The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 114

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Chapter 114 — If You Can’t Afford to Lose, Then Don’t Play


“Miss Xiao, Ni’er has drunk too much, please don’t mind her.” Although Yun Beimo has also drank a lot, he still keeps a clear head. This drinking game that Xiao Xi came up with, she must be skilled in playing it. How then can Yun Ni beat Xiao Xi?

“Elder cousin, I didn’t drink too much. I’m still sober! So don’t meddle.” This game of rock paper scissors, she had played since childhood. Today, she gets to play a game against that damned Xiao Xi, and even the chance of giving  her a few hard slaps, she will never let this opportunity pass by.

In this way, Xiao Xi will lose face in front of Brother Feng. Brother Feng is such a proud person,  he will never like a woman who shames him.

“Let’s get started!” Xiao Xi saw the sure victory in Yun Ni’s eyes and urges the game forward.

“Two little bees! Fly into the flowers! Fly!

Yun Ni threw out scissors, while Xiao Xi threw out rock.

It was Xiao Xi’s victory, she lifted her hand, spread her fingers wide and swung it to the face of Yun Ni. Pa! A crisp slap sound resounds.

“Ah! Ah!” Yun Ni shouted, not to cooperate with Xiao Xi’s rule, but a genuine scream.

After Xiao Xi finished with the punishment, Yun Ni was furious.

“How dare you hit this Junzhu?!”

“Did Junzhu forget the rules that was just mentioned? If you can’t afford to lose, then don’t play! Drinking games have a win-lose relationship.”

“Who says this Junzhu can’t play? You just wait for this Junzhu.”

Yun Ni’s heart was fuming, she glanced at Feng Lingran and bit her lip. She could not lose face in front of Brother Feng. Xiao Xi has hit her face, so she must fight back before she resigns.

Yun Ni picked up the glass and drank, “Again.”

“Two little bees! Fly into the flowers! Fly!

Yun Ni took out a fist, while Xiao Xi was paper.

Yun Ni’s eyebrow twitched fiercely.

Xiao Xi fans her fingers and swung twice, Slap! Slap!

“Ah! Ah!” Yun Ni screamed in pain.

“You lost again. Drink.” Xiao Xi personally helped Yun Ni fill her glass.

Yun Ni held up the glass and drank again. Those angry eyes of hers seemed to be bursting with fire, wanting to burn Xiao Xi to death.

“Two little bees! Fly into the flowers! Fly!

Yun Ni’s turn into paper and Xiao Xi’s became scissors.

Xiao Xi slapped her forehand, then move her hand for another slap. The veil fell off of Yun Ni’s face, exposing her red face and also her scars.

“Ah! Ah!” Yun Ni’s tears were beaten out, in her heart she became even more unwilling to resign.

Xiao Xi watches Yun Ni drink another glass. She points to her face and said, “Junzhu, your face has become so red. If you continue to lose like this, I’m afraid you’ll be beaten into a pig’s head. I suppose this drinking game ends here!”

Yun Ni Junzhu noticed that the veil on her face had fallen off. She quickly picked it up and put it back on her face. She stared at Xiao Xi angrily, “You can’t just end it like that. Continue.”

She shall not be humiliated further in front of Brother Feng. She is going to fight back. She will definitely fight back!

Yun Beimo looked at Yun Ni with concern. In this drinking game, Yun Ni could not beat Xiao Xi at all. But Yun Ni, the stubborn person she is, does not listen to his advice. It will be a wonder if Yun Ni’s face would not be beaten into a pig’s head.

Yun Beimo looks at Feng Lingran, he spoke up hoping that Feng Lingran can help to stop Xiao Xi, “Brother Feng, this drinking game has gone too far, let’s stop here!”

Feng Lingran twisted his fingers around his glass, his black eyes seemingly glinting with a strange darkness. He gave a slight smile with his thin lips, “Ben Wang thinks that this drinking game is very interesting. Would you like to play with Ben Wang?”

Yun Beimo was startled. He could tell that Feng Lingran was unhappy. He just does not show it. Yun Beimo’s eyes moved slightly, was it because Yun Ni mocked Xiao Xi that Feng Lingran became unhappy?

