The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 — Little Beast


Xiao Xi hid in a dark corner, as soon as Wan Siyu left, she pushed her furry head out of the pile of yellow leaves.

“Where did this little beast come from? Shoo shoo.”

The YuLin Army who was guarding the door saw a young fox rushing in, they waved the little fox away. Seeing the little fox dodged side to side, with watery onyx eyes focused on the entrance, the YuLin soldier who spoke, raised its foot and casually kicked it away.

“Is this even a place you foolish animal can enter?”

“What are you doing talking to a senseless animal? Just kill it.”

The little fox who had been kicked by the guard’s boots, rolled aimlessly for a while on the ground. But it didn’t even have the chance to feel the pain before another soldier drew his sword. The cold glint of the sword was reflected in the little fox’s eyes. Her heart stopped, and in an instant she ran away.

The soldier withdrew his sword, “If that little beast takes a single step forward, it will die under this old man’s sword.”

Xiao Xi ran far away, looking back at the entrance of the luxurious palace. Just a bit more and she could had snuck in, but the hateful guards just had to block her.

Without warning, she gritted her teeth, and a fluffy paw reached out to gently stroke the swollen area the palace guards kicked. Bullying a small animal, what heroes? These two guards were really scums instead!

The little fox rested for a while. Some people couldn’t bear themselves to not take advantage of staying at this palace, so when will Feng Lingran come out? When he does, would the beauty also be with him as well?  

Not good, not good at all!

She was thinking of what to do before she suddenly smiled. With a turn of the body, she decided to inconspicuously scale the walls of the palace.

Meanwhile, the search for the little fox was about to drive Wan Siyu crazy. Little did he know that the little fox was current devising a plan that could get him killed.

Of course, Wan Siyu brought it on himself. Who told him to bring the little fox to palace? Who told him to let little fox see a beauty sitting next to Feng Lingran’s side?

Tree climbing was the little fox’s best skill. In just a moment, it had already reached the top of a large tree, about to leap the roof of the palace.

Not far away, resounded the cries of a young woman, accompanied by the anger of another male youth.

What happened?

Little fox instinctively turned around and landed onto a higher branch, the higher it was, the more it can see. She could easily observe what was happening not far away.

Several maidservants with blue lanterns surrounded a beautiful weeping young lady, but no one comforted her. Next to her was a silk clothed youth, a fiery furred fox in his hands. With a sharp mouth and hanging tongue, the fox’s neck was held tightly by the youth.

Xiao Xi’s body trembled, she felt as if the neck was her’s instead.

But matters unrelated to her should be left alone!

Xiao Xi didn’t like being so nosy, furthermore, she didn’t have any means to protect herself, and could only find Feng Lingran as protection.

“Imperial sister, I have caught the beast that hurt you, you can punish it however you like.”

The young lady walked forward, lifted her hand and harshly tugged on the fox’s two ears, crying, ”Little beast, this Princess has treated you so well, but you still hurt this Princess? You can only be an untamable beast. Imperial brother, strip the beast of its fur, this Princess wants to let it know the cost of offending this Princess!”1

The youth smiled, “The quality of this animal’s fur is unparalleled. It is best suited to be the fur stole to keep Imperial Sister warm.”


1 dam this woman really likes her title. its repetitive, i know, but lets keep it like this for character development~

Sitrus: ksdhjkdsfhk

Nubilus: I want my hot guys bak, where are they QAQ

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