Raising a Fox Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 — Pledging marriage


The little fox was running a bit quickly when suddenly, one of its paw slipped, and it fell downwards with its head facing the ground.

Xiao Xi cried out in her heart “I’m done for.”, while she covered her furry head with her front paws, as her body continue to fall. Having a broken leg is a lot better than becoming an idiot.

However, she didn’t feel the expected pain from the fall.

Xiao Xi slowly let go of her head, only to see her body was caught by a big and warm hand. She raised her head up, and saw Feng Lin Ran’s grim expression.

Xiao Xi shuddered and felt that the situation was turning bad. She turned over, ready to run again, but suddenly her body was raised. The first thing she thought of was actually to jump, but when she saw how far she was from the ground, she decided to against the idea of jumping.

“Jump then! Didn’t you want to jump? Benwang is allowing you to jump.” Feng Lin Ran monotonically said with no warmth. His expression was oddly cold and irritated.

It’s really high. If she jumped down, she’s basically jumping towards death.

Moreover, that female wolf has been staring at her with those eerie glowing green eyes! If she jumped, without Feng Lin Ran’s protection, the female wolf will instantly tear her little body apart.

Xiao Xi turned her white furry head over, peeking looks at Feng Lin Ran who stood up. She regretted her actions from before. Clear and bright fox eyes landed on Feng Lin Ran’s broad chest, probably due to her harsh movements from when she ran out, his lapels were slightly opened.

No wonder the charming man became so furious. Its all her fault!

I didn’t mean to run into your clothes. I just got scared of the female wolf that’s all…..

“Chichichi…..” Xiao Xi waved her fronts paws around, one second pointing at the female wolf, another pointing at itself, then pointing at Feng Lin Ran’s lapel. Then she pressed her paws against her chest and ‘fainted’ in Feng Lin Ran’s hand.

As Feng Lin Ran watched the little thing’s lively show, the anger within his eyes disepated.

“Don’t ever do anything rash anymore.”


The beautiful man is not blaming her for scratching his chest? But rather, he was concerned about her?

Xiao Xi happily stood up from the palm of Feng Lin Ran’s hand. She beamed a smile at him while her tail was swishing around with glee.

Aiyo! Beautiful man, other than my father, you’re the only man who treats me well…..

I have nothing valuable to repay you, so let me pledge myself to you as a bride!

He’s so handsome and attractive, it’s not a bad thing for her anyways!


Xiao Xi laughed lecherously in her heart, her eyes glued to Feng Lin Ran’s face, her eyes twirling in the sockets.

The more you look at him, the more handsome he seems to be. He’s a rare person that has the best qualities one could have. How can he be so lucky, to be chosen by her as her husband?

Feng Lin Ran squinted his onyx eyes as his eyes deepen with an indistinguishable feeling. He had this sudden feeling that this little fox saw through his thoughts. Especially the way the little things looks at him. Somehow it feels a bit odd? As if she’s devising a plan?

“Cough~” Feng Lin Ran coughed, feeling uneasy. He looked away from the little fox. His tall figure stood up, and with a wave his long and wide sleeve, the wolf cub that was standing on the table fell unconscious, its body fell towards the floor.

The female wolf caught the falling wolf cub with her body. She nearly didn’t make it. Fear struck her heart, and her green eerie eyes stared at Feng Lin Ran’s backside, not daring to challenge Feng Lin Ran.

The cub, as if it suffered some kind of shock, wailed within the female wolf’s embrace. The pitiful sound attracted the female wolf’s attention. It lowered its eyes to look at its cub, expressing her love and adoration towards the cub with its eyes, and it licked the cub with its tongue. At that moment, the wolf came to a realization. If she want the wolf cub to be safe and sound, other than yielding towards Feng Lin Ran, it must also yield towards the young fox in Feng Lin Ran’s embrace.

The wolf cub falling down from the table was a warning to the female wolf.

Kukuku: A kind of laugh

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