The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 40 part 2

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Chapter 40 Part 2 — Wolf’s IQ


However, only after Xiao Xi entered did she discovered that the scene was entirely different to what she had thought, there were no fierce wild beasts here, only a few mothers with their children. Xiao Xi’s sharp eyes found that Feng Lingran actually raised a grass mud horse.¹

Grass mud horses -also known as alpacas, were adorable animals, especially the cute cria in front of her. (cria = baby llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos)

Xiao Xi was thrilled, she ran to play with the little alpaca.

Every mother here would watch their own kids. They wouldn’t take the initiative to attack, invite disaster to their family and endanger their children.

Therefore, this place was a paradise of peace.

The baby alpaca was very naive. Seeing the little fox running towards it, it felt a bit scared.

Xiao Xi couldn’t care less. Since school, she had always been fond of animals like the alpacas. Seeing one right now, made her excited to the point of denial. Her small claws lifted and stroked a patch of the alpaca’s wool. It was so cool~!

When the snow cub saw the little fox ignore it and instead, ran to play with the cria, his heart turned a bit sour. Suddenly, it started to jumped around -which attracted many small beasts’ attention, but failed to catch the little fox’s.

The mother wolf rolled her eyes when she noticed the actions of the silly snowy wolf.


The sun descended and soon, the sky gradually became darker. The little fox fell to the ground, feeling listless.

She was hungry…

Listening to the sound of the baby animals drinking milk and smelling the fragrant aroma of it in the air, Xiao Xi became even more hungry. She swallowed her thirst and spotted the mother wolf lying on the floor… but even she, wouldn’t pounce on it to drink milk ah!

Her human thoughts, could never be of a true beast.

At night, Xiao Xi was starving. She ran out of the beast enclosure and wanting to find something to eat. All of her teeth had matured, so she could eat a lot of things.

The mother wolf heard her movements, lifting her head and she spotted her cub following after the little fox. It ran over, caught the snow wolf and brought it back…


When Feng Lingran knew that the little fox was missing, his whole face frosted over like the winter. Qin Wen was scared to the point he wouldn’t dare breathe out loud.

Wan Siyu was also terrified. He knew that Feng Lingran cared for the little fox, but never did he expect Feng Lingran to be so concerned for it. From Feng Lingran’s eyes, Wan Siyu discovered… a flicker of distress.

Yes, the disappearance of the little fox, made Feng Lingran anxious.

The Feng Lingran who would be calm during a crisis, who even the eight winds won’t be able to move², had a look of restlessness? If it was before, Wan Xiyu would’ve never believed it.

“Search.” Feng Lingran spat out the cold words from his lips, “Even if you’re three feet in 3, find the little beast for Ben Wang.”³

Its gut was really big. Staying at the Regent Palace, eating and drinking for free, on top of that, he’d even looked after it personally for so many days. Now it wanted to leave, did it think it could just easily walk away?

“Yes, Wangye.

Qin Wen left in a panic.

Wan Siyu looked thoughtfully at Feng Lingran and said: “Lingran, don’t worry, I’ll help find the little fox for you. I know, it had said…”

Feng Lingran’s icy gaze, interrupted Wan Siyu: “The matters regarding the Regent’s Palace does not need anyone to interfere. Walk safely, won’t send.”

Wan Siyu was startled, was Feng Lingran actually driving him away?

For a little fox?

Wan Siyu couldn’t believe what he had heard. His brotherhood between himself and Feng Lingran actually couldn’t compare to a little fox?

“Lingran, take care.”

Once Wan Siyu finished, he turned and left.


Dining room.2 

When the little fox smelled an appetizing aroma, drool started flowing down and its fox eyes lit up. Leaping onto the table, and its claws lifted the lid of the steamer and saw a bowl full of heavenly tasting soup. Its eyes waned in delight. Swallowing its slobber, it stretched its head and soon finished a bowl of soup. licking the corners of its mouth, it still wanted more.

Only after eating it did she discover that the bowl was delicately exquisite, the glazed colored peonies on the side, almost looked real.

“A weasel has stolen the lady’s apricot flavoured blood swallow. Quick servants! Capture that weasel and kill it…!”

¹The author actually meant an alpaca, not the swear word, we literally took it the wrong way. So basically XX meant she is surprised that FLR not only raised fierce animals, but alpacas as well lols.

2 Edit: It’s not really a dining room, but more a meal room, where the prepared food is placed before it’s served to the guest/master of the household. Oopies. ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v

²八风不动, a Chenyu, which can literally translates to ‘eight winds won’t move [it]’. The eight winds does not actually mean eight winds, instead it’s represents the eight attributes that could tempt humans.
Profit, Failure, Betrayal, Devotion, Slander, Praise, Grief, Joy
Bascially WSY meant that Feng Lingran is not human, but why would he be anxious for a fox.

³掘地三尺 another Chenyu, means three chi under.  3 chi = 1 meter = 3 feet (aprox)
Basically FLR meant that even if Qin Wen would get hurt or even killed, he still need to find and bring the XX back to FLR.

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