Raising a Fox Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 — Mean Man


Xiao Xi felt her body sink slowly, her black beady eyes shows panic and her paws desperately slaps the water. This handsome man was so mean! She accidentally splashed a few drops of water on his face and now he’s trying to drown her!

Xiao Xi was already quite deep under the water and she felt that it was useless to struggle.

After a while, the little fox stopped struggling and bubbles appeared on the surface of the water. Feng Lingran frowns and picked up the little fox. Water slid down its limbs. Feng Lingran saw that the fox’s eyes were closed.

Feng Lingran’s black eyes flashed with doubt, it was such a short period of time, so it shouldn’t have drowned.

Cradling it in his arms, Feng Lingran placed his index finger under the fox’s nose, it’s not breathing?

Feng Lingran’s index finger began trembling slightly. He didn’t realize that his eyes flashed with anxiety.

Feng Lingran turned over the little fox’s body and gently pressed his thumb on its white abdomen. Water flowed out of the little fox’s mouth and he repeated it several times. Still the little fox did not wake up. Feng Lingran then felt its snout again.

It’s still not breathing!

Feng Lingran suddenly felt irritated. He held the fox and took a few steps out of the white pool. Without changing from his wet clothes, his pace quickened.

Qin Wen saw the master came out with wet clothes and was surprised, “Wang Ye, you are-”

He didn’t finish speaking before he was interrupted by Feng Lingran’s cold voice.

“Quickly call Wan Siyu.”

Qin Wen saw the small fox with its eyes closed in Feng Lingran’s arms and glanced at his master’s upset face, he instantly understands, for his master to be so anxious it could only mean that something happened to the little fox again.

Qin Wen did not dare to delay, he turned to hurry and find Wan Siyu.

However, just after Qin Wen left.

The little fox in Feng Lingran’s arms suddenly opened its eyes and flexibly jumped out of his arms, it slipped out and ran away.

Feng Lingran stared at his empty hands then looked at the long line of plum blossom paw prints on the ground. His mouth opened and closed again.

Did he just got fooled by a little fox?

Xiao Xi ran a good distance until she was gasping tiredly. Feng Lingran was really despicable. You think that submerging her under water would frighten her? Humph! She can hold her breath for at least a little over one minute. When Feng Lingran took her out of the water, she counted in her mind and only thirty seconds had passed.

She laughed at her acting, obviously she didn’t want to die and pretended to have drowned. Didn’t think that she was playing, right?

Xiao Xi shook her body, the excess water was shaken off and she immediately felt refreshed. Proudly raising her head, she stretched her claws and laid back leisurely without care.

Qin Wen arrived back with Wan Siyu, but where was his master and the little fox?

Wan Siyu sways his white feather fan and looked around. He then caught sight of the plum blossom paw prints on the ground. He shut the white feather fan and used it to knock Qin Wen’s head. Then he said, “You idiot. That little fox’s limbs are still strong, it was able to jump and run. There’s nothing wrong with it at all.”

Qin Wen was beaten senseless for a moment and he wanted to cry. It was Wang Ye that had asked him to call Yu gongzi immediately!

After Wan Siyu finished with Qin Wen, his eyes followed the trail of water leading from the bathroom, they then flashed with a hint of amusement. If he wasn’t wrong, Lingran had taken the little fox to wash its dirty body. What interesting event had occurred? For the smart Feng Lingran to be fooled by a little fox?




Gongzi = son of a noble / an official

Sellychi:  Poor Qin Wen, he was just doing his job. Also, today marks a week since I posted my first translation, hurray~

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