Raising a Fox Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 — Letting Her Mind Wander


The guard carried the wolf cub towards Feng Lin Ran. Immediately, Xiao Xi’s attention got caught by the little cute wolf cub. She raised one of her furry little paws wishing to pet the cub.

“Put it on the table.” Feng Lin Ran took notice of the fox’s actions, while he ordered the guard who was carrying the wolf cub in hand.

The wolf cub was was placed on the table. It was scared of Feng Lin Ran, so its whole body was trembling like a leaf. Its legs were wobbly and weak, but it’s moving towards the female wolf even though it’s tripping with each step it takes.

Xiao Xi saw that the wolf cub was getting further away from her and she resentfully withdrew her paw.

Feng Lin Ran didn’t stop the wolf cub. In his mind, he knew that if this wolf cub jumped off this table, it would be crippled if it didn’t die.

“Let the female wolf in.”

With a wave of Feng Lin Ran’s hand, the arrow that’s been pointing at the wolf in between the eyebrows, magically flew back into the bamboo tube.

Xiao Xi’s pair of fox eyes was full of amazement. What’s this beautiful man trying to do?

The female wolf was led towards Feng Lin Ran, stopping beside his legs. It raised its head upwards to see the cub wailing and crying for help. Its eyes expressed her reluctance, but it still obediently sat down beside Feng Lin Ran’s legs.

This is a bowing gesture.

“Little fox, go and eat!”

Xiao Xi was stunned. What was she suppose to eat? The female wolf?

Don’t joke around–it’s more likely that she will get eaten by the female wolf!

Feng Lin Ran saw that the little fox was still clinging onto his finger, refusing to let go no matter what. Warmth and gentleness flashed through his eyes.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s child is in benwang’s control, you can rest assured and eat without fear.”

Xiao Xi then realized, the beautiful man’s purpose of bringing the wolf cub is to prevent the female wolf from attacking her while she ate.

A really comprehensive consideration.

Feng Lin Ran placed the little fox in front of where the female wolf produces milk. It’s probably due to her natural animal instincts, as Xiao Xi thought that the wolf milk smells really sweet and appetizing. What in the world is she? A human or a beast? She doesn’t suck on the female wolf like an animal.

The little fox gulped several times, shaking its furry little head like a rattle-drum.

“Chichichi……” she placed her front paws together and showed Feng Lin Ran a squeezing motion.

Qin Wen was astonished by the little fox’s actions. Could it be that this a fox that has its own conscious?

Feng Lin Ran’s raven eyes gleamed. His gaze towards the little fox was even more undistinguishable. With a wave of his hand, “Qin Wen, bring a lady in here.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued “Bring a bowl too, an unused one.”

“Understood, Wangye.”

Soon, Qin Wen brought a lady. She respectfully greeted at Feng Lin Ran, not lifting her head up. The lady didn’t dare to peek a glance at Feng Lin Ran, to hear Feng Lin Ran cold and authoritative voice.

“Benwang’s little thing is hungry. Obtain some milk from the female wolf.”

The lady was nearly scared out of her wits. This…….this is a female wolf! How…how does she dare to acquire milk from it?

“Didn’t you hear Wangye’s order? Why are you not moving?” Qin Wen saw that Feng Lin Ran was getting annoyed and hastily urged the lady.

“Yes…….yes……” The lady braced herself and kneeled down.

Shortly after, a bowl full of fresh wolf milk appeared. Cold sweat was dripping down the side of the lady’s face, while her hands slightly trembled when presenting the bowl of milk.

The wolf cub stared directly at the bowl of fresh milk and involuntarily gulped. It was itching to just pounce at the bowl and drink from it.

Unfortunately……the milk didn’t belong to it.

Feng Lin Ran placed the bowl of milk in front of the little fox and saw that the little thing licked its pointy snout with its pink tongue before immediately burying its head into the bowl to greedily drink the milk. The corner of his mouth slightly curled upwards as adoration flashed through his raven eyes.

Soon, the little fox finished the bowl of milk, burping. It licked its milky white snout, while satisfiedly rubbing its full and round stomach.

The wolf cub saw that the milk that belonged to him was completely finished by the little fox. It looked at the female wolf and wailed, starving and feeling wronged.

Xiao Xi suddenly felt a shiver up her spine. She turned her head to meet the deadly bloodshot eyes of the female wolf, gleaming with an eerie green glow.

She was scared and fearful.

This female wolf is not trying to eat her right?

Xiao Xi was a weakling. In a instant, she climbed up Feng Lin Ran’s arm, ran into the collar of his robe, and fearfully bore itself into Feng Lin Ran’s robe.

The scene shocked the housekeeper and guards outside the door. Their mouths were open so wide that you could fit a whole egg inside.

The little fox has a really big guts. It dare to bore itself within their Wangye’s clothes?

Xiao Xi sniffed the fresh and cool scent thats coming from the man. Her paw touched the smooth jade-like skin, which was also very soft. She took a few deep breaths of the cool scent. Her little heart thumped rapidly as she popped her furry little head out of Feng Lin Ran’s clothes.

A perfectly sculpted chin, skin smooth with no blemish, no stubble. His lips pale nearly no colour like water, emitting an alluring scent, as if it’s falling down his lips like a waterfall, landing on her lips, cool to the touch, tasting wonderful…..

Pah! Pah!

She’s just a fox right now, why is she having thought about this man? Could it be that this attractive man is dumb? Will kiss a fox?

Xiao Xi ignored the random thoughts in her mind, blinking her fox eyes looking at Feng Lin Ran’s raven eyes, observing his emotion, is he angry?

“Get out.”

Feng Lin Ran thin lips opened and said, Xiao Xi swiftly ran out of his clothes, as if she lost her wits, she ran along his arm, going downwards.

The attractive man is angry…..so scary…….

Rattle-drum: it’s a kind of toy for little kids, it’s mostly seen in China.
Pah! Pah!: a spitting sound

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