Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 74

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SEG Chapter 4.15 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (15) 

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The cross-regional channel of 《Lingshen》 that was the centre of attention millions of people finally opened. When Su Wan went online again, the world channel was in full swing with everyone discussing on which distinguished guild from a major district will take the First Kill in the Underground Imperial Palace instance. But after the news on  the First Kill became common, no matter which guild gets it, it would be a great honor.

When Su Wan went online, she saw that Windless was online too. She immediately contacted Windless and talked about that instance. Regarding the Underground Imperial Palace instance, Windless was still unfamiliar with it. Because he’s never entered it before, he didn’t know how troublesome it was inside. Windless was full of confidence in the next instance. He immediately pulled together the team. It was still the original 5 people. When everyone followed the leader and transferred to the instance entrance, Fire Ice Walker was immediately shocked by the vast crowd and Dancing Baby, who transferred over using a scroll to join in the excitement, widened her eyes even more and couldn’t help but exclaim “My god!” “Heavens!” “Oh my god! How are there so many people?”

Right now, the elites of guilds whose names could be called out were basically all present. In the middle of a large group, Di Shi Tian was still the most eye-catching, and Hui Mou Yi Xiao was following Di ShiTian by his side, holding a bottle of yoghurt drink with small penguins painted all over it and drinking it with relish with a muddle-headed face.

That was a special item in 《Lingshen》which enriches blood. On ordinary days, very few people use it to supplement their blood, but this thing seemed looked cute, so it was very popular among young girls.

As for Hui Mou Yi Xiao, who had already not been a young girl for a long time, actually had this “innocent and artless” face, Su Wan only wants to laugh.

“Big sister Wan Yue?”

I have to say that between woman to woman, especially between a current girlfriend and an “ex-girlfriend”, it seems that there is a sense of telepathy. Su Wan merely glanced at Hui Mou Yi Xiao from within a large crowd and was immediately discovered by the naturally “muddle-headed” Hui Mou Yi Xiao. She loudly called out and smilingly bounced to Su Wan: ” Big sister Wan Yue, did you guys also come to do the instance? But this instance is very hard ah!”

Listen, how amiable she calls out, how sweet her voice was, but you’re actually mocking that we overestimate our capabilities ba?

And speaking so loud too, you’re afraid that others wouldn’t know that  I’m here, right?

Su Wan lazily raised herr brow and sweeped Hui Mou Yi Xiao a glance, her tone as nonchalant as before: “If I remember correctly, I’m one month younger than you.” 1

Hui Mou Yi Xiao:…….

Right now, many people in the surroundings were attracted by Hui Mou Yi Xiao’s “Big sister Wan Yue” and even more busybodies promptly seamlessly neared and wanted to watch at Di Shi Tian’s “new flame and old love” have a catfight at a closer distance.

Unfortunately, Su Wan’s reaction was too aloof and also one month younger than you and whatnot, Goddess Wan Yue, you’re simply too…..nonchalantly adorable.

Hui Mou Yi Xiao was really a month older compared to the original Su Wan, only, Su Wan’s momentum was too strong normally and Hui Mou Yi Xiao liked to play innocent, previously causing everyone in Shitian Guild to feel that Hui Mou Yi Xiao was younger than Su Wan by a lot.

Being ruthlessly slapped in the face by Su Wan right now, Hui Mou Yi Xiao once again adopted the most commonly seen pitiful look on normal days, and seeming as if she received an enormous wrong, faintly stuck up her red lips, reddened her eyes, even her voice was trembling: “Actually Wan Yue jie, no, actually, younger sister Wan Yue being younger than me, I didn’t know this whole time.”

Su Wan really didn’t like to see her miserable look and turned around wanting to leave, but Di Shi Tian had walked to the two people’s side. Seeing his treasured baby’s grievance filled face, Di Shi Tian’s face immediately darkened. Looking at Su Wan with an ice-cold gaze: “Wan Yue! Don’t bully intolerably! I already let you off lightly, don’t force me to ruthlessly kill!”


Su Wan somewhat amusedly turned her head and gave Di ShiTian a glance: “I haven’t done anything to your woman yet and yet you’re so anxious to show your loyalty or whatnot ah! Wait until the day I turn her white and you look for me for revenge, and also….welcome you to kill me, I — will wait!” 2

As she spoke, Su Wan gave Di Shi Tian and Hui Mou Yi Xiao a laugh, and bypassed the two people without consulting anyone. The four people at the side silently caught up with her. And Dancing Baby who stood at the back to watch the excitement this whole time because she didn’t need to do the instance, happily arrived before Hui Mou Yi Xiao and spoke with a face full of seriousness: “Auntie, in the future can you not wantonly pout and act pitiful? You at this age are really not suitable to sell meng!” 3

Hui Mou Yi Xiao: …….

Di Shi Tian: …….

Public onlookers: Could this be the legendary….. God-filled knife? 4

Time passed bit by bit and the troops at the entrance of the instance got less and less. Everyone was racing against time and also had to simultaneously constantly pay attention to the other major districts’ news on the world channel–

【District 1】Maple Wood World: The First Kill must be ours, District 1, District 1, number one under the Heavens!

【District 4】Most Virtuous Like Water: Roll away District 1! With our boss Di Shi Tian, how can you guys cooly take it away!

【District 6】Beautiful Woman: Oh my, hey, what is Di Shi Tian’s ranking in Huaxia’s ranking ah? If it were not for our family’s Leader-daren not being interested in this instance, you guys would be dead!

【District 2】Into the Brothel at Night 5: Beautiful Woman upstairs, is your family’s  Leader the legendary Huaxia’s number 1, Night Rain?

【District 1】Maple Wood World: Night Rain is only one person. The Underground Imperial Palace is a team instance, looking at team strength. What’s the use of ferociously mouthing off? If you have the ability, then you will take the First Kill!

