Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 64

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SEG Chapter 4.5 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (5) [Not proofread]

In the world of 《Ling Shen》, in addition to the major guild organizations, there were many private teams and online game studios, but most of the studios were largely based on their interests. Fighting over BOSSes, manipulating things from the backstage, murdering for money. For them, these kind of things were things that they commonly did, and it wasn’t like they’ve never used equipment cheats. 1

However in 《Ling Shen》, when online games become infinitely close to reality from virtual, many studios in this world could only make progress with great difficulty and did not dare to be rashly impudent.

After all, no matter how many bad things you did previously, no one would know who you are. Even if you were male or female, there was no way to verify it. But here, everyone shows their real face to others. You cannot set up a nickname and alter your ID. 2 If a person’s reputation was smelly, he really will be unable to continue mixing around in this world.

However, there were exceptions to everything. Among numerous online game studios, there exists such an exception. They were Hurricane Studios. Rather than saying they were a studio, it would be better to say that they were a small team.

The leader of this team was Zhizun Wushang (Supreme Emperor). The members were Ningmeng Bu Suan (Lemons Are Not Sour), Heng Dao Lima (Swift Cross Blade) and Lingdu Ranshao (Zero Degree Combustion). 3

Their studio were previously famous for murdering for money in every major game. Nowadays, in 《Ling Shen》, the four of them still did not vanish. Those who go leveling alone and some members of small guilds regarded these people from the studio who always fought over BOSSes with both love and hate. Hate because of their shameless behaviour and love because in this age where all the major guilds occupied all the highly-dense leveling points, only Hurricane Studios could survive in the difficult situation. You only need to have money and they can bring you to level up and take you to fly. Soaring to level 30 in a day was not a dream!

Su Wan also valued this point, so she decided to join Hurricane Studio and cooperate with Supreme Emperor.

In the current situation, only Hurricane’s people had the ability to help her regain her level within a short time. As long as she regained level 45, she could use the Resurrection skill and also wear high-leveled equipment. Then, Su Wan didn’t need to be afraid of those who hunted her.

Of course, the original Su Wan who was hunted before also thought of hiring a studio to bring her level, but at that time, the wind was so strong that no one dared to go against the kill order to help her. Also, the average studio was not an opponent for two major guilds. In this region, the only one who was not afraid of the two major guilds was Hurricane Studio.

Although Hurricane had few people, every one of them were elites. Four people were the were famous figures in the region’s rankings and their boss Supreme Emperor was the region’s top assassin. Such an assassin who could go invisible and stealthily move to kill people alone, and also has a high-level priest by his side at all times to provide assistance, the two people’s combination was flawless. Even if they encountered this region’s number one Di Shi Tian, there would be a war for power. As for people from other guilds, because they feared Supreme Emperor’s assassination, they would peacefully interact with Hurricane Studio as much as possible in times of no conflict.

Of course, this was not to say that Hurricane Studio was unequaled. Only, the leaders of major guilds had to attend to numerous affairs everyday. Who could throw in all their time and energy into a small studio?

In this regard, Supreme Emperor was still very self-aware. So when he saw the cover letter in the mail that Su Wan just sent, Supreme Emperor’s instinct was to refuse. However, he saw the additional expense with her upgrade costs on the back of the letter, Supreme Emperor’s heart moved.

He checked the deposits in the bank card and the large figures in the account made him alarmed. At that time, he only realised that Su Cheng Wan Yue was really putting down her capital!

If there was money and the person doesn’t make a profit, then that person’s a fool!

So now, Supreme Emperor took the initiative to invite Su Wan to join. Since he agreed to her request, then from this moment on, she was a member of Hurricane Studio and for the following week, all members of Hurricane Studio only had one task, which was to bring Su Wan to level!

With the Supreme Emperor and his team, Su Wan’s road to upgrade became very smooth.

At this time, the new instance was just released and every leader of the major guilds were vigorously organizing forces to explore the instance. Even if people discovered Su Cheng Wan Yue’s figure, no one had the free time to kill her.

And at this time, Di Shi Tian and Hui Mou Yi Xiao were in the middle of cultivating their feelings. He had already thrown Su Cheng Wan Yue to the back of his mind long ago and Shitian Guild’s new vice-leader Morning Breeze Waning Moon couldn’t bear to watch Su Cheng Wan Yue get hunted down, so the matter of her returning to the game was suppressed by Morning Breeze Waning Moon and Di Shi Tian did not know at all…….

