Raising a Fox Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 — Indecent Fox


Why was Feng Lingran rubbing the antidote on his clothes instead of the little fox? Clearly it was his method of administering the antidote.

That treacherous Feng Lingran…

Wan Siyu made one slip of the tongue and bitterly regretted that he had told the proper way of using the antidote to Feng Lingran. He looked at Feng Lingran’s arms and saw the little fox ignoring him. Wan Siyu’s slender fingers touched his smooth chin.

He was also a handsome man, his charm was more towards the graceful side, and some can even be driven crazy by this charm, but this little fox doesn’t like him? In addition to that his status was not worse than Feng Lingran, but somehow he was still not as good as Feng Lingran ah!

Xiao Xi inhaled the antidote, the hot stuffy feeling she felt gradually disappeared. Her mind was drowsy, she then fell asleep in Feng Lingran’s arms.

Waking up.

Xiao Xi’s head was still slightly dizzy, suddenly she felt water rushed up her nose. She lifted her head and sneezed fiercely.

Which wicked being dared to hold her in the water? You want to drown her?!

The little fox finished expelling the water and sucked in some air from its nose. She raised her head only to be met with a magnified view of a handsome face in front of her black beady eyes. The facial features of this handsome man seemed to be carved to perfection, with jade white skin like the pale moon. The most eye catching thing was, she sucked in a mouthful of cold air… His perfect chin and pale white lips are so close to her that she can reach it with a slight upward lift of her head.

Handsome man, are you trying to mess with this fox?

The little fox blinked and looked at his fascinating thin lips, a handsomeness that can only be heard in poems, but even more fascinating was his painting like thin lips…

Suddenly, the fox’s head was knocked and pain bloomed.

It lifted a fluffy paw and grabbed its head, watching Feng Lingran with displeasure.

Handsome man, what’s wrong with you? Beating someone up for no reason?

“Indecent fox.”

Feng Lingran’s thin lips move, the cold voice did not sound upset, others won’t be able to tell his emotions at all.

The little fox’s paw rubbed its sore head. Its heart lamented. It’s only natural that we desire food and sex. She enjoys looking at handsome men. Was it so wrong to let people enjoy things?

Feng Lingran observed the little fox’s action, a glimmer of amusement flashed through his eyes. He don’t usually like to be stared at, but he does not dislike the little fox staring at him.

Warm water trickled over the little fox’s back, making its white hair clung on its body. It was a rather uncomfortable feeling.

The little fox wrinkled its eyebrows and shook its body. It was no wonder that the dog that her family had previously own did not like to take baths. It was so uncomfortable. She don’t like it either!

Handsome man, please don’t abuse this-

“If you shake your body one more time, the king will put you in the water and let you have a good time.”

Feng Lingran’s displeased voice floated into the fox’s pointed ears. She was so frightened that she stopped shaking off the water from her fur. She looked up to see Feng Lingran’s face splattered with drops of crystal clear water. Extremely handsome man … … Cough, cough, the handsome man’s face was drenched. This wasn’t caused by her, right?

The little fox, with wide eyes, realized that it was in big trouble now. It instinctively turned to flee…

Splash, it ran into the water. Four fox paws were desperately doing the doggy paddle. The water in the pool was disturbed, splashes resounded continuously.

Oh no!

If the handsome man throws her into the water, will she survive?

Feng Lingran’s handsome face was splashed again and again by the little fox’s frantic paddling. It doesn’t show on his face, but he was pissed. His long arm stretched out to catch the little fox who was desperately doggy paddling.

“Looks like you really want to have a good time in the water.” His voice rumbled, it was the magic words that the little fox was dreading to hear.



Sellychi: Doggy paddle style. It’s the only style of swimming that I can do confidently, hahaha~

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