The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort Chapter 116

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Chapter 116 — Ben Wang Said He Would Be Responsible for You


“Nothing.” Xiao Xi said again, “Feng Lingran, do you remember what happened last night?”

Feng Lingran’s eyes darkened and suddenly he asked back, “What happened last night?”

Feng Lingran asked her what happened, but it was hard to explain. After all, Feng Lingran is not the great Deity right now, and it seems that he does not remember what the great Deity did.

“You drove Yun Ni Junzhu out of the capital.”

After saying so, Xiao Xi watched as astonishment flash through Feng Lingran’s eyes. Just as Xiao Xi thought of it, Feng Lingran immediately returned to normal, as if the time he did not remember anything before never happened. Looking at Feng Lingran as he quickly curbed the emotions showing in his eyes, Xiao Xi felt that Feng Lingran should have noticed his abnormality.

“What else happened?” Feng Lingran asked.

“I drank too much last night, and you took me home…”

Xiao Xi did not continue talking, trailing off her words to create some suspense. But, seeing Feng Lingran’s clear eyes, with not a hint of surprise, doubts clouded her heart. Did Feng Lingran remember what happened afterwards? Or was the person who appeared in her room last night not Feng Lingran at all?

Xiao Xi waited for a moment, but Feng Lingran did not speak. It seemed that he had lost interest in what she said.

“You don’t want to know what happened next?”

“Ben Wang said he would be responsible for you.”

Xiao Xi’s eyes glimmered, the Feng Lingran in front of her appeared magnanimous right now. He meant that whatever he did to her next, it didn’t matter, because he would be responsible for her.

Xiao Xi and Feng Lingran had dinner, when suddenly Xiao Xi thought of something.

“Feng Lingran, I have something I want to ask you for help with.”

“What is it?”

“Back then, at Nanling, I gave the Huo Yi grass and the Ye Nan pearl to Wan Siyu, but he did not uphold his promise to me. Now, I want him to return the Huo Yi grass to me.”

Xiao Xi knows very well of the importance of the Huo Yi grass for Leng Yuhan, whether if it was  for JiuZhou City or not, has nothing to do with her. She just wants to live a safe life.

“Huo Yi grass?” Feng Lingran’s profound black eyes looked at Xiao Xi. “What’s the use of this Huo Yi grass you want?”

Sure enough, nothing can be concealed from Feng Lingran.

But… Xiao Xi did not want to tell Feng Lingran about returning the Huo Yi grass to Nangong Yin. He was the Regent of Eastern Jin. Yun Beimo and  Feng Lingran even discussed about the fat meat which is JiuZhou City. If Leng Yuhan is really a person of JiuZhou City, then this Huo Yi grass, Feng Lingran would never allow her to give it to Nangong Yin.

To go one step further, the plague in JiuZhou City, even if it is to be conquered in the future, it will still require the Huo Yi grass to completely eradicate the plague in JiuZhou City.

“I stole it from Nanling at the risk of my life. Shouldn’t it be returned to me?”

“It should, Ben Wang will take back the Huo Yi grass from Wan Siyu’s hand.”

Xiao Xi did not expect Feng Lingran to promise her so quickly. She grabbed Feng Lingran’s arm and said with a smile, “Feng Lingran, it’s very kind of you.”

Feng Lingran looked at Xiao Xi’s delicate little face smiling like a flower, and his eyes softened into a gentle expression.


“Lingran, am I getting this correctly? You came all the way here from the capital by horse, just so you could get the Huo Yi grass of that little fox back from me?”

“The Huo Yi grass is hers. Shouldn’t you give it back since you broke your promise?”

Feng Lingran’s black eyes are cold, and the words spoken by his thin lips are even colder.

Wan Siyu’s eyes flashed and he touched the side of his nose. “That little snow wolf did not get the disease again. It doesn’t need the Huo Yi grass.” 

Moreover, the real reason why he deceived the little fox to go to Nanling’s Imperial Palace was not for the Huo Yi grass, but rather, it was for the Jindan.

