The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 — To Eat Fox Meat


The young man leaped like a soaring falcon, eyeing the damned beast with murderous intent.

He knows Qing Gong1?

Xiao Xi hurriedly turned away and fled, when suddenly, the branch under her gave way, and her paws touched empty air instead, her curled up body instantly fell.

But the little fox’s skeleton was soft and paired with thick white fur, so falling off a tree wasn’t that big of an issue.

“Capture that beast!” The youth bellowed at the servants after arriving at the tree top, “If it escapes, this Prince wants your corpses to be hacked to pieces!”

The court eunuchs were frightened, their complexion quickly paled, who else would want to stand idly? All of them rushed to grab the little fox, fearing its escape.

The little fox rolled on the ground twice when it landed, but with no chance to stable itself, it sprinted towards a random direction.

When it made a move against the youth and the eunuchs, it had already thought of a plan to escape afterward. It was just that, the little fox wasn’t omnipotent, the moment it fell from the tree, it had lost the best chance to flee. The only choice it had now, was to run to where Feng Lingran was as fast as possible.

The Emperor hosted the banquet not only for the Prince Regent, but also for the Royal Highness of Nanling.

These cruel siblings wouldn’t dare make trouble in a room full of powerful figures.

“It’s headed for the palace, you dog slaves, hurry and grab it!” The young girl anxiously shouted whilst she pursued the fox.

When she first saw the little fox’s white fur, it resembled the snow lotuses in Tianshan Mountains, divine and elegant. If she made it into a fur stole, it would definitely add to her charm, making her more celestial, then she would -without doubt, be the most enchanting princess of the entire palace.

The girl’s heart beated erratically as she stared at the fur of the little fox. She believed that as long as she caught it, the firefox would also come back.

When emotions are in control, people can become really stupid.

While, the young man watched the little fox agilely dodge the eunuch’s hands, slipping away from under their feet, his heart filled with anger. Useless pieces of trash, so many people but they can’t even catch a mere little fox?

The young man’s eyes shifted slightly, and the corners of his lips lifted into a sneer. He leaped a few times, and landed in front of the little fox, watching it crash into his legs. He quickly grabbed the little fox’s tail, lifting it up.

“Stupid beast, where do you think you’re going?” he said triumphantly.

The little fox was dizzy from the impact, along with it being held upside down, its eyes spin uncontrollably, and its head had stars twirling around it.2

“Squeak squeak squeak…”

The little fox released a cry of pain. It bent upwards to minimise the pain from the youth’s grip on its tail.

“Imperial Brother, be careful it might bite you!” The girl had already experienced the firefox’s wrath. Seeing the little fox move in such a way, she hurriedly reminded the youth.


The youth’s hand moved, one hit and the little fox returned to its original position.

Xiao Xi’s head and her back was hit by the youth, she clenched her jaw in pain. With her head hanging upside down, not only did she felt dizzy, but her stomach also flipped, spilling last night’s meal out.

This type of feeling was worse than death.

“Its so tiny and doesn’t even reach two palms, how can it be Imperial Sister’s fur stole?” The young man glanced at the little fox in his hands and then said to the young girl, “Imperial Sister, why don’t we cook this little thing, and eat its meat instead?”

The young girl’s eyes flashed with grief, but not for the fox but because of her  now unobtainable fur stole.

“Imperial Father has said before, Eastern Jin Dynasty people can eat any meat except fox meat. If we do so and Imperial Father heard of it, won’t we get into trouble?”


1 Literal translation: Light skill. Light footwork skill, therefore increase movement speed and agility.

2 Circling stars on your head when you crash your head onto something.

Sellychi:  =(。◕‿‿◕。)=

Sitrus: wut.

Nubilus: vat.


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