Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 73

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SEG Chapter 4.14 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (14) 

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Before the latest cross-channel update  in《Lingshen》, Su Wan finally rose to level 60. The five-people team sweeping for experience finally had the opportunity to rest. Due to some personal matters, Windless directly logged off. Ice-Cold Small Feet and Fire-Ice Walker both impatiently joined the guild channel to chat with the other guild members. Of course, the main content of the chat was to (harmoniously) tease the beautiful girl.

Ends of the Earth, who spoke little like Windless, simply quietly went to do missions. Him and Ice-Cold Small Feet were both classmates in reality and the degree he knew that guy offline was very detailed.

Su Wan also continued doing some main story missions outside the city. After finishing those tasks that had been put aside for a long time, she went offline early.

Tomorrow was the day when the game system would be updated and upgraded. She can just take a day off.

This was the first time Su Wan went offline earlier than Su Rui.

The temperature in Lijiang City had been getting colder everyday. When Su Wan went to the living room, she saw sporadic snowflakes floating outside the window of the living room.

It’s snowing!

Su Wan involuntarily walked to the window and looked at the fluttering snowflakes in the air, her expression especially tranquil…..

When Su Rui came out of the guest room, he saw Su Wan quietly standing at the window. She didnn’t know how long she had been standing there for, her entire person was brimming with a lonely air.

“Hungry? I’ll ask the chef to come over earlier?”

Su Rui walked to Su Wan’s back and raised his hand to put it on her shoulder while he spoke. Su Wan turned around right at this time: “Let’s go out for  stroll today and casually eat outside somewhere.”

Regarding Su Wan’s proposals, Su  Rui would never reject them. As a result, after the two of them dressed neatly, they went downstairs together. In the vast white expanse of flying snow, the two of them walked on the frigid cold street shoulder to shoulder, the pace slow, the atmosphere harmonious.

After a short walk, the two people’s heads had a sparkling layer of white snow. Taking advantage of the time they were waiting for the traffic lights, Su Rui turned and lifted his hand to sweep the snow off Su Wan’s head. Su Wan similarly stood on tiptoe and swept the snow and Su Rui’s shoulders away.

The two people were leanign very close, the white air they each exhaled entangled. Seeing that Su Wan’s fingers were frozen red, Su Rui couldn’t bear it and used his own large hand to tightly grasp Su Wan’s fingers. 1

Su Wan didn’t say anything, quietly followed Su Rui and let him pull her along the street as he pleased, and let him pull her into a couple’s restaurant.

After Su Rui finished ordering, Su Wan was still quiet.

“You’re really quiet  today.”

Su Rui looked at Su Wan and softly murmured: “Are you worried about something?”

“No, I’m this quiet when I want to calculate against others.”

Su Wan suddenly gave Su Rui a brilliant smile. Seeing her smile, Su Rui also raised his eyebrows involuntarily: “You’ve planned your revenge against Di Shi Tian and Hui Mou Yi Xiao?”

“Yes ah, for the sake of this opportunity, I have been enduring for too long.”

Su Wan single-handedly supported her cheek and looked sideways at Su Rui, who was on the other side of the table: “After tomorrow’s update, Huaxia’s eight major districts will share the news and the First Kill in the underground palace instance would be what everyone will be fighting over for. WIll you participate?”

The underground palace was the new level 60 instance that was released after the previous system update and was 《Lingshen》’s highest-level and highest-difficulty instance.


Su Rui’s gaze flashed and the corners of his mouth tilted slightly: “Why, you want that First Kill?”

“That’s right.”

Su Wan nodded: “I want the First Kill. Of course, what I want the most is the special skill in the First Kill reward.”

“Then I wish you success!”

Su Rui raised his eyebrows at Su Wan, his voice brought some joy.

Su Wan drooped her gaze and lifted them up again after a short moment. Smiling and looking at Su Rui: “This time, I still need you to do me a favor. Of course, you can put forward the conditions.”

“Whatever conditions are fine?”