As long as that little fox swallowed the Jindan, Feng Lingran would be saved. Wan Siyu also knew that Nangong Yin would help the little fox get the Jindan. The Jindan in Nanling was always intended for the spirit fox. However, for so many years, the spirit fox never appeared, but no one could have guessed that it would appear in Eastern Jin’s Regent Palace.

A sharp light like the glint of a thrown knife passed by, Wan Siyu could hardly dare to look at Feng Lingran’s eyes. He took out a long brocade box from his sleeve, and in it lay the Huo Yi grass that was being well preserved.

Wan Siyu’s fingers stroked the brocade box, feeling somewhat reluctant to give the Huo Yi grass to Feng Lingran.

“Lingran, this Huo Yi grass is very precious, even Nanling only have one such plant left. Moreover, there is a plague happening in JiuZhou City right now. Several officials under JiuZhou City’s Lord are looking for this Huo Yi grass, if they found out that the Huo Yi grass is in the Regent’s palace, I am afraid that the little fox will be in danger.”

By implication, the safest option will be to leave the Huo Yi grass with him, leaving Xiao Xi free of unwanted incidents.

Feng Lingran reached out and grabbed the Huo Yi grass from Wan Siyu’s hand.

“You need not worry about the affairs of the Regent’s Palace. The safety of Xi’er is assured by Ben Wang.”

Wan Siyu stares wide eyed. What did Feng Lingran call that little fox?


Do Feng Lingran really like that little fox? How could he call her in such an intimate manner?

Feng Lingran comes and goes like lightning.

Wan Siyu watched Feng Lingran leave with gloomy eyes, a dark smile pulled at the corners of his mouth, “Lingran, it seems that after all, you are unwilling to be cruel to that little fox, even if the cold blight flare up, you couldn’t disregard her life and death, taking care when it was time to suck her blood. If this continues, the cold blight in your body may never be cleared up. That little fox should know of your secret of having cold blight by now, are you not afraid that she will tell the world the secret of your cold blight? Aish~ it seems that this matter needs to be dealt by this Gongzi. Even if you end up hating me, that’s fine! In my eyes, she’s just a medicine to save your life.”


Xiao Xi saw the familiar plant with bright eyes, it was the Huo Yi grass. Feng Lingran was very efficient in handling matters. He managed to get back the Huo Yi grass so quickly.

When she returns the plant to Nangong Yin, then Leng Yuhan will have no need to come to her for the Huo Yi grass.

“If you want to return it, then go and return it!”

Xiao Xi looked at Feng Lingran in surprise. She thought that he would not let her go. Unexpectedly, he had already known what she was thinking about and was so generous that he is willing to let her go return it.

“Feng Lingran, how do you… How do you know…”

Feng Lingran pulled his thin lips coldly, “The carriage from Nangong Yin’s residence is parked outside all day long. Is Ben Wang blind?”

Xiao Xi eyes flashed, she knows that Qiu Lan has been making the carriage stop outside waiting for her to go out. But these two days, she did not go out, because she wanted to wait for the Huo Yi grass to come back into her possession, so she can return the Huo Yi grass to Nangong Yin.

Xiao Xi gave a grateful look to Feng Lingran. Fortunately, Feng Lingran returned to normal, so he could be “sensible”. If it was that great Deity, Xiao Xi could carve and polish for a long time and still not get through.

“Ben Wang will only give you one hour. When you have finished delivering your thing, you will go back to this residence immediately.”

Xiao Xi nodded fiercely. She was already very grateful at the fact that he was willing to let her go. One hour was enough for her to return the thing to Nangong Yin.

Xiao Xi left the Regent’s palace with the Huo Yi grass.

Xiao Qi appeared at Feng Lingran’s side, “Master, you let the young miss go to Nangong Yin, are you not afraid that Nangong Yin will take the young miss away?”

Feng Lingran’s black eyes slid lazily, the corner of his mouth pulled up into a cold arc, “In this way, Xi’er will be able to see Nangong Yin’s true colors.”

