The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 115

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Chapter 115 — Do Such Things to Her?


Suddenly, the girl’s arms wrapped around his neck, pink lips whispered a word “water”, bending up her body, allowing her little mouth to cover his thin lips, the soft touch causing chaos atop his lips, as if it was not enough, she stretched out the tip of her tongue, seeking out the “water source”. 

Feng Lingran’s air supply was cut short, his eyes were full of fascination as his big palms held her smooth white back, enjoying her initiative…

After a while.

Perhaps the girl was tired of kissing and she gradually stops. Panting softly, her glistening pink lips looked extremely charming. Feng Lingran could not bear this visual provocation any longer, and pulled down the girl’s dress with his big hands…

The girl’s slender eyelashes trembled. What’s going on? How come her thirst is not quenched after drinking so much water?

Suddenly, Xiao Xi felt a force pulling down her skirt. Her eyelashes trembled even more. Was this a dream? Why does it feel so real? An ice like touch fell on her lips, trailing down her chin, then her neck to her clavicle…

Someone in the dream is trailing kisses on her?

Xiao Xi’s delicate little face turned red. She is dreaming of spring ah! 1

The kiss in the dream fell on her chest and Xiao Xi felt a shiver ran through her body. She struggled to open her eyelids, wanting to see just who was this sacred person in her dream?

Xiao Xi’s subconscious struggled for a while and she finally opened her eyelids. At this time, she already felt something pressing against her. It seemed that in the next moment, it would rush straight in.


Xiao Xi gave a cry and fiercely pushed the person off of her. She looked down and almost had her soul left her body when she saw the lack of clothes which exposed the numerous hickeys on her skin. She quickly grabbed the quilt to cover her body. At this time, a black shadow flashed in front of her eyes. So fast that Xiao Xi did not even see the figure of the man. The candlelight in the room went out and darkness was all she could see.

Xiao Xi gritted her teeth. That bastard dare to sneak into her room to do such things to her, but don’t have the guts to face her?

Xiao Xi’s heart was still beating uneasily, thinking back to that hard thing pressing against her, if she wakes up a little later, maybe it will be…… it’s too horrible to contemplate.

After a while, Xiao Xi’s heart gradually calmed down. Before, when she woke up, all of the alcohol in her blood stream was gone making her completely sober now. She got out of bed and lit the candle with a flint. She looked down at her body again and her face flushed with anger. Feng Lingran, that bastard, had sent her back to her room. Where did he die off to?

Xiao Xi put on her clothes. This is not Feng Lingran’s room, but her room. She walked out of the room and saw that the candle light in the next room, Feng Lingran’s room, was out. Xiao Xi frowned. Suddenly she saw the night guard and went over.

“Miss Xiao, it’s so late and you’re still not asleep, do you want to…”

“Did your master bring me back to my room?”


“When did your master go back to sleep?”

Xiao Xi looked up at the guard, staring so hard as if wanting to penetrate his soul through his eyes.

The guard’s eyes twinkled.

“A subordinate should not talk too much about the master’s affairs, if Miss Xiao wants to ask, you can directly go to ask Wang Ye!”

Xiao Xi snorted in her heart, a little suspicious that it was Feng Lingran that was in her room just now.

“You can stand here and keep watch at night for Feng Lingran, so your martial arts should be good!”

The guard could not figure out the purpose of Xiao Xi’s comment, but when it comes to martial arts, he is still confident in his abilities.

“This subordinates has been practicing martial arts since childhood, and have the honor of being appreciated by Wang Ye and following him around.”

Xiao Xi nodded. “Yes, that’s quite good. There was someone in my room just now. So you should have seen it.”

The guard immediately felt that he had fallen into Xiao Xi’s trap, but when he thought back to when Wang Ye was coming out, he gave the guard a warning look. The guard still had some lingering fear from the encounter and decided to lie through his teeth.

“Was there anyone in Miss Xiao’s room?”