【District 6】Beautiful Woman: Maple Wood, moderate you rmouth a bit, could it be that you want to duel? Come come come, come to the neutral map. If I, this laoniang doesn’t kill you 100 times, then I will use your surname! 6

【District 4】Fire Ice Walker: This instance is so simple ah! We’re already going to finish it!

【District 6】Beautiful Woman: Whose family is this, choatically entering?

【District 6】Ice-Cold Small Hands: …….

【District 4】Most Virtuous Like Water: Fuck, will you die if you don’t brag ah! Finish hitting, what nonsense! Our guild has already reached 40% of progress. This is definitely the fastest speed in the entire Huaxia District!

【District 1】Maple Wood World: So pompous, tongue not afraid to leak information ah? Whose family’s child is this ah, actually speaking without thinking!


Because Fire ice Walker and Ice-Cold Small Feet only needed to attack the final BOSS in the instance from afar, due to boredom, Fire Ice started to look at the world channel. As a result, he saw a large group  of people discussing the Underground Imperial Palace this instance. Who Night Rain was, Fire Ice Walker did not know, but he saw Shitian Guild’ people in the world channel and instinctively felt uncomfortable. So he casually sent a sentence and this one sentence of Fire Ice Walker made him the target of everybody’s oppression.

However, the focus of Fire Ice’s attention at this time was abviously not on these.

“Small Feet, that Ice-Cold Small Hands is your elder brother?”

Very obviously, Fire Ice Walker only noticed ‘Ice Cold Small Hands’ that ID.

“How many times have I told you, don’t call me Small Feet, call me Liang ge! Ice Cold Small Feet a the side couldn’t bear but to howl this sentence.

“Both of you, be more serious a bit!”

Seeing the two people actually being distracted, Ends of the Earth at the side couldn’t help but to warn them. The two of them immediately kept silent and single-heartedly fought the BOSS.

In fact, it was the first time the 5 of them entered the Underground Palace and had no knowledge of the traps in the labyrinth. Because there was Su Wan this director who was very familiar with this instance’s strategy, they smoothly disposed of small monsters the whole way and left the labyrinth to face up to the final BOSS. Because the time the five people took to discuss was not short, it was very smooth when they were fighting the BOSS.

10 minutes later, the BOSS was fought till he only had 5% of health left without a hitch and Su Wan who had been restoring Windless’ health this whole time suddenly shouted: “Wait for the moment when the BOSS has the last 1% of health left, everyone, don’t use skills, all change to physical attacks!”

The BOSS in this instance was actually not too hard to fight. The only abnormal area was when it only had the last percentage of health left, once it is attacked by magic, it will be violently magnified and instantly heal to 80% health!

When they heard Su Wan, evevryone was well aware of the situation and couldn’t take their eyes off at the BOSS’ health bar. When they reached 1%, everyone switched over to physical attacks and the BOSS’ health began to slowly decrease by the second, -80, -85, -90.

8 minutes later, the figure of the dead King of Kings fell to the floor with a loud bang and became a large mound of glittering spoils of war and at the place he originally stood tall and upright, hovered a golden skill book —

Special Skill【Forced Ressurection】 Occupation Restricted to Priests.

At the same time, the world channel in all regions of the eight major regions of Huaxia flashed a row of gilded characters simulatneuously —

World Announcement: Congratulations to Huaxia District 4’s Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven Guild for accomplishing Underground Imperial Palace First Kill! Team members who accomplished the First Kill — Windless, Su Cheng Wan Yue, Ice Cold Small Feet, Fire Ice Walker, Ends of the Earth!

The large glistening words fluttered in midair, floating before all the players, flashing 3 times in a row!

Sure enough, important things must be said three times!

【District 4】The Matrix: Damn! Damn! Damn! It’s our guild! Am I dreaming?

【District 4】Dancing Baby: Of course you’re not dreaming, what is the First Kill in the district! Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heavenis recruiting new people again! Enter the guild and presented with a First Kill, controlling and ruling the entire server is not a dream!

【District 4】Most Virtuous Like Water: Your mother, it must be the way I typed wrong on the world channel today!

【District 1】Maple Wood World: You’re not the only one!

【District 6】Ice Cold Small Hands: Congratulations!

【District 4】Lone Wolf: …….

It has to be said that right now, Lone Wolf’s heart is very tangled. Originally, he also knew that his guild would have no chance to compete for this First Kill, but in any case, they also had to go all out ba!

Although he did not have a good impression of Di Shi Tian, but for the honor of District 4, Lone Wolf still hoped that Di Shi Tian will achieve this First Kill.

As a result, he opened the beginning of the story, but he didn’t correctly guess the ending —

The First Kill was District 4’s, but it did not belong to Shitian, it, belonged to Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven!

An unknown, small guild.


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  1. “Auntie, in the future can you not wantonly pout and act pitiful? You at this age are really not suitable to sell meng!”

    DANCING BABY STRIKES A FATAL BLOW!! what’s this “First Kill” nonsense? A far more noteworthy kill happened before the competition even began.

  2. Lol. What a good face slapping! Though my favorite is “Auntie, in the future can you not wantonly pout and act pitiful? You at this age are really not suitable to sell meng!” I’m curious though, doesn’t anyone questioned why Su Wan knew the information that she shouldn’t know? Doesn’t anyone think that’s weird? Thanks for the chapter desu~

  3. World Announcement: Congratulations to Huaxia District 6’s Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven Guild for accomplishing Underground Imperial Palace First Kill! Team members who accomplished the First Kill — Windless, Su Cheng Wan Yue, Ice Cold Small Feet, Fire Ice Walker, Ends of the Earth!

    District 4, right?

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