The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 41 Part 1

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Chapter 41 Part 1 — 


Xiao Xi was shocked by the sudden sound, her claws slipped, letting the steamer roll onto the ground. ‘Pa-da’ and the elegant glazed bowl broke apart.

“Ah! That was Madame’s favorite peony porcelain bowl. It broke! The weasel broke the bowl! What should I do now?”

The green clothed maid became anxious. Watching as the weasel on the table create a mess and then wanting to escape, she hurriedly went to close the only way out.

She must not allow this damn weasel to run away, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to explain to her mistress, and mistress will kill her.

Little fox was standing under candlelight, even her white fur was emitting a soft glow. The dining room was dim, so green maid had regarded it as a weasel, it didn’t matter what animal it was, she would never let it go. If one courted disaster, one would have to pay the price, and she herself, didn’t want to be in trouble for it.

Xiao Xi noticed the door was being closed, making escaping more difficult. She ran around the dining room and still couldn’t any other way out. There wasn’t even a doggy hole, but at this time she wouldn’t mind digging one.

It was important to keep one’s life.

Soon, there was a knock on the door from the outside.

The green maid hurriedly opened the door. At that moment, the little fox was staring at open silt in the door, waiting for the chance to escape.

The opportunity came.

The little fox’s eyes flashed, it saw the door open and dashed…

Suddenly, a wooden pole with the thickness of a child’s arm appeared before the little fox’s eyes. Startled, she quickly stopped before her head was hit, and turned to run in another direction.

Through the door, were two middle aged women and a young servant boy.

Holding the stick, was the servant boy.

“Where is the weasel?” One of the women said, “That thief had stolen a lot of food in the storage room two days ago. Now that it had delivered itself, tonight everyone must catch it, and kill this thief.”

“What Aunt Wang said is right. The weasel is the scourge of our regent’s palace. When it’s dead, our silver won’t be deducted anymore.”

The boy has always been a miscellaneous in the dining room 1. The regent’s palace’s wages were much better than average large families and he was satisfied. But when the weasel came scourging the dining room, everything went wrong. Every month, there would be provisions that had been stolen by the weasel and so every month, his wages would be also deducted. The total of his deducted salary would have allowed him to gamble -at least, servals games.

But it wasn’t only the servant boy, as long as one worked in the dining room, their salary will decrease. Everyone hated the weasel to the bone, and only by crushing the bones, and peeling the skin would relieve their intense hatred.2

The little fox who became a weasel was also depressed. Now that it heard that these people wanted to kill it, it’s heart wanted to cry ah!

It was just hungry so it came to find something to eat, could they not be so cruel and let her go?

“Squeak…” I’m a fox, not a weasel!

The little fox wanted to tell them that she wasn’t the hateful weasel they were talking about. If they knew that it was a fox, they could guess that it was the little fox that Feng Lingran was raising, then they wouldn’t dare think of killing it.

“Is this weasel trying to say its innocent? Damn thief, you dare to be arrogant even after stealing so many times, see if this aunt wouldn’t kill you!”

An object suddenly flew towards the little fox. She barely avoided it, and fear still lingered in her heart.

The little fox’s black eyes flashed with disappointment. These people couldn’t even understand fox language. They were blinded by resentment and only wanted to kill it, this Weasel.

1 Edit: It’s not actually a dining room, but a meal room. Where the prepared food is placed before it is served to the guest/master of household.

Don’t take it literally guys, they just want to kill our XX.

Nubilus: Surprise Surprise! It’s only me today. Got nothing to say butt… mark your calendars ppl! There might be a surprise coming in the next few weeks.  (・0・。(・-・。

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