Xiao Xi looked at the guard, and her eyes flashed. Good, good, are you trying to feign ignorance with her?

The guard was scrutinized by Xiao Xi for quite some time and the guilt was getting heavier and heavier by the second, it was not until Xiao Xi turned back to her room was he able to let out a sigh of relief.

The next day.

When Xiao Xi went to embrace Ling Er, Feng Lingran was no longer in the residence for he had went out early today.

“Master, Master, disciple’er is looking for you.”

Xiao Xi’s lips were kept close to the side of Ling Er’s ear.

After waiting for quite some time.

“Little disciple’er, what matter makes you call master?” The voice of Zi Yi sounds tired.

“Master, what’s wrong with you? Why is your voice so haggard?

“Ai~, how can master not be haggard when master is looking for spiritual grass all day long and not being able to see his little disciple’er?”


“Little disciple’er, when master gets the spiritual grass, you must accompany him to sleep.”


“Little disciple’er, why don’t you reply?”

Xiao Xi coughed twice and her eyes shone slightly, “Master, someone was in my room last night, and it was against me.”

There was silence.

Xiao Xi waited for a moment, but did not hear Zi Yi’s response. She prodded carefully, “Master, Master, have you heard disciple’er speak?”

Suddenly, Zi Yi raised his voice and cried out, “Which brute was so brazen? Dare to be unfair to my little disciple’er? When Master returns, he must peel his skin, pull his tendons and break his bones……”

Xiao Xi waited for Zi Yi’s outburst to end and frowned. “So, Master didn’t know who was in my room last night?”

“Uh… since Master is far away, there’s not enough magical power there.”

Xiao Xi sighed in her heart. She wanted to get certain proof from Zi Yi. So that she can go to Feng Lingran to settle the account, but she didn’t think that… Zi Yi would not know…

Xiao Xi took the food box and went to see Xiao Gu.

“Young miss, are you here to give Xiao Qi delicious food?” Xiao Qi’s face showed a brilliant smile, his jewel like eyes looking at the food box in Xiao Xi’s hands.

“Where is Xiao Gu?”

“Oh Gu’er! He’s training!”

“Gu’er?” Xiao Xi frowned and looked at Xiao Qi’s doll like face, calling him so intimately like that, it was inevitable to think of other thoughts, “Xiao Gu is my brother, if you lead him askew, I will never spare you.”

“Young miss, what does it mean to be askew?”

Xiao Xi put down the food box and Ling Er. She picked up a straight branch on the ground, looked down at Xiao Qi’s lower abdomen and said slowly, “This branch is straight, if someone is to bend it……” Xiao Xi gradually bent the branch to its limit and went on to say, “I don’t mind letting someone try the feeling of being broken.”


The branch splintered into two pieces under the continuous force, noticing the implication Xiao Qi’s face went a little pale.

Xiao Xi threw down the branch pieces and looked at Xiao Qi with an evil smile curling on her lips. She raised her hand and patted Xiao Qi’s face gently. “You are so cute, even if you become a eunuch, you will still be liked.”

Xiao Qi suddenly clasped his legs and covered his lower region. His jewel like eyes were filled with tears. “Young miss, you are too cruel.”

Xiao Xi smiled and said, “If you don’t mistreat Xiao Gu, I will treat you gently.”

She originally thought that Xiao Gu’s training was just going to be some basic general training. But, when Xiao Xi saw Xiao Gu, he was surrounded by five strong men. His short arms and legs kicked hard on one of them, the strong man remained motionless. For a moment, Xiao Gu’s movement slowed down by half a beat. The rough palm of one of the big men suddenly pressed on the top of Xiao Gu’s head and pushes outwards. As Xiao Gu was pushed out, his back hit the leg of the strong man opposite. Instead of reaching out to help the boy up, he kicked Xiao Gu’s back. Xiao Gu was thrown forward fiercely and fell at the foot of another big man. The cycle continues.