Yun Beimo suddenly found that Feng Lingran seems to be even more unreadable than before.

“Brother Feng stop joking, I’m not very good at drinking games, we can still drink normally!” Yun Beimo sighed in his heart. This time, he was afraid that he could not help Yun Ni.

From time to time slaps and screams resounded from the room, gradually the slapping sound  got smaller and smaller, but the screams were getting worse and worse.

When a young man came in to serve, he saw the swollen face of Yun Ni Junzhu that could not even be covered by the veil she was wearing. He felt pain when he looked at it, but Yun Ni Junzhu had murderous eyes and was still drinking with the young girl.

A long time passed.

Yun Ni Junzhu was heading deeper into ruin. Her face was burning with pain. Suddenly, she picked up the fish dish on the table and threw it at Xiao Xi’s face.

Yun Ni’s action was too fast, Xiao Xi’s drunken eyes suddenly widened, it was too late to dodge, if this fish dish hit Xiao Xi’s face it will not be a simple disfigurement.

Seeing Yun Ni’s action, Yun Beimo’s fingers trembles violently. He was not worried about Xiao Xi, but afraid of Yun Ni breaking Xiao Xi. Feng Lingran will be furious.

Just when Yun Beimo was about to rescue Xiao Xi……

Feng Lingran’s wine glass shot towards the fish dish with a bang, and they hit the ground. Xiao Xi’s delicate little face clearly felt the strong wind that flashed past her eyes, and smashing into the fish dish that was about to ram her face.

“Yun Ni, you were too presumptuous, apologize to Miss Xiao!” Yun Beimo said urgently.

“This Junzhu will not apologize until she hits her back. She has slapped this Junzhu so much already.” If Yun Ni does not hit her back, then it would truly be letting Xiao Xi, that slut, off lightly.

Xiao Xi’s heart was still beating fast, which sobered her up for the time being. She was just about to pick up a plate to smash into Yun Ni, when the table was suddenly overturned. It was not Yun Ni that got overturned, but the whole table was overturned towards Yun Ni and Yun Beimo.

Yun Beimo was shocked, he wanted to hit the table with his palm. But then he thought of Xiao Xi that was opposite of him. He put his palm against the table and kept the table from pressing on him and Yun Ni.

But the dishes on the table, one after another hit Yun Ni and Yun Beimo’s head, face, body, and so on. When Yun Beimo put down the table, he and Yun Ni had already become a hodgepodge.

Yun Ni’s forehead was hit by a porcelain plate, blood mixed with greasy soup flowed down Yun Ni’s face, a ghastly sight and yet very comical.

Yun Beimo looked at Feng Lingran and saw his thin lips adorned with an evil smile, the sight made his scalp felt numb. It was Feng Lingran who just turned over the table.

“If you can’t afford to lose, then don’t play.” Feng Lingran glanced at Yun Ni and then said to Yun Beimo coldly, “From now on, Ben Wang doesn’t want to see her in the capital.”

“Brother Feng……” Yun Ni seemed to have forgotten the pain on her forehead and face. She looks at Feng Lingrann incredulously and says in a sobbing voice, “Don’t… Don’t let Yun Ni leave the capital, Yun Ni doesn’t want to leave the capital, Brother Feng…”

Feng Lingran ignored Yun Ni, he grabbed Xiao Xi’s little hand, pinched her nose lightly, and gave a demonic laugh, “Today’s performance was good, Ben Wang will give you a reward once we return.”

“……” Xiao Xi’s head was somewhat befuddled. What does this great Deity mean? Did he just deliberately let her drink in order to let her teach Yun Ni a lesson herself?

This… How is it possible to… 

Feng Lingran took Xiao Xi’s hand and walked out of the private room. At the back, Yun Ni was still crying out “Brother Feng”.

Feng Lingran suddenly stopped his feet and looked back at Yun Ni, Yun Ni thought that Feng Lingran will turn around, but she heard him say coldly, “If Ben Wang hears another ‘Brother Feng’ again, Ben Wang will cut off your tongue.”

“Br-…” Yun Ni sees Feng Lingran giving her a demonically terrifying cold look and immediately covers her mouth with fright.

