Raising a Fox Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 — The Little Fox’s Anger


The fox’s front paws were clawing at the white jade. They wanted to dig out a piece of suet white jade and quietly take it away. After clawing for a long time, it started to hurt. There was only a few scratches on the white jade, none was successfully dug out.

Xiao Xi was tired of the unfruitful attempt and gave a dejected sigh.

Feng Lingran, you are too extravagant and wasteful. Such a waste for the wonderful suet white jade, just give it to me instead!

At least then it would have more value than laying on the ground!

Suddenly, there came the soft sound of footsteps.

The little Fox’s pointed ears moved, and its black beady eyes flashed with guilt.

Wasn’t Feng Lingran called by the emperor’s decree? And she dared to be so crazy as to dig out his suet white jade, how could the proceedings be finished so soon?

The little fox quickly ran and hid in a shadowed corner. The guilty eyes of the little fox was vigilantly angled towards the place where the footsteps were coming from. Seemingly waiting for the best time to slip out without being noticed by Feng Lingran.

If Feng Lingran finds out that she was such a greedy fox, wouldn’t he despise her?

That won’t do. She also wanted to “pick up wealth” at Feng Lingran’s palace. One day she would be human again and she could use the new found wealth to live a better life in the other world!

As the footsteps approached, Xiao Xi saw that it was not Feng Lingran, but a woman. Although she could only make out her side, she could see that the woman was a very beautiful lady.

Who is this woman?

The little fox had a flash of doubt as she saw the woman stood in front of the bath and hesitated for a moment. She then slowly took off her thin clothes and revealed a beautiful white backs. She even has long legs which, with pointed toes, dipped into the bath water eliciting a wave of ripples in its wake.

The little fox instantly feels uncomfortable.

The woman dared to enter Feng Lingran’s bath so boldly and take a bath, she must be Feng Lingran’s woman.

Humph! All of the crows in the world has black feathers, Feng Lingran is no different and is also a lecherous person. Then, was she also such a person for liking him so much?

Of course not!

She decided to abandon Feng Lingran, no more Feng Lingran for her.

He was too much and has hurt her little heart.

The little fox observed the woman soaking in the bath, watching as her jade hand scooped up some clean water and letting it cascade down the supple white shoulder. Her silky black hair fans around her creating a beautiful and heart thumping sight.

The little fox was dazed by the sight and her little heart squeezes painfully. Feng Lingran has such a beauty as his companion, there would surely be a day when he will abandon her who was a mere little fox. She realized that she could not get any of his favor now.

The little fox ran out of the bathroom, and the beauty in the water did not notice. She was still posing in a seductive position, waiting for Feng Lingran to return…

Feng Lingran arrived back at the palace, wearing an official robe, his posture dignified, clear and unparalleled. He came to the room to change out of the official robe and saw the little fox lying on the bed not budging even after hearing him enter. It didn’t even lift its head. He raised an eyebrow at the lack of response.

“Little thing.” he called.

The fox ignored him.

Feng Lingran’s eyes flashed strangely, is this little fox uncomfortable? Why is it laying motionless?

He walked to the bed and stretched out his slender fingers to check the fox.

Who knows…

His finger had not even touched the little fox, and it got up, flicked its tail, and walked passed him, jumping off of the bed as though he had offended it, and even its eyes were too lazy to look at him, it then ran out the door…

Humph! Already has a woman and still wants to mess with her?

No way!

Xiao Xi has probably forgotten, that she is still a fox, but Feng Lingran knowing this, how can he even think of the words “mess with”, especially with a fox no less?


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