but this little fox was about to drive him crazy. The Huo Yi Grass and the Jin Pill, how important were they to him? This was also the reason why he was so ruthless to the little fox.

“You don’t want to be locked up, I can fulfill that, but don’t think of escaping. I have already placed an array in this building. If you take a wrong step, even your bones would disappear.”

After Leng Yuhan finish speaking, he turned around to change his clothes.

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