After Feng Lingran left, Yun Ni’s legs softened and she collapsed on the ground.

Her heart was still trembling, she raised her head and looked at Yun Beimo with tears. “Don’t you think Xiao Xi did some magic to Brother Feng to make Brother Feng this way? Brother Feng was not like this before. Even if he was angry, he would not be like this to Yun Ni.”

Yun Beimo’s eyes flashed with some doubts, he too noticed that Feng Lingran has changed. Even if the former Feng Lingran was annoyed with Yun Ni, he would not do anything to Yun Ni, but now… Feng Lingran would even cut off Yun Ni’s tongue because of a name.

This kind of Feng Lingran, even he was afraid of.

Xiao Xi sat in the carriage, feeling somewhat tired, her hand was still grasped by Feng Lingran, so she simply leaned on Feng Lingran’s shoulder, and closed her eyes.

When the wheels started rolling, Feng Lingran looked down at Xiao Xi’s quiet little face. After a while, he could hear her breathing even out. His sight fell on her shining pink lips, and his eyes grew darker and darker.

Feng Lingran raised his hand, placed his finger pad on her lips, and gently caresses. The girl’s lips are very soft, the residual wine, gave it a lush color, one can not help but want to get close to it.

Feng Lingran’s fingertips suddenly slipped into the little girl’s mouth and his fingers was softly surrounded. Feng Lingran’s eyes slightly blurred.

His fingertips moved slightly, the little girl gave a gentle hum, puckered her lips, and fell into a deep sleep again……

Feng Lingran’s black eyes became darker and darker and his vision blurs further…

After a period of time.

Xiao Xi’s mouth felt dry, probably because she drank too much alcohol. She wanted to drink water quite badly right now.

Her eyelids were so heavy that Xiao Xi could not open them. She said “water” and sure enough, there was cold water on her lips.

Xiao Xi could not wait to open her mouth, wanting to drink in large gulps, but the water came in very slowly, trickling down, each droplet like a drop of gold. Xiao Xi cursed Feng Lingran in her heart for being so stingy. She kept wrapping her mouth with water and wanting to draw more. The water lingered with her heartily, sweeping almost every corner of her mouth.


Xiao Xi gave a comfortable hum, this water in her mouth is good at quenching her thirst, how can she not finish drinking….. 

Xiao Xi’s body gradually softened and her hands involuntarily wrapped around Feng Lingran’s waist, holding him tightly.

Feng Lingran narrows his eyes slightly at the girl under him. He took the initiative and kisses the girl before entangling himself with her. His heart was palpitating and he felt a kind of unprecedented comfort.

Today, this little fox is drunk, kissing him back while unable to distinguish between the south and north, still this kiss was… intense.

Feng Lingran slowly feels feverish, it was as if he was about to be ignited by the little fox under him. His slender fingers reached into her clothes…

The girl’s skin was smoother than the finest silk. Every inch he touches, his palm shivers. He never had this feeling before.

Feng Lingran gradually got an instinctive reaction. His eyes grew darker, and his thin lips left her pink lips. He stared at the little girl’s red face, and his low husky voice mumbled, “Xi’er, you asked for it. Ben Wang didn’t plan to move you so early, but you…… torture a man so.”

Feng Lingran ripped off the sash of her dress, his heart beating uncontrollably. He frowned, looking at the girl’s body, he put his palm on top of his heart, and murmured to himself, “Jumping so fast, can’t wait to have her?”



Sellychi: Me as I gradually translate the last part: Wait what the… what this boi doing! Then dis girl also became so bold! Wai wha stapp……

[On the last two sentences this little translator gracefully spat her tea everywhere]

Ah it was a pain, you guys might not see it but XX is written as little girl in all of this and it hurts for me to read the raw like that, it makes all the steamy parts look pedo af. Well it’s not like i change it to [woman] but [girl] is better than reading [little girl] in every scene no? Like I only got through this because I know the truth-ish well future parts are great and normal, I can’t imagine someone retaining their sanity if I don’t remove the word [little] in front…

Also, I can’t imagine FLR playing rock paper scissors, he’ll probably just intimidate his opponents till pissing their pants haha~

Anyway, this was quite the intense chapter or was it just me?

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