Raising a Fox Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 — Handsome Man Save Me!


How to tell that they would be special? Soon after they were born, they would be able to understand human language and develop into fine spirits.

Wan Siyu made up his mind, nothing could change it now. He still has a little confidence when it comes to Feng Lingran. After all, they had been friends for more than ten years. Surely he won’t get too upset without the little fox.

A smile and a cold frown.

These were two very different expressions.

Xiao Xi’s head was buried in Feng Lingran’s arms. His distinguished brocade robe was soft and smooth. Xiao Xi’s nose was enveloped with his unique fragrance.

Handsome man, give her more…

Feng Lingran’s unparalleled handsome face emerged in Xiao Xi’s mind, her plush fluffy body bursts with light trembling. Ah what torment! She can’t stand it anymore! At this rate she’s going to get a nose bleed!

Feng Lingran felt that something wrong was happening to the little fox. He saw it curl deeper into his arms and started trembling. Feng Lingran frowns. This little thing has been enduring for a long time, he fears that if it does not get the antidote soon, it might die.

Feng Lingran didn’t dare to be idle anymore, he carried the young fox and puts it on Wan Siyu’s hands, “If it gets hurt, you’ll face the consequences.”

Wan Siyu secured his hands on the little fox and said with a smile: “Yes, yes, it won’t get hurt. If it does I’ll be punished, right?”

Unexpectedly, Feng Lingran cares about this little fox. This went beyond his expectations.

Xiao Xi sees herself in Wan Siyu’s hands. How could she be willing? Positioning her fluffy hind legs, she gets ready to jump towards Feng Lingran. She does not want to stay here. She wants Feng Lingran. Only in Feng Lingran’s arms would she feel safe.

Wan Siyu hurriedly held down the little fox who wanted to escape. His eyes glinted ominously. He smiled and said, “Little fox, you better be obedient. Otherwise, I won’t give you the antidote to the poison. You are so young, haven’t even reached the stage of mating yet. If you don’t obey, this little life will be gone.”

The little fox struggled within Wan Siyu’s hold. The man was very strong. It could only lift its head and glare at Wan Siyu with its black beady eyes.

Obedient, your sister ah! *

In its heart the little fox detest Wan Siyu to the core! It suddenly turned its head and looked at Feng Lingran with pitiful eyes. Handsome man, quickly save this fox! This man is wishing ill of this fox…

As soon as Wan Siyu saw the expression of the little fox, his heart became more ecstatic. This little fox was really special, it would actually look at Feng Lingran for help?

It was no wonder that Feng Lingran cherishes it so much. No wonder…

The force of Wan Siyu’s palm gradually subside. Such a rare cute little fox, he does not want to damage it.

Immediately, the cute little fox flees from his hands.

Wan Siyu did not chase it and watches as the cute little fox was robbed back by Feng Lingran.

Feng Lingran was always a firm person, but this time, because of the cute little fox’s begging eyes, he backed out from a deal?

Was this still the same Feng Lingran that he knew of?

Feng Lingran settled the little fox back in his arms. White jade fingers took a porcelain vase from Wan Siyu, with a flick of his fingertips the cork flew off. He puts the antidote on the fox’s little mouth.

Wan Siyu’s expression changed, immediately he tries to take back the medicine from Feng Lingran’s hands.

“Lingran, don’t randomly feed it the antidote. It contains musk, you can’t drink this antidote.”

Right after Wan Siyu finished, he regretted what he said. Seeing Feng Lingran’s current expression, he knew he had messed up.




*She’s basically cursing at him

Sellychi: Observe as Wan Siyu’s attitude towards the little cute fox does a 180~

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