The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 41 Part 2

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Chapter 41 Part 2 — Chasing the ‘Weasel’


The little fox depressingly thought, just where did she look like a weasel?

Several people blocked the door and chased the “weasel” in the dining room.

The little fox had nearly been hit several times, the little fox was beaten by them. Fortunately, there was no real danger. But being so weak herself, she wasn’t the opponent for these people. If she was caught by them, her life would definitely be finished. When they kill her, Feng Lingran probably won’t ever know!

The little fox was somewhat annoyed that she would still think of Feng Lingran at a time like this. He didn’t want her, he wanted to lock her up, why would he still care about her life and death?


After a while.

The female servants were out of breath, and only the servant boy was still chasing the little fox.

“This thief can sure run, tiring this aunt to death!”

The woman who spoke raised her hand to wiped the sweat off her forehead. The Regents Palace’s dining room wasn’t big, yet it wasn’t small as well, but the thief was too small and too nimble. The hits she gave were all dodged by it.

“Aunt Li, our family has a good way to deal with these type of weasels in the dining room.”

“What idea? Quickly tell.”

Isn’t it a good runner? We’ll smoke it, and let it suffocate to death.”

The two women eyes’ lit up.

“It really is a good solution, Xiao Lu, go light the fire.”¹

Xiao Lu nodded excitedly, and went to find a few dry branches that were easier to burn from the corner. She piled them up and lit it. From this position, even if the fire started burning too wildly, it won’t spread and burn other stuff in the room.

Xiao Lu covered her nose and walked over to yell, “Aunt Wang, Aunt Li, Liu Xiaoge, let’s go out!”²

“You go out first, this weasel is too cunning, I am afraid that it’ll slip out behind us.”

The Liu Xiaoge who was still holding the stick, continued to chase whilst trying to hit the little fox, but not once did his hits land. Frustrated, he suddenly thought of burning fire and decided to smash the little fox towards it.

When the fire appeared before the little fox’s eyes, its heart grew flustered. Her thoughts flew to when she was about to be thrown into the fire at the Imperial Palace. This Liu Xiaoge, wouldn’t actually want to burn to to death right?

Guessing Liu’s thoughts, her paws turned to run in another direction. The stick in Liu Xiaoge’s hand narrowly missed the little fox’s body.

So close, so close.

The little fox heart kept accelerating, she was tired, but she couldn’t stop. If she was hit by that Xiaoge, she would be disabled if not dead.

 “You sure are a cunning little thief, I don’t believe I can’t beat you today!”

Liu Xiaoge was young and arrogant, he was also an impatient person. When he saw another one of his hits didn’t land, his heart, liver and lung all started hurting. Just a bit more, just a bit more and I could’ve killed it!

After the two women and the Xiao Lu went out, the smell of smoke in the dining room became more and more thick. Not long after, and the whole room would be filled with smoke.

Xiao Lu opened a door on the outside said: “Liu Xiaoge, come out, quickly come out, the room will smoke up in just a minute.”

“Little Sister Lu, you can shut the door first, I need this weasel to eat my stick first then I’ll come out.”

Faster than words could be said, a small fire-lit stick landed on Liu Xiaoge’s head and he wallowed in agony.

How hot was that!

Liu Xiaoge grimaced in pain, glared at the little fox and fiercely said: “Little thief, you dare plot against me? See if I don’t kill you…”

¹绿(lu) translates to green. So in the women in this context is referring to the green maidservant. 小(xiao) is a form of endearment that is put in front of someone’s name that is younger or below your rank/position/status. So put together Xiao Lu is the green maid~

²小哥(xiaoge) meaning lil brother, is given to a young male. In this case, Liu is the servant boy’s surname.

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