In the blink of an eye, it was the weekend. Right now, Su Wan’s level had already returned to level 45. This was the advantage of entering the game later. When the game just opened its service, there were few monsters and lots of people, so everyone leveled up while exploring. Quite a few people stole monsters and stumbled to level 30, but now that there were high-level troops to bring oneself to clean up monster spawn points and level, gaining experience like flowing water, you could practically reach level 30 in a day.

Naturally, after reaching level 45, Su Wan’s leveling speed slowed down. She calculated the amount of experience a few people gained and if she wanted to ascend back to level 50 in the shortest time, there was only one way — sweeping the Millennium instance area!

In the game, the Millenium instance was relatively medium-end among the small instances and normally needed a team of five people. Of course, there were also a team of two who worked well together and had the best equipment, or one person sweeping it alone. 4

These few days, Su Wan used her forging skills to craft a set of level 40 Priest equipment, her whole body +8. 5 In the same level, it was considered good equipment and she previously received a lot of rare skills which can be used now. For example, the Resurrection skill, Defensive arts and Weakening skills. These were quite practical skills, especially the weakening skill when dealing with BOSSes which often have effects that couldn’t be ignored.

And after Supreme voiced his ideas, Su Wan used the transmission array to directly transfer to the entrance of the Millennium instance alone. Right now, the level of the majority of average players was around level 50, so the area of the entrance to the Millennium instance was very lively.

Su Wan leisurely walked into the crowd and did not attract anyone’s attention at first, but she hadn’t walked to the instance NPC when she walked face first into a familiar figure–

White Wolf, level 60 Assassin, Wolf’s Fang Guild’s elder. 6

The assassin, who had a wan smile on his face, harboured some evil intentions. He was that assassin who hunted her when se first entered the task world.

“Su Cheng Wan Yue?”

At this time, White Wolf naturally also saw Su Wan’s figure. He was slightly stunned and subconsciously threw an appraisal skill on Su Wan–

ID: Su Cheng Wan Yue

Gender: Female

Occupation: Priest

Level: 45

Affiliated Guild: None

Good and evil value: -798

The good and evil value in this game was based on the number of people you killed in this game. Every time you kill a person, you lose one point. It accumulates this way and each point of evil value can only be removed by being online for an hour. Su Wan had been often been online recently and she hasn’t killed anyone in a long time, so her good and evil value gradually decreased. Even so, there was still 700 plus evil points. From this, it can be seen that when the original was in Shitian Guild, she killed so many people like sesame!

“You seem to be getting by very idly recently.”

White Wolf faintly licked his lips and looked at Su Wan with malice. Just now, he called her name in a very loud voice, so right now, the eyes of the surrounding people fell on Su Wan.

Facing White Wolf’s provocation and other people’s gloating look, Su Wan’s gaze deepened: “Good dogs don’t block the way!”

“Su Cheng Wan Yue!”

Enraged by Su Wan’s words, White Wolf lifted his arms and blocked her way again: “Are you courting death? Do you believe that I will immediately call the troops here and turn you back to level 10!”

“You Wolf’s Fang people also know how to bully people with numbers and especially like bullying women, right?”

As she spoke, Su Wan ooked at Whit Wolf before her with disdain: “Do you dare to 1V1 me in the arena?”

To not give in to a fight, this was Su Wan’s code of conduct.

“What’s there to be afraid of?”

White Wolf this person was still conceited as ever. Hearing Su Wan’s words, he immediately opened a room in the arena and directly tossed Su Wan an invite.

“If you can beat me, I will never bother you again from this moment on!”


Hearing White Wolf’s words, Su Wan merely smiled. She immediately pressed ‘Accept’ and both their figures directly transferred to the arena.

《Lingshen》’s arena was a place where everyone learn from each other by exchanging pointers. You will not lose experience if you are defeated here and the person who wins will not have their evil points increase because of murder.

Seeing that the two people really entered the arena, the rest of the onlookers were not willing to be left behind and entered the arena to watch….. 7

【The Second】

BLU: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Go and get your ass kicked you bastard wolf! б(*`・´)∂

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  1. About your comment number 5: +8 is probably the number of times that she improved each gear… if I say it wrong, please correct me <3

  2. TN 5, it’s about her armor enchantments, for game equipment, not only do you require a high rate grade you also gotta enchant it to buff the status of your gear piece. Tbh, it’s puzzling why there’s no level lock on PK, like you’re not allowed to kill players that’s 15+ below your own level. So they can recover with time. ALSO also also, bullshit set up of the company to be so realistic with the one time account and no do-overs. It’s a game gdi, you play MMORPGs to escape the mundane and live differently to your real self that’s bound to a shit game called life where you can’t perform above nor below average. ([No game no life] kind point of view) as well as the mass ganks, it interferes with players game experience which should be normally against terms of service of your average game company out there.

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