Raising a Fox Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 — To Be Shamed


When Mu Qingcheng thinks of Lu-er’s words, her eyes glimmered with determination. She clenched her fingers tightly and cheered herself back up. She slowly turns around, accentuating her beautiful body bringing out the best of her. She looks even more enchanting, able to easily dazzle the hearts of people.

“Wang Ye, I didn’t know that this was your bath, I thought I could bathe here.” Her lotus like eyes looked at Feng Lingran. She displayed a tension fit like a deer that’s been sighted by the predator, this amplifies the temptation for a person to ravish her.

The little fox was awestruck. Wow! This beautiful weapon was so spectacular! It also looks so pure and natural. Please stop being so beautiful!

When she thought of her past body, she was flawed and lacking in her chest area. Xiao Xi’s heart felt heavy. God was really unfair. The woman was also slim. Why was she so beautiful? Why did she get to have these qualities?

Xiao Xi gulped, the “beauty” that’s currently in front of her doesn’t matter! She has seen enough.

“Get out. Now.”

Feng Lingran’s voice was cold without any temperature, it was like thunder which struck Mu Qingcheng’s head. It made her legs go soft.

Was the plan going to fail?

Mu Qingcheng eyes flashed, she can’t go back now. Perhaps, if she persist, after a while he will change his attitude towards her. She wished deeply that luck would grace her.

“Wang Ye, is my body really that unbearable? You don’t even want to look at it?”

Mu Qingcheng’s eyes watered, tear drops rolled over her cheeks. It was a pitiful sight.

Feng Lingran’s eyes turned fierce, this woman, does she really think that she’s doing a good thing? She dared to try and seduce him in the Regency Palace? Such courage!

He had already given her a chance. Since she does not repent and wants to humiliate herself, don’t blame him.

“Guards come!”

Feng Lingran suddenly raised his voice. Stunned, Mu Qingcheng was overwhelmed, she panicked and immersed herself back to the water, shaking her head in disbelief.

He…he’s…sending someone in? Won’t those lowly servants be able to see her body?

“Wang Ye, don’t, please don’t…I know I’ve done wrong.”

At this moment, Mu Qingcheng finally understands fear, how important was a woman’s honor? Once she was looked down upon by the lowly servants, her honor will be completely destroyed and then she would be even less qualified to be with him.

Soon the servants came in. They were his retainers, all male.

All of the residents of the Regent’s Palace knew that Wang Ye was not fond of women. He never allowed women to be in the places where he frequents. Not to mention that this here was Feng Lingran’s private bathing room.

Several servants who came in saw Feng Lingran’s gloomy handsome face. They do not dare to look straight at him. They had heard the voice of a woman asking for mercy in the bath and so peered through the corner of their eyes, there was a very alluring beauty. A brief silence hung in the air, several servants sighed in their hearts. How could there always be this kind of woman who likes to touch Wang Ye’s bottom line?

The little fox tried hard to ignore everything. What kind of situation was this?

Wasn’t she Feng Lingran’s woman? Then why did Feng Lingran treat her that way? Why did he call these retainers to see this naked beauty?

The fox’s eyes went to Feng Lingran’s handsome and unparalleled face. At this moment, she felt that Feng Lingran was very good-looking, with a white jade-like face, dark ink black eyes, and an extremely perfect thin lips.

Xiao Xi’s eyes blurred, her body gradually grew hot, and she really wants to kiss Feng Lingran. How was this possible?

“Throw this shameless woman far away from the king.”

Feng Lingran’s voice was like an arrow of ice, piercing the heart of Mu Qingcheng, and it also shot through her fantasy.



Mu Qingcheng was actually using the Chinese honorific “Qie” which means this humble one on all of the conversations.

Adding -er to the end of a name is a term of endearment.

Sellychi: I enjoy being able to translate this story, because now I can comment and discuss each chapter with other people!!! Basically fangirling together, hehe. Come, let us all gather and enjoy this glorious story. I low-key worship Ye Mo now, muahaha~

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