Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 72

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SEG Chapter 4.13 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (13) 

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In the end, Su Wan still added in Ice-Cold Small Feet and Ends of the Earth into the guild. When he noticed that the two joined, there was a bit of an incident with Windless. Later, Su Wan told him that she knew these two people and they were trustworthy, and Windless didn’t say anything anymore.

Now there were only the 6 of them in the guild. Seeing that Su Wan entered the guild, the happiest person was Dancing Baby. At first, she also wasn’t in the mood to level and bluntly left the team and returned to the main city, and started to use loudspeakers to flood the world channel to recruit people.

The remaining 5 people were just enough to form a small team. Two Mages, two Priests, one Warrior. This was the best configuration for sweeping experience. Besides Fire-Ice Walker, the other four were old players and knew very well how to coordinate with the team. The two man army Ice-Cold Small Feet, who was a Fire Mage, and Fire-Ice Walker divided two roads and begun to lead an infinite monsters. Windless held the role of the MT (main tank) and wasa in charge of fighting monsters and attracting their hatred. The two Priests, Su Wan and Ends of the Earth, were responsible for healing Windless. The five people slowly grinded and their coordination gradually became seamless. After sweeping for an hour, they left the first floor of the underground palace because their level got promoted and entered the second layer of the underground palace……

At this time, Phoenix Dances’ guild channel was also very lively. Because Dancing Baby’s “large-scale project” of constantly using gold coin items to recruit people in the world channel, she actually found a few casual players. When these three players entered the guild and saw that the Guild Leader was Windless, they were dazed. Because Windless had high popularity in the circle of casual players, and now he had created his own guild, everyone was very optimistic on the prospects of this guild. Soon after that, there were sharp-eyed people who discovered that the guild’s Vice-Leader was actually Su Cheng Wan Yue, and everyone immediately started bustling–

Who was Su Cheng Wan Yue ah?

That was the former Vice Leader of Shitian, a person who was on top of tens of thousands of people.

Don’t look at her being turned white 1, it has now once again rushed to level 55! And everyone knows that she still retained the high-level Priest skills she acquired when she was clearing instances with Shitian.

In a moment, the news quickly spread from the newcomers of the guild and very quickly, the entire Huaxia’s District 4 knew that Windless formed a guild and that the guild’s Vice-Leader was Su Cheng Wan Yue!

Wolf’s Fang and Shitian didn’t express anu opinions on this. Seeing that  Wolf’s Fang and Shitian had no intention to investigate, those Guild Leaders of second-line guilds all started to inwardly regret. If they had known earlier that Su Cheng Wan Yue had so easily came out of retirement, they would have taken the initiative to gain an upper hand ah!

As a result, Su Wan’s game mailbox was once again maxed out and Su Wan, who was sweeping experience, had no time to look at it and directly blocked them.

And on the Guild’s side, Dancing Baby, who had become an elder, accepted people until her hand went soft. A first-level guild could only have a maximum of 100 people, so the guild had no vacancies very quickly.

She very contentedly organised everyone to do guild missions together. This would quickly promote the guild to a second-level guild and could also increase the number of members from the original 100 to 300.

Freshly baked guilds are just like newly established chat groups, always very lively. Although they knew that Su Wan and Windless were sweeping experience and had no time to chat, the newcomers in the guild still entertained themselves by chatting extremely happily in the guild channel by themselves.

Ice-Cold Small Feet, who had always liked joining in on the fun, took the gap after a group of monsters were just defeated to sneak a glance at the guild chat channel. As a result, he saw everyone was  happily discussing Su Cheng Wan Yue and Windless’ relationship. All kinds of guesses and al sorts of jokes, and also all kinds of “together” remarks, which made Ice-Cold Small Feet’s foot can’t help but slip, his entire person almost fell to the floor–

A group of mortals actually dared to rashly speculate on their own!

You guys are really tired of living!

Remembering Eternal Night’s Leader who he met once by fate, Ice-Cold Small Feet then turned and secretly sized up Windless. Although Windless also had an outstanding air, in the end, he was young. He didn’t have any momentum and if he were put together and compared with Night Rain, he would be completely overshadowed. 2In addition, Ice-Cold Small Feet heard what his older brother said last night, that their Guild Leader was getting more and more “frenzied”  and if these people’s thoughts were known by Night Rain, Ice-Cold Small Feet feels that these people will die very miserably, very miserably, miserably……

The 5-person team kept sweeping the second level of the underground palace and logged off at night. Su Wan was now already level 57, Fire-Ice Walker was level 56, Ends of the Earth and Ice-Cold Small Feet also stepped into the ranks of level 60, Windless was level 59 and was still a large chunk of experience short of ascending to level 60. The 5 people agreed on a time to go online tomorrow and went offline together.

Sweeping a day’s worth of experience today, Su Wan kept supplying  a high-intensity output through the game connection capsule. Su Wan’s face was a bit pale.

