Raising a Fox Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 — An Unbalanced Heart


The little fox was currently very angry, thinking of all the time she was held in his hands and touched for so many days. Her heart has been in constant turmoil for a while.

She was still a pure and mature girl in modern times! Haven’t talked about love before, she haven’t even been touched by a male voluntarily. Why this cheap person, Feng Lingran, such a pervert to dare do so?

When the little fox’s paws were about to cross out of the threshold, she was suddenly caught by Feng Lingran’s big palm.

“What’s wrong?”

Feng Lingran’s fingers lifted the fox’s furry chin, deep black eyes looked into its beady eyes. Seemingly trying to find the source of its emotional trouble.

The little fox shook its head to try and break free of his fingers, but he just strengthened his grip. The little fox felt pain on its chin and its beady black eyes started to mist, they gradually gathered into tears which could fall off at any time.

Feng Lingran was stunned by the expression of the little fox crying, his fingers gradually reduced its strength. His heart felt a little tug of guilt.

“What happened?” Feng Lingran then thought of the fox’s inability to speak and continued “If you were bullied you can nod.”

Strangely, he believed that this young fox could understand what he said.

The little fox turned its head away, ignoring him.

Feng Lingran saw the little fox’s action and frowned. He thought that he had never offended it before, so how come it does not want to look at him at all?

Feng Lingran did not continue to ask the little fox, but took it out of the room, held tightly between his chest and arm. The little fox struggled twice, but it just got pressed tighter and it gave up on struggling.

“Qin Wen, what happened at the palace during the king’s absence these past few hours?”

Qin Wen looked blankly.

“Everything in the palace is normal. Nothing happened.”

After Qin Wen finished talking, he saw Feng Lingran frown, and he knew that Wang Ye was not pleased with his answer. He saw the young fox in his arms and Qin Wen had a kind of illusion that the little fox was even more despondent with his answer than his royal Lord.

Was there something that he missed? And this matter was related to the little fox?

Feng Lingran gave Qin Wen a deep look. This stare puts Qin Wen’s nerves on edge and embedded a sense of failure, as if he has neglected his duty.

Feng Lingran did not wait for him to justify his answer, he went and carried the little fox back to the room. While passing through the bathroom, the little fox suddenly jumped from his arms and dashed into the bathroom.

You want to know what happened? Then come and follow!

The moment the little fox ran into the bathroom, it felt its heart tug with unease, but it still continued leading him towards the place. She did not regret it at all. She wanted to see Feng Lingran’s “real face” and break the lingering feelings she has towards him.

From now on, it will be a smart fox and will not be confused by any male color.

Feng Lingran was but an insignificant passerby in her life.

With such a thought, Xiao Xi managed to calm her heart and once again saw the beauty in the pool, her heart was indifferent and she was impassive.

The matter of Feng Lingran, he was just a small crush of hers, it’s not to the point where he was irreplaceable.

Feng Lingran entered the bathroom and caught scent of a very light and unique aroma in the air, it was the distinct fragrance of a woman. He immediately held his breath and his eyes turned cold.

“Who allowed you to enter the King’s bath?” Seeing a woman in the bath, Feng Lingran’s deep voice pierced the air like a sword of ice.

Mu Qingcheng heard the footsteps and her heart was both expectant and anxious. However, soon her fantasy was shattered. His voice was like a sharp blade of ice piercing her back. Her whole body turned cold and she began trembling.


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  1. take it from me woman, never get in the bath of a mysophobic. and so fragrant too ur stinking up the place. probably will have to change the water and scrub real well now

  2. I just love the MC! This story is so freaking fun because of her attitude, lol.

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