Raising a Fox Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 — Discussing Wang Ye’s favor


Mu Qingcheng’s hands trembled slightly, her eyes flashed with a strange light but, soon it went dark again.

“Lu-er, it’s not that I don’t want to discuss Wang Ye’s favor. I have been in the regent palace for so long , and even seeing Wang Ye is difficult, I …”

There was an undertone of sadness in Mu Qingcheng’s voice. She kept the words unspoken for a while and then sighed. “My status and Yun Ni’s are different from each other, unlike her I don’t have any connections that could be of use. Perhaps only by receiving favor from the Lord will I be able to keep my current position, but Wang Ye never came to hear the rain, I really don’t know of a method that I could use to attract Wang Ye’s attention.”

She had been in the regent’s palace for a long time, she was afraid that no one would believe that she had not served Feng Lingran for even a day. She was like a work of fine art and was placed in the Raining Pavilion. Feng Lingran also never came to see her, not even a glance.

She was very proud of her appearance, her figure especially. Many men had been attracted by it, winning their hearts in a heartbeat, but this body that she was so proud of did not enter Feng Lingran’s eyes.

This was the saddest place to be for Mu Qingcheng.

Lu-er sighed and said sympathetically: “Madam, this slave knows that you are a kindhearted master, but someday you will suffer from a loss because of your kind heart. You are now a princess and still haven’t done the deed. If you do this any later, I’m afraid that it will be too late.”

Tears sprung from the corner of Mu Qingcheng’s eyes. She lifted her hand and gently wiped the corner of her eyes, she choked: “Everyone knows this, but won’t it be very difficult?”

Lu-er’s eyes turned cunning, “It’s not difficult at all, as long as madam is willing to fight for it, you can certainly get the Lord’s heart.”

Mu Qingcheng was stunned, her heart fluttered a bit, and she hurriedly asked: “Oh Lu-er, my Lu-er, what is your idea?”

“As long as Madam is pregnant with Wang Ye’s child, you will be invaluable as the mother. Moreover, this will be the first child of Wang Ye. You will surely receive more attention from Wang Ye and also more care. Is Madam still afraid of an unstable status? Maybe… In the future, the position of the regent lady will be yours!”

Mu Qingcheng was at a loss. Although what Lu-er said was true, the problem is … … how can she get Feng Lingran to do it with her?

Feng Lingran’s temper was well known to be as cold as ice with zero tolerance towards women. She heard that the last time a lady accidentally touched the edge of Feng Lingran’s clothes, her hand was crushed and she was then thrown out of the Regency Palace. Since then, no one has dared to even touch Feng Lingran.

Lu-er saw that Mu Qingcheng was still hesitant, she tiptoed and whispered in her ear.

After listening to her words, Mu Qingcheng’s lips trembled and parted slightly. The small fragrant wood in her hands fell to the ground. Two red clouds appeared on her face, revealing a shy demeanor.

“Is this really possible?”

Lu-er nodded in certainty.

“It is well known that Wang Ye is not happy with the current lady. Madame, you must take advantage of this opportunity. Perhaps this time, Wang Ye’s heart will be captured by you. From this time on, you’ll win all your life and become the envy of every woman in the Eastern Jin Dynasty!”

Mu Qingcheng’s cheeks blushed and her eyes flashed with a peculiar light.

When an individual has a strong desire, they will ignore some of the important details, and Mu Qingcheng ignores the fact that Feng Lingran was not fond of women. She naively thought that as long as she climbs into Feng Lingran’s bed, she will be able to have an enjoyable life. Much like climbing a branch to sit with the phoenix*.

As Feng Lingran was out, the little fox secretly slipped into the bathroom to take a look at the flawless white jade on the floor. The little fox almost drooled. This is suet white Jade! How wasteful is it for it to be paved on the ground? If she were to take it to the modern day, she could become the local tyrant!


*This here was a word play because Feng Lingran’s name could also mean Phoenix.


Sellychi: Hello, I’ll be taking over the translation of RFC from now. I would forever thank Oleander and Panda for translating and editing the early chapters because that was how I found the story. Since then I became curious, I went and read the raws for fun and ended up reading until the current update around chapter 800ish. I got to say that the story development so far has been amazing and I love the story to the core. Buckle up people because you’re all going to be on a wild ride 😉

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  1. Don’t understand… why the hell did he marry her in but never touch her because he hates women??? Why marry so many women for, dude?

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