Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 63

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SEG Chapter 4.4 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (4) [Not Proofread ☆=(ゝω・)/]

With Su Wan’s participation, the process of the original small three person team killing the BOSS became very smooth. When the tree demon BOSS was worn down till the last sliver of health, a dialogue box suddenly popped out before Su Wan–

Wufeng (Windless) invites you to join his team. Join? Yes/No. 1

Wufeng was the ID of that warrior. He has never said a word. He was obviously a young boy, but he was unusually calm.

Berserker, Wufeng.

The information about this person flashed past Su Wan’s mind. In the original story line, Wufeng made great contributions to the entire Huaxia region in the cross-regional battlefield. He was a Berserker whose awareness and operations were very difficult to deal with. Only, in the original plot, he always moved alone and didn’t join any guilds, and have also never joined any studios or teams.

This kind of person was worth to make friends with.

Su Wan hit “Yes” and after she joined the team, that small wild BOSS’ health bar went empty. The huge body fell to the ground and splashing up dust. Following that, spoils of war filled the ground. Besides the most common silver coins and medicine, there were three pieces of equipment-

One was a level 15 blue assassin’s armour, one was a level 18 blue warrior’s shield, and the last one was a mage’s hand guards which was even a good quality purple equipment!

This kind of drop rate was already considered pretty good. Su Wan felt that their team’s character was still very good.

“Wow! Purple equipment!”

Binghuo Xingzhe picked up the purple equipment without regard for others and put it into his storage. Because the lowest level of a purple equipment was level 20, he couldn’t wear it now since he was only level 15.

Wufeng seemed to be accustomed to his casual manner and turned around to pick up the warrior shield. Immediately after, he lifted his eyes and looked at Su Wan standing to the side: “Wan Yue, you can’t use any of these equipment and I’ve collected them. How about I give you gold coins of equivalent value?”

In 《Ling Shen》, 1000 silvers were equal to 1 gold coin and now, the currency exchange value between the gold coins in the game with real world money was 10 gold coins equalling 1 yuan.

Later, with the gradual improvement of the game system, the world of 《Ling Shen》will become the second world of humanity. Not only would the gold coins here be more valuable than real world money, even the real estate and stores in 《Ling Shen》will be more sought-after and expensive than the ones in the real world.

Hearing what Wufeng said, Su Wan just smiled. She can see that Wufeng was a RMB player. 2 Otherwise in the increasingly difficult environment later, he wouldn’t be able to keep going on alone.

“I’m also not short of money. Besides, I also didn’t contribute much. We can just make friends ba!”


As she spoke, Su Wan faced them and sent the three of them friend requests. Waiting until they confirmed, Su Wan then unhesitantly withdrew from the team.


Wu Baobei who seemed to have been dazed this whole time finally returned to her senses and loudly called Su Wan: “Idol, how are you only level 15?”

Actually, ever since Su Wan joined the team, Wu Baobei had been lost in thought. When she saw Su Wan’s level in the level column, Wu Baobei didn’t dare to believe it–

In her mind, her idol-daren should be the first priest in the region ah! If she wasn’t level 60, she should be level 55 ba!

What the hell was with that level 15?

Su Wan’s departing footsteps did not stop: “It’s nothing. Killed by enemies until level dropped, that’s all.”

The light wind left this sentence behind and Su Wan left without turning back.

“This time, I owe you a favor.”

In the friend column, Wufeng silently sent this sentence. Su Wan glanced at it and closed the chat box.

She wasn’t someone who liked doing good things.She helped them today was certainly because she wanted to make Wufeng owe her a favor.

Looking at Su Wan’s departing back, the three people were stunned for a while and after half a day, Binghuo Xingzhe suddenly yelled: “Aiya! I remember! Didn’t I say yesterday that I had a classmate whose older brother was in Shitian Guild who could give us a recommendation to join? I think I heard him say that there had been huge changes in Shitian recently and it had something to do with Su Cheng Wan Yue. You guys wait for me to ask him.”

Binghuo Xingzhe immediately opened his friend column, clicked on his friend’s icon and started chatting with him. A moment later, Binghuo Xingzhe’s face became very strange: “Biaoge 3, Xiao Wu, that brother of my friend said that Su Cheng Wan Yue already quit Shitian. Furthermore, recently, Di Shi Tian and Du Lang issued a killing order for her for a period of time. All those who had taken the killing order could automatically receive the bounty from the notice as long as they drop Su Cheng Wan Yue a level.”


Di Shi Tian, Du Lang?

Weren’t those two people sworn enemies?