Seeing this scene, Xiao Xi’s hand that was holding the food box shook. How can Xiao Qi treat Xiao Gu like this? Xiao Gu is only a child……

“Is young miss distressed? Xiao Qi’s experience was much more ruthless than Xiao Gu’s. If young miss’ heart aches, she can take him away now.”

Xiao Xi turned her eyes and looked at Xiao Qi, his doll like face sported a bright smile, looking like a pure innocent youngster. Yet, this youngster’s experience… was more ruthless than what Xiao Gu is going through now? Xiao Xi could not even imagine.

“All the secret guards in the world are the cream of the crop. Only those that have survived the life and death trials are left behind. Xiao Gu will be the secret guard of young miss, so he must also be trained in this way. If not, what qualifications does he have to protect young miss? Perhaps, when real danger arrive, he won’t even be able to protect his own life.”

Xiao Qi’s words are cruel, but they are also true.

But… She brought Xiao Gu back just so she can take better care of him. Then, she let Xiao Gu learn martial arts for him to defend himself, it was not in her intention for Xiao Gu to become her secret guard.

Xiao Qi clapped his hands twice. “Stop everything! Xiao Gu, come here.”

At this moment, Xiao Qi’s voice suddenly lowered, the pure innocent youth was no longer there, replaced with someone firm and profound.

Xiao Gu spotted Xiao Xi, his beautiful eyes brightens as he ran over to her.

Xiao Xi saw the bright red blood flowing from Xiao Gu’s forehead, and his beautiful face was covered with dirt. She wiped the blood from his forehead with worry and gave him some medicine.

“Xiao Gu, how about you stop learning martial arts with Xiao Qi?”

Seeing Xiao Gu being tortured like this, Xiao Xi really can’t imagine the life and death trial Xiao Qi talked about. She knows that Xiao Qi is very strong, a capable person, but the one standing in front of him is a foolish little snow wolf ah! He is Xiao Gu, can he handle such a cruel test?

Xiao Xi did not dare to take a risk, Xiao Gu only have one life, she only wanted him to live happily.

Xiao Qi did not speak, he stood quietly at the side, watching Xiao Xi’s flooding concern for Xiao Gu. Xiao Qi’s eyes were hazy with disdain. It seemed that long ago, there were also gentle eyes watching over him, that only wished for him to grow happily, but… no one would have thought that tragedy would come so suddenly, a sharp knife, a swipe to the neck of the owner of those gentle eyes, blood splashed, dyeing Xiao Qi’s eyes with red, he will always remember those gentle eyes, at the last moment, straining painfully, with love and concern urging him… to run away.

Xiao Qi’s eyes were dim. He pushed back his tears and pulled out a cold smile from his mouth. He had already slashed down his enemies with his own hands. His gentle eyes were closed, and he would not cry any more.

Xiao Gu shook his head and waited for Xiao Xi to finish applying the medicine on his forehead. Xiao Gu then went to stand beside Xiao Qi. His beautiful eyes were firm.

Xiao Xi was stunned, Xiao Gu… is determined to learn martial arts from Xiao Qi?

It was not until evening that Feng Lingran returned home.

Xiao Xi found it to be somewhat strange. Doesn’t that Deity find it boring to go to court? Why is he coming back so late today?

Xiao Xi saw Feng Lingran dressed in court clothes, her eyes flashed, with slight doubt she questioned, “Deity?”

Feng Lingran frowned and said, “What Deity?”

In that instant, Xiao Xi realized that the great Deity had disappeared and Feng Lingran had returned to normal…



Sellychi: Sorry that this took a while, I procrastinated this chapter for quite a while, I used to skip reading these scenes (praise the scroll button), skirt around them, ye know, turn a blind eye, sometimes even skipping the chapter entirely, but well I can’t do that anymore, can I?  Now that I have to read them word per word (take em all in and understand the whole thing), to translate…. Well I feel like this isn’t good for my mental health….. Ugh and it will still be a while till the transformation fixes and she gets her assets back (-_-” )


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