I have to say, in this mission world, not only was she this ex-girlfriend’s hardware not up to standard, even the software was a lot worse than Su Rui.

This kind being online continuously at high-intensity was not something that ordinary girls could afford.

Because she was too tired, Su Wan filled up the bathtub with hot water and planned to soak in it to recover from her fatigue, but in the end, she soaked until she unwittingly fell asleep…..

when Su Wan woke up, she realised that she had already returned to her bedroom bed and she had changed into a pair of clean pyjamas, and Su Rui was lying on her bedside, her hand still being tightly held by Su Rui.

Su Wan didn’t take out her hand. She just turned her face slightly and borrowed the weak light from the bedside lamp to quietly look at Su Rui’s sleeping appearance.

The tranquil posture when he fell sleep was like an innocent man, which was hard to imagine because he used to be a evil homicidal maniac.

Or perhaps… Su Rui’s world, right and wrong, good and evil, have always been particularly simple and pure. He would exhaust everything to protect what he loved, and as for what he hated, he would exhaust all means to destroy it and make it disappear from sight.

Su Rui, if you can always be like this, it would be very good!

You shouldn’t like me, I’m not worthy of your affection. 3

Su Wan felt that she didn’t deserve Su Rui’s infatuation. She was ot a pure person. She had done a lot of unscrupulous things that were contrary to her conscience and when she did those things, it was not as simple and straightforward like Su Rui. Her heart was dyed pitch-black a long time ago, a black that couldn’t be washed off no matter how hard you scrub.

I am not happy, so I don’t want to make other people happy.

This is me, Su Wan.

Su Wan softly sighed, but the faint sigh could not escape Su Rui’s sharp ears. He slowly woke up and his hazy eyes looked at Su Wan.

“You’ve woken up?”

Su Rui lifted his hand while he spoke. The big, slender and powerful hand naturally stroked Su Wan’s long hair.

In this world, Su Wan’s hair was black and straight, and was particularly smooth to the touch.

“Thank you.”

Su Wan didn’t avoid Su Rui’s hand. On the contrary, she thanked him in a low voice.

“You’re too tired, you need to rest.”

Su Rui didn’t like hearing Su Wan say “thank you”. He concentrated his gaze, his tone especially earnest: “I know you’re very capable, Su Wan. But in the online world, your skills and talents are subject to objective conditions. Now is not the time for you to show-off, you still have me, depending on me for everything is good enough.”

“I won’t rely on anyone.”

Su Wan’s gaze cooled and looked at Su Rui, her tone became somewhat piercingly cold: “But, I can exploit anyone.”

In this world, except for herself, she couldn’t depend on anyone else. Because when relying on a person became a habit that you can’t drop, that person will become your whole life.

You will be happy when he’s happy, sad when he’s sad.

When one day, when he leaves without looking back, who can you depend on?

That kind of despair, Su Wan has experienced before, an experience that was engraved in her bones and heart.

She admits that she is a coward. Because she was ruthlessly hurt before, the her of now wasn’t brave enough to belive in any feelings, nor was she willing to invest a little bit of her sincerity.

She has long been afraid….

Being indifferently stared at by Su Wan, Su Rui merely uncaringly smiled: “It’s also okay if you don’t rely on me. You are welcome to exploit me any time. If you want, please be sure to exploit me forever.”

No matter how she pretended to be indifferent and inhumane, Su Rui, who had always had supernatural and formidable perception, Su Rui caught the fear and apprehension in Su Wan’s mood in that split second.

She was afraid of his approach, she was apprehensive of this feeling.

This made Su Rui feel somewhat distressed.

Sometimes, we meet the wrong person at the right time.

And at the wrong time, you will run into the truly right person by the works of demons and gods. And at that time, do you still have the strength and courage, to bravely love once again?

Moths dart into a flame, at the expense of their life. 4

If that moth also had the chance to be born again, will it still throw itself into a sea of flames without hesitation?

BLU: Oh my, is that the sound of my heart breaking and crying?

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  1. What worse is, you will never know what if you didn’t risk running into that open flame. Just never do the things you regret. And if it doesn’t end up the way you hoped for, at least you won’t regret not knowing how it would’ve ever turned out. If you love, you never have to throw yourself head over heels right away. A mature love deepens over time. The love that burns strong & extinguishes quick is merely a puppy love or the infatuation of the feeling of love. Where to which I’m still puzzled over why Su Rui is so drawn to her. They didn’t know each other THAT long in the first arc, especially as half siblings, there were no events or reasons for him to fall for her this strongly

  2. I totally agree with what Su Rui says.. Sometimes we meet the wrong person at the right time and meet the right one at the wrong time making us afraid to love again ????????

  3. This is foreshadowing that they gonna have an undying love. Because that moth is programmed to love light, but now it has learned its lesson and won’t be chumming up to the wrong light.

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