Xiao Qi’s jewel like eyes flashed with surprise. The master was really black in the stomach. In this way, not only would the young miss feel the master’s magnanimity, but it will also expose Nangong Yin’s bag of tricks.

“Master, if Nangong Yin really dares to take the young miss away…” Xiao Qi trails his words halfway, the implication clear. He glances at Feng Lingran.

“Kill. No. Pardon.”

A murderous intention flashed past the depths of Feng Lingran’s eyes, it disappeared with a flick of his sleeve.

Xiao Qi was stunned in site, looking at Feng Lingran’s back. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth evoked a brilliant smile.

Master seemed angry because of what he said.

But, will Nangong Yin really dare to take her away?

Xiao Qi’s smile grew increasingly dazzling, his jewel like eyes turning slightly. Now that will certainly be a good show to look forward to. If Nangong Yin’s head is muddled, he was afraid that he would have to stay in Eastern Jin forever.


Xiao Xi walked out of the Regent’s Palace and met Qiu Lan, whose complexion was not looking so good. 

“Young lady Xiao, have you finally gave up?”

Qiu Lan had waited here for two days and two nights. She came to realize just how ungrateful the girl was. No matter how good Gongzi treated her, it was useless. She was a white-eyed wolf who could turn around and throw him away without thought.

Xiao Xi ignored Qiu Lan’s sarcasm and got into the carriage. Qiu Lan’s eyes were bloodshot. It was clear that she didn’t get much time to close them these days. So why should she go and argue with Qiu Lan?

Qiu Lan clenched her fingers tightly, Xiao Xi’s indifferent attitude makes her even more annoyed, like a slap on soft cotton, the other party does not feel any pain not even an itch, the thought irks Qiu Lan to no end.

Qiu Lan herself drove the carriage to the mansion.

Arriving there, Xiao Xi jumped out of the carriage and saw a bowl full of black medicine in An Ye’s hand, he was heading towards the room of Nangong Yin.

Xiao Xi’s heart tightened, and she quickly walked over to him.

Seeing Xiao Xi, An Ye’s black eyes flashed, but his grave and stern face remains expressionless.

“Your master… Is his injury serious?

Xiao Xi could tell that the medicine in the hands of An Ye was very bitter by its smell alone.

“You will know after you go in and see for yourself.”

An Ye’s attitude towards Xiao Xi was very cold. That time he rescued Xiao Xi at the teahouse. As he said, it was only because of duty. If it was not for Nangong Yin’s command, Xiao Xi would have died in front of An Ye, for it would be unlikely for him to even lift a finger.

Xiao Xi could tell that when she came to the mansion of Nangong Yin this time, Qiu Lan’s attitude towards her has changed, that of An Ye’s also has changed, all of them look at her as if she was… their enemy.

Xiao Xi did not ask any more questions. She walked towards Nangong Yin’s room. After today, she may never have the chance to come here again. So why should she care so much?

Pushing the door open, a weak low cough could be heard.

The room was fully permeated with the strong scent of bitter medicine,  as if the liquid had been knocked all over the ground, and its remnants lasting forever.

“Get out.” The cold and weak voice of Nangong Yin resounded.

Xiao Xi stepped over a few paces and saw Nangong Yin laying on the bed. That originally exceptional face of his has now become as white as ice, as if a touch could break it.

“Didn’t I order you to get out?” The temper of Nangong Yin suddenly changed to be more irritabile, not like the former, gentle and elegant. When Nangong Yin turned his head and saw Xiao Xi’s delicate little face, he was stunned and said in a trance, “Xi’er, why are you here? Is this my imagination?”

Xiao Xi saw puddles of the black liquid medicine pooling around under the bed of Nangong Yin. Shortly after she took in the view, she thought of Qiu Lan’s words and immediately got angry. “Nangong Yin, what are you doing? Do you want to kill yourself by not taking any medicine after you get hurt?” 



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