The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 69 Part 2

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Chapter 69 Part 2 — He Had Already Slept with Me


“Little fox, are you scared of Ben Zun?”

“Squeak squeak squeak…” You you you… are you a ghost or human ah?

Zi Yi extended a transparent finger and poked at the little fox’s body, only for it to pass right through .

“You’re asking whether Ben Zun is human? Or a ghost?”

Your hands have already passed through, are you still considered human?

The little fox ran away in fear, Nima! Turns out that Zi Yi was a ghost! One that looks like Feng Lingran! She’ll definitely get nightmares when she’s with Feng Lingran in the future…


Zi Yi watched the little fox fearfully ran away. He slowly got up, feeling good about himself.

When Zi Yi saw the little leave the palace complex, his complexion changed. Swiftly, he flew towards the little fox’s direction and blocked it.

“You can’t leave the palace.” Zi Yi said firmly.

The little fox stared at Zi Yi, and took two steps back in horror.

“Squeak squeak squeak.” Why can’t Fox leave?

”The Jin Pill in your body holds an enchantment, if you leave Nanling, the Pill would become cease to work.”



The little fox stared at Zi Yi, since he guarded the Jin PIll, was he the one who placed the enchantment?

“If you are anxious about being vulnerable when you turn human, Ben Zun can bring you to the 6 Floor Pill Pagoda.”

Zi Yi had noticed the apprehension in the little fox’s eyes. Indeed, it had only arrived at Nanling for a few days, yet it had already caused so much trouble.

The Pill Pagoda?

Thinking about it, it wasn’t a bad idea.

Following Zi Yi, they went to the pagoda.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” ZI Yi, how long do I have to wait until I become human?

“If the Pill is fast acting -half a shi chen, if slow acting, an entire night.” Zi Yi smiled before continuing, “But If you don’t want to wait, Ben Zun can stroll around birthday banquet with you.”

Birthday banquet?

The sound of hunger could suddenly be heard from the little fox’ belly, but she didn’t want to go, what if she transformed in half a shi chen?

“Little fox, you can rest assured. Ben Zun would know the moment you start transforming, and would bring you back in advance.

The little fox’s eyes sparked, that’s great then! But then she remembered that Zi Yi looked exactly the same as Feng Lingran, what if they bump into each other?

“What? Are you scared of meeting that man?”

Zi Yi sat crossed legged and rhythmically tapped oh his legs.

The little fox nodded with honesty. That’s right! If she wasn’t afraid of meeting Feng Lingran, then she would not have left his residential courtyard.

“No need to be uneasy, Ben Zun can take you away and he wouldn’t be able to catch up.”

The little fox widen her eyes. She had seen Feng Lingran’s martial arts before and it was very incredible. If he said so himself, did that mean Zi Yi’s martial prowess was better than Feng Lingran?

She had to have Zi Yi as her teacher. If she were to have such a ‘great teacher that produces brilliant students’, then after she becomes human, she will have nothing to fear!

Little fox’s hearted swelled before she ran towards Zi Yi’s leg.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Master, please accept this disciple’s bow.

ZI Yi was surprised at the little fox’s action, and the the corner of his mouth raised into a mischievous smile.

“You’re not afraid of Ben Zun anymore?”

Afraid of who?

“If you really intend to learn martial arts, be prepared for pain. Ben Zun’s cultivation method, are not so easy to learn.”

ZI Yi stared at the little fox’s keen eyes, and felt delight from the bottom of his heart. How long has it been since he didn’t feel lonely? Now that a little thing wanted to accompany him, wasn’t that a wonderful thing?

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Master, this disciple is not afraid of suffering.

University entrance exams had already tormented her to death, why would she be scared of pain now?

“Good. Ben Zun will accept you as an apprentice then. Let’s go, your master shall take you to drink wine.”

Zi Yi waved his sleeve and a purple glow appeared. Lifting the little fox up, they instantly teleported to the banquet.

“Little fox, since you’re now Ben Zun’s disciple, Ben Zun shall gift you a treasure.”

Zi Yi’s voice just fell when something dropped onto the little fox’s head.

She grabbed at the item and discovered that it was a ring. Purple in color, it was intricately carved with details, although… the pattern was a bit strange.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” Master, what use does this ring have?

Zi Yi did not reply, instead he let her wear the ring. Little fox did as she was told, but the moment she slipped the ring on, it disappeared. Shocked, she rubbed at the area the ring was before it had disappeared. Where did the ring go?

The little fox curiously stared at Zi Yi, but he didn’t seem to want to explain.

Zi Yi walked towards the the table full of food, he lightly waved his sleeve and half the dishes were gone.

But as Zi Yi had said, no one could see him. Even when half of a table worth of food was missing, no one had notice anything wrong. Besides, who would care about the food on the Emperor’s birthday?

Little fox quickly spotted Feng Lingran. His important identity as Eastern Jin’s Regent allowed him to sit near the old emperor. Suddenly, her gaze became angry… why was it that everytime Feng Lingran attended an Imperial Banquet, these Emperors would always arrange to have beautiful women sit next him?

Zi Yi returned to the little fox side before noticing it’s line of sight. When he saw Feng Lingran that looked exactly like him, his was slightly surprised, but his face reverted back to normal.

“Having beauties by the side of Eastern Jin’s Regent is very normal, what are you jealous of?”

His finger tapped on the little fox’s head but it passed through her. His eyes flashed and removed his hand.

“Squeak squeak squeak…” What do you mean normal? We have already slept with each other, I will not allow him to touch other women!

ZI Yi glanced at the little fox’s angry expression. It had slept with… Feng Lingran?

No wonder… no wonder it had that smell…

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