Wufeng pondered for a bit, his brows unconsciously wrinkled. He had played game before but he wasn’t that committed. These years, the only thing that made him really interested was 《Ling Shen》. In fact, according to Wufeng’s personality, he didn’t like being restrained. He didn’t plan on joining any guilds but his younger sister was really fond of Su Cheng Wan Yue. This time, he brought his younger sister and his cousin to enter the game together, and originally planned to enter Shitian Guild as per his younger sister’s wish, but he didn’t expect that such a thing happened in Shitian.

Along with Binghuo’s story, Wu Baobei was also aware of the complicated four-way relationship between Su Cheng Wan Yue, Di Shi Tian, Hui Mou Yi Xiao and Du Lang.

After generally understanding the matter, Wu Baobei immediately indignantly brandished the priest staff in  her hands: “Bully people too much! A bunch of bastards! Actually dared to bully my idol-daren! Brother, brother you are the best, you must help my idol-daren take revenge!” 4

Take revenge?

Look for level 65 Di Shi Tian? Or looked for level 64 Du Lang? Or perhaps look for Hui Mou Yi Xiao who was already level 55?

It seems that right now, Wu Baobei seems to have forgotten that her big brother was only level 15?

“Let’s hurry up and level first ba. The favor I owe her, I will pay it back.’

EzoicAfter Su Wan left, she didn’t know that those three already automatically considered themselves as part of Su Wan’s camp. Now, Su Wan’s experience was at 80% and she thought of waiting till she was level 16 before entering Longcheng to see the situation. 5

It was at this moment when a familiar cold draught of air suddenly attack from behind–


Back Stab skill!

There’s an assassin!

Su Wan’s body tensed. Even if she was wearing a long priest’s gown, she still cleverly dodged and the cold dark weapon drew a line at the corner of her robe. Even though it only rubbed her a bit, Su Wan still lost 999 health. Right now, her character’s health bar halved ll of a sudden.

Su Wan quickly threw a primary cure skill at herself and a fluorescent light enveloped her body in the next second.

Advanced Heal skill!

A woman in white priest’s gown slowly walked out from behind a tree at the side and the elegant robe automatically fluttered. 6

Ningmeng Bu Suan (Lemon Is Not Sour), level 60 priest.

Su Wan recognised this woman before her. The robe she was wearing was called the Light of Faith. At present, there was only one piece in the whole region. In the past, Su Wan brought people from Shitian to the instance for 3 days and 3 nights to sweep it. But it was such a pity. After she was chased by Di Shi Tian and Du Lang, this equipment dropped. Didn’t expect that it would be tossed around and appear on Lemon Is Not Sour’s body. 7

“Long time no see.”

Lemon Is Not Sour wasn’t an extremely pretty woman. Her body brought a kind of arrogant and unapproachable air and right now, her voice was also cold. Not much emotion could be seen on her ordinary face.

“Emperor, your wife’s face is this paralyzed. What do you think?”

Su Wan merely smiled at Lemon Is Not Sour. Immediately after, she turned around and looked at the assassin behind her, who just shown himself.

Supreme Emperor, Huaxia fourth region’s number one assassin.

He was currently wearing the most top-notch black assassin outfit. The weapon that just attacked Su Wan was Supreme Emperor’s special hidden weapon, Night’s Breath. 8

Hearing the ridicule in Su Wan’s tone, Supreme Emperor merely slightly raised his eye: “Haven’t seen you for some time and you learnt humour. It seems that leaving Di Shi Tian that guy 9, your IQ has also recovered a lot.”

Su Wan declined to comment and merely steadfastly gazed at Supreme Emperor’s grave and stern face.

Supreme Emperor raised his eyebrow at Su Wan and immediately threw her a team invite. Only after Su Wan joined the team did she realize that there were another two people in the team–

Swift Cross Blade, level 62 Warrior.

Zero Degree Combustion, level 63 Mage.

Right now, the other two people were not on the same map as them. The two people’s icons were gray, but you could message them in the team panel–

Swift Cross Blade: Welcome to Hurricane Squad.

Zero Degree Combustion: Goddess Wan Yue, seeking for protection!

Lemon Is Not Sour: Quiet!

Zero Degree Combustion: Wu wu wu, sister-in-law is so fierce. I’m so scared! Goddess Wan Yue, seeking for comfort!


Su Cheng Wan Yue:……..


The Second

BLU: Can I just stop translating that last part? But what if it means something that we won’t get until the very end?? That would mean that I’d have to go through all the chapters and *pauses* Sigh.

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