Raising a Fox Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 — Beautiful man, you scared the death out of me!

The young fox’s actions was all witnessed by Feng Lin Ran’s eyes. Putting aside the handkerchief within his hand, his fingers touched the small fox’s round and soft head, stroking the soft fur.

“Tell me, which part of you is hungry?”

Although Feng Lin Ran seemed to be casually asking a question, his raven eyes were attentively observing the young fox’s each and every movement.

Is this attractive man dumb? Other than the stomach, how can there be another part gets hungry?

“Chichichi……” Xiao Xi opened her pointy snout only to say non-human language.

After Xiao Xi was finished, even she was dumbfounded by herself, rolling her dark eyes. She looked up at Feng Lin Ran- her expression bitter and her eyes pitiful.

Beautiful man, the fox right in front of you is indeed hungry…..can you prepare some food to appease her grumbling stomach?

Xiao Xi’s longed for Feng Lin Ran to understand what she’s trying to express with her gaze. To indicate that she was starving, she even made a gulping motion in front of Feng Lin Ran.

Feng Lin Ran stared at the young fox for a moment, only to see it swallowing it’s saliva and blinking its eyes as if trying to express something? The corner of his mouth slightly turned upwards into a gentle but barely visible smile. The smile was short, like the fleeting clouds in the sky, and completely vanished in an instant, like it was just a figment of an imagination.

When Xiao Xi caught Feng Lin Ran’s smile, her soul nearly flew away. Isn’t this handsome man way too charming when he smiles?

Feng Lin Ran tapped the table a few times- not too hard, not too light. Soon a middle-aged man appeared and greeted Feng Lin Ran with the utmost respect.

“Wangye, your order?”

“Is there a female beast that just gave birth in the beast arena?”

As Feng Lin Ran finished his question, Xiao Xi’s heart skipped a beat. What did the gorgeous man say? Beast Arena?

Oh my god!

This man has a hobby of breeding beasts? It’s unlikely that he would throw her into the arena, right?

Xiao Xi’s expression changed drastically. If it wasn’t for the soft fur concealment, you could probably see her currently pale and colourless face.

She’s a human, not a beast! She doesn’t want to go into the beast arena nor does she want to live together with the wild beasts…..

What did Feng Lin Ran say to the middle-aged man? Xiao Xi didn’t listen to a word he just said and buried her head into his hands, while her body was slightly trembling. It’s her natural instinct of fear. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live with a bunch of beasts. Plus, she was still a cub- weak and powerless. If she got bullied by those savage beasts, she would probably die before she could fight back.

Once Feng Lin Ran completed his orders, he looked at the young fox in his palm. It’s small body was curled into a ball. You couldn’t even see it’s head, but you were able to see it trembling, as if it was afraid of something?

Feng Lin Ran frowned, annoyance flashed by his eyes. Could it be that housekeeper Qin scared the little thing when he came in?

Feng Lin Ran’s slender fingers brushed against the young fox’s pure white fur with a tint of tenderness even he didn’t realize. “No one will hurt you here, you don’t need to be afraid.”

Xiao Xi felt a warm hand gently caressing her. As if Feng Lin Ran’s words calmed her down, she poked her head out of her claws, and peered at Feng Lin Ran’s extraordinary facial features.

Really beautiful man, no one will hurt me? That means….. you won’t throw me into the beast arena, right?

Feng Lin Ran stared at those intelligent eyes that could speak without words, and couldn’t help but chuckle. Did this young fox cultivate and become a fox with a conscious, that then forgot to drink the soup from Meng Po? Otherwise, how can it be this peculiar?

If someone else saw how intelligent this young fox is, they would probably be frightened out of their wits, and would have killed the fox. Yet Feng Lin Ran wasn’t scared of it, on the contrary, he’s very fond of this creature in front of him.

Soon after, Qin Wen brought two guards with him- one guard was holding chains that was around the wolf’s neck, and the other was carrying a newborn baby wolf.

Before Qin Wen even walked into the room, he heard Feng Lin Ran’s cold voice.

“Stay outside. Without my order, no one is allowed to come in.” Feng Lin Ran pointed at the guard who was carrying the wolf cub, “You, come in.”

Qin Wen instantly halted his steps and he looked at Feng Lin Ran with a puzzled expression. As if he couldn’t understand why Wangye wouldn’t let him in, Qin Wen’s gaze landed upon the young fox in Feng Lin Ran’s arms, astonishment flashed by his eyes. Normally when Wangye sees these animals, he would choose the strong ones and raise it in the beast arena. He never personally hugged these creatures before, so why is Wangye treating this young fox with special care? Is there something different with this young fox?

Qin Wen noticed that the fox’s eyes were peculiarly bright and had pure white fur like snow. Soon, the realization hit him. It’s such an adorable creature, even he liked it…. Of course, it doesn’t matter if Qin Wen liked the adorable creature, because his Master’s interest was already piqued by this lovable creature.

As the wolf cub gets further away from its mother, it instinctually got nervous, calling its mother for help.

“Aoo~” the female wolf let out a frightening howl. With a fierce look on its face, it glared at the guard holding its baby, and dashed at him like it wanted to bite the guard into pieces.

The guard outside was tightly clutching on the chains. His face was red and his feet were dragged towards the room. The female wolf’s strength was too great.

Suddenly, Feng Lin Ran took out an arrow from the bamboo tube, placed it in between his fingers, and shot it towards the doorway. The female stepped back when she saw danger approach. the arrow, that was an inch away from her forehead, halted in the air.

There was a vast energy collected in Feng Lin Ran’s hand that controlled the arrow. He mercilessly said to the female wolf “If you dare to make another sound, I will take your life.”

Xiao Xi watched this scene with her eyes wide open. Her heart was beating tremendously in her body, as if a drummer was slowly beating her heart.

This man’s martial arts is so amazing! It’s remarkable!

Xiao Xi peeked at Feng Lin Ran’s cold expression then peered at the arrow that was about to pierce into the female wolf in between the eyes. Xiao Xi shuddered at the sight of it.

Attractive man, you wouldn’t do this to me right?


Wangye: a title in between the royal family in the ancient times.

Meng Po soup: It the same thing as the rivers of Lethe, the dead would drink it and forget about their past.

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