The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 — Rescuing A Fellow Fox


The girl’s eyes shined and she stared at the fox’s red fur, the more she looked the more she liked it. It really was gorgeous and held valuable quality. To wear such gorgeous fur on her nape will definitely accentuate her pretty and fair skin and make her look even more beautiful.

“Imperial Brother, I’ll be troubling you to carefully peel the fur of this animal.”

The youth casted a doting gaze at the young girl, “Imperial Sister, please be at ease, my dagger was forged from the best blacksmith of Eastern Jin Dynasty. It will certainly peel off the skin without any flaws.”

The youth drew a dagger from his waist, but he frowned at the court eunuch holding a lantern, “Stupid slave! Can’t you see this Prince is trying to skin this animal? Why aren’t you helping this Prince hold its four limbs?”

The eunuch was frightened, his fingers trembled to the point that he nearly dropped the lantern.

“Yes, yes, this lowly slave is coming.”

Two court eunuch came running towards the youth, and with shaky hands, they reached out to hold the fox’s limbs.

Suddenly, one of the eunuch was kicked away.

“Idiot, this is Imperial Sister’s beloved fur stole, you dare make it dirty?”

When the young man saw the beaten eunuch kneeling helplessly on the ground, his eyes flashed with disgust and he cursed maliciously, ”Stupid thing, why haven’t you taken off your clothes and spread them on the ground yet?”

Xiao Xi observed the situation, she became profoundly aware that the youth and the young girl doesn’t treat their servants as human beings. But the most pitiful one was the red furred fox. Its gorgeous fur of endless burning vermilion -unyielding to anyone, was now going to face a miserable end.

In the face of powerful humans, the lives of animals were worthless.

When Xiao Xi was human, she never thought of it, but now she felt endless sympathy. She was a little fox now, if she hadn’t met Feng Lingran but the two cruel siblings instead, then would her fate be the same as that firefox’s?

The two court eunuch held the firefox firmly on the ground -spreading it limbs in the form of a 大, stomach up. A cruel smile laced the youth’s lips, the hand holding the sharp blade slowly stabbed towards the firefox’s heart.

The young girl excitedly watched as the firefox get skinned. These sibling’s cruelty can really make one’s hair stand up in anger.

No, make foxes’ hair stand up.

In that moment, the firefox shed two drops of grenadine-colored tears, which soon disappeared into the fur on the corner of its eyes.

Xiao Xi watched the youth’s dagger pierced the skin of the Firefox’s belly. Her heart felt as is was pressured by a large stone, gradually becoming more and more unbearable, though it was probably worse for the other party. To see a member of her kind being killed, even she was going to feel the pain for the fire fox ah!

The dagger was carefully drawn downwards, the youth must peel off the perfect fire fox fur for his imperial sister.

Suddenly, pain bloomed in the young man’s wrist and the dagger fell to the ground.

He furiously yelled, “Who’s plotting against this Prince? Don’t want to live anymore? Come out!”

Before the youth could finish his words, the eunuchs holding the fox also felt pain on the back of their heads, they released their grip and instinctively touched the area.

“There’s a little fox on that tree. Imperial Brother, look, its fur is so white! It was that little fox that acted against you. It wants to save its companion.”

The young girl who was looking at the cute little fox with surprise, suddenly remembered. She looked down and her complexion changed. “The beast ran away, you damned slaves, can’t even keep watch of an animal, what’s the use having you?”

The girl flew into a rage, she lifted her palm and gave each eunuch a slap. The two eunuch started to bleed from the corners of their mouth, falling to the ground without a word.

“Wretched little beast, you let that animal escape, now you’re going to replace it to be Imperial Sister’s fur stole instead.”

Sellychi: Hmnnn the first dude with a siscon… also was it me or does it feel like something was skipped? Like how the hell did Xiao Xi did that?!
wowow this is getting intense!!! *DISCLAIMER* we don’t know what little fox did and how she did it, so dont go @ing at us~
Lols that bro is defs crushing on his lil sis. PS. NOTHING WAS SAID IN THE RAWS, SO WE DIDN’T KNOW HOW SHE HIT PPL.

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  1. This chapter is so brutal but I thought the firefox is already dead in the previous chapter?. Hmmm.. Maybe I’ve mistaken?.

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