Raising a Fox Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 — Wants To Kiss Him


“I know that I had done wrong. Wang Ye, you are merciful, please let these lowly servants leave! This one can get out by herself…”

The miserable voice of Mu Qingcheng did not win Feng Lingran’s sympathy, but it did offend the “lowly” servants.

Feng Lingran found the little fox in a corner, and saw that it has an “infatuated” look on its face, what was it fantasizing about? He walked towards it with a sullen face.

Xiao Xi realized that Feng Lingran’s face steadily becomes more vivid, she blinked, he was still hot and handsome, but … … the handsome man’s face does not seem very delighted.

Xiao Xi thought of the time that she was digging at his white suet jade, her heart made a thump. Could it be that Feng Lingran had found out?

The beauty that “borrowed” Feng Lingran’s bath to clean herself was kicked out naked. Feng Lingran was so stingy, if he discovers that she plans to steal his white jade, will he break her claws?

The little fox was frightened in its heart. Her claws moved with the intention of fleeing outside.

It seems that Feng Lingran was a temperamental” financial backer”. She wants to quickly leave and find a more reliable “financial backer”.

The prerequisite was that the new “financial backer” must not be as stingy as Feng Lingran.

The moment the young fox escaped, he was caught by the eye-catching Feng Lingran. The little fox knew that it had lost the best time to escape and it was unlikely that it could run away again. It tried to act well behaved, lifted its furry head and looked straight at Feng Lingran.

Handsome man, your suet white jade was very hard, and this fox’s paws already hurt when it tried to dig them out. You mustn’t have the heart to break this little fox’s claw right?

Feng Lingran ignored the terror-stricken screams and cries for mercy behind him. While holding the little fox he walked out of the bathroom.

“Little thing, were you upset because of the woman in the bathtub?”

After Feng Lingran finished speaking, he froze a little. How could he have this strange idea? Although this little fox was spiritual, it was only a fox after all. Can it really be regarded as a person?

However, this little fox’s “infatuation” in its eyes looks like that of a… woman…

Don’t flatter yourself, who’s upset because of that woman?

The little fox’s heart fluttered, it caught the scent of Feng Lingran’s palm and it didn’t seem to hate it that much anymore.

Back in the room, the little fox laid on Feng Lingran’s palm. Its chin rested on his arm. A pair of fox eyes gazing his face. It didn’t know why, but it was feeling very hot. It wanted to impulsively shave off all of the hair on its body.

The more it looked at Feng Lingran, the more chaotic its heart became, and she really wanted to kiss his lips. What should it do?

The little fox swallowed hard. There was that evil intention, no go away bad thoughts. It endured the commotion in its heart in fear of offending Feng Lingran, she might end up as a dead fox. After all which man would be willing to be kissed by a fox?

The little fox was extremely restless. It started to rub on Feng Lingran’s palm, and it seemed to feel more comfortable.

Feng Lingran noticed the fox’s strange action. His eyes went dark. He lifted the little fox’s head and saw its cloudy agitated eyes. Feng Lingran suddenly remembered, the drug from Mu Qingcheng did not influence him but did it affect the little fox?

Feng Lingran called Qin Wen. What did he say? Xiao Xi did not hear clearly and honestly she did not care for currently she only wanted to … kiss the lips of the handsome man and touch the body of the handsome man…

What a shameless idea!

However, she really wants to do it.

“Squeak squeak squeak….” Handsome man, give me a kiss, stroke me! I promise I’ll be responsible for you!




Mu Qingcheng uses the Chinese honorific “Qie” which means ‘this humble one’ on all of her conversations.

Sellychi: What a shameless little fox~

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  1. “It wanted to impulsively shave off all of the hair on its body” – oh no, I imagined it XD
    Little fox is shameless, but who needs shame when you can have a hot hubby instead?

  2. Oh… Shes gonna bury her face when the drug is gone from her… Wouldnt it be fun if she revert to human just to harass the MC?

  3. Oh my!!! If I’m him I could not take that little adorable fox!! I’m a dog lover so imagine the toll it doing to me because that little fox looks like a little puppy to me!!!!!~~

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