Su Rui slightly leaned forward, narrowed his eyes and dangerously looked at Su Wan.

Su Wan somewhat fearlessly returned Su Rui’s gaze: “What are you thinking of? Ng?”


Su Rui leaned back on the chair and looked at Su Wan with a face full of helplessness: “Forget it, I can’t think of it now. I’ll talk about it later when I think of it.”


Su Wan gently lowered her eyes, the smilng expression vanished from her eyes. The two of them called for the couple set meal and after they ate, the sky was already dark. The more the snow fell, the heavier it got. The entire street was white.

Coming out from the restaurant, they were welcomed by the biting cold wind and the fluttering snow. Su Rui’s gaze dimmed for a bit, some old, distant memories fuzzily flit by Su Rui’s mind. He suddenly pulled Su Wan’s hand and looked at Su Wan with an ambiguous and unclear gaze: “I’ll follow you back, okay?”

As he spoke, he gently bent down.

Su  Wan didn’t reply and jumped onto Su Rui’s back without a word. Facing the snowstorm, Su Rui was silent the whole way and left a trail of footprints in the snow.

Su Wan pasted her face on Su Rui’s back, a pair of arms tightly hugging his neck. The world was still and Su Wan felt as if she could hear the sounds of Su Rui’s heartbeat.

Time and time again, an especially powerful heartbeat sounded.

“Su Rui.”

Don’t how much time passed when Su Wan lowly spoke. Because her face was buried in his back, Su Wan’s voice was muffled.

“Do you still remember your older sister?”

Older sister…..

A distant yet familiar word.

Su Rui’s steps slightly paused and finally continued advancing in large strides.

“I know, that older sister had already died long ago. ” In the cold wind, Su Rui’s voice was a little dull and low.

After entering the Abandoned Space, he actually looked up the plot of the plane he was in.

“I don’t like Xuan Yuan Rui.The feeling he gives people isn’t good. I only purely wanted to protect my older sister, just like how she protected me when we were children. However, she seemed to not like my protection.” 2

Whe he spoke of his sister, Su Rui looked a  bit sad. His perception was sharper compared to others since childhood. At that time, father was stern, mother was uninterested. The only thing that made him feel warm and comfortable was his older sister’s love and care.

The little Su Rui vowed in his heart to protect his sister well in this life, but later, Xuan Yuan Rui appeared.

Older sister fell in love with Xuan Yuan Rui.

That was a seemingly gentle and scholarly prince. Su Rui didn’t like him. Even Su Rui had already vaguely forseen that his older sister woud never be happy with him.

He tried his best to block his older sister from getting together with him, but as a result….. his older sister began to alienate and be disgusted with himself. His father’s attitude towards himself was even more cold. Even the mother who wasn’t very concerned about him all year round sighed at himself.

Slowly, Su Rui began to give up. He thought that even if he was alone in this whole lifetime, he could still live, isn’t that so?

As a result, in the next few years, Su Rui became more and more indifferent, and more and more merciless, more and more stubborn.


Su Wan appeared.

Perhaps there will be such a person in everyone’s life. He (she) appears inadvertently and quietly leaves, obviously only being in contact with you for a short time, but that split second of throbbing and heartbeat, will make you remember it forever.

Su Wan was such a role in Su Rui’s life.

Su Rui also vaguely knew, that such a person had appeared in Su Wan’s life, and that person, was not him……

BLU: The person that appeared in Su Wan’s life and hurt her was exactly that bastard Xi Ce! Don’t worry, Su Rui! You’ll be together from now on!

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  1. “What are you thinking of? Ng?”

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    but thank god for that revelation, he aint a siscon, clear and sound statement here *wipes of sweat*

        1. Yeah, Su Rui was that world’s Su Wan’s younger brother. Which reminds me, do I need to put an incest tag or something?

    1. Xi Ce is a Plane Restorer and he brought Su Rou out from his previous world into the Plane Restorer HQ, which is where Su Rui also became a Plane Restorer.

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