Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 65

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SEG Chapter 4.6 —The God of Online Games is Spoiling Me (6) [Not proofread ☆=(ゝω・)/]

The tournament room that White Wolf chose was the simplest arena room. It was a square ring with nowhere to hide. Such a room was actually disadvantageous for assassins to PK, but in White Wolf’s eyes, he had a 15-level suppression and his equipment was a lot better than Su Wan’s. So even if Su Wan was a priest who had skills to return her health, it was still very easy to kill her with his firepower.

When the countdown ended, White Wolf immediately turned on his stealth, but against his expectations, the first thing that Su Wan did was to throw out a light bullet skill. This low-class priest’s skill was currently the only attack skill. It didn’t have much power but it hardly had any CD (cool down) period and also, the casting time was the quickest. So when the match started, Su Wan grabbed the offensive. Her light bullet skill interrupted Du Lang’s Stealth!

The battle-hardened White Wolf was also not at all flustered when he saw that his Stealth was interrupted. The Blood Dome Sly Edge that was dipped in poison drew a dark green line and went straight for Su Wan– 1

Assassin’s high-level skill Cold Blade. Once you get hit by it, in addition to the most basic physical damage, the target will be marked and for the next 10 seconds, the target will be in a poisoned state and continuously loose health.

An assassin’s sensitivity have always been the highest in the five occupations and White Wolf’s physical fitness was much better than ordinary people’s. Su Wan merely saw a trace of a green shadow. The next moment, White Wolf’s was already right in front of her eyes.

Su Wan sent out a light bullet in that instant. Making use of the time where White Wolf was blinded by the white light, she retreated at lightning speed. While retreating, she put the Deceleration skill to good use and after 3 seconds, White Wolf rushed before Su Wan when the Deceleration skill happened to start up. White Wolf’s movement immediately became sluggish. Su Wan took advantage of this opportunity directly cast a Weakening skill on White Wolf. Taking advantage of the declined attributes from the Weakening skill, Su Wan freely used the Light Bullet skill– 2

– 200, – 200, – 200, – 200……..

As the level increases, Light Bullet’s damage increases. 3

A few seconds passed and White Wolf’s was hit until his health dropped by a small amount of 1000. His health bar still had 4700!

At this time, White Wolf’s face became more pale. Under everyone’s gaze, 1000 of his health was knocked out from her continuous attacks. For him, this was an unprecedented disgrace! 4

Anger surged and White Wolf immediately launched the Assassin’s signature skill to snipe. Once hit by this skill, then body paralysis for 5 seconds will follow!

The attack that White Wolf launched this time was fast and did not give Su Wan time to dodge. The moment White Wolf’s attack was right before her eyes, Su Wan managed to put up a light shield in time. This was one of the Priest’s life-saving skills. The light shield could absorb a certain portion of the damage towards the caster and was immune to the instant death effect!

Once White Wolf attacked, he approached Su Wan and seeing that she was dizzy,White Wolf’s face displayed a hideous grin. In the next 5 seconds, he used all his attack skills on Su Wan–

– 720, – 680, – 900……

As a level 45 Priest, Su Wan’s health bar only had 3000 points. Being hit by White Wolf’s continuous attacks for 5 seconds, she relied on the light shield’s Instant Death Immunity and finally, only 270 points of health remained.

“It’s over!”

White Wolf’s cunning steps almost rushed before Su Wan, their bodies very close. 5 Right now, White Wolf’s attack skill’s CD (cooldown) time hasn’t passed, but he was certain that he could use physical attacks to end Su Wan’s small life. But at this time, Su Wan suddenly tilted her body forward and White Wolf’s wrist just happened to rub against Su Wan’s chest. In that instant, it was as if someone used a Paralysis skill on him, his whole body stood frozen in place. The Blood Dome Sly Edge in his hand was only the last few millimeters away from Su Wan’s body!

The entire arena was in an uproar. Most people widened their eyes and didn’t understand what happened as they stared at the current situation. Could it be that Su Cheng Wan Yue received another new Priest skill again?

It doesn’t look like it ah?

Of course, not everyone did not understand what happened. This, some male players express, cough cough, encountering this kind of thing, we can only sense and cannot speak ah!

Right now, White Wolf’s stiff body, the expression on his face was as if he was struck by thunder. In his mind, a certain mechanical system sound also brought along an ice-cold echo–

Player White Wolf maliciously touched a female player’s body! The system gives a level 3 warning! 6

Because 《Lingshen》exactly emulated holographic games, in order to protect the relatively disadvantaged female players, they especially added this “Beware of salty pig’s hand (pervert)” hidden system. 7 Once a male player touched the female player’s secret parts, they would immediately be warned by the system. Their whole body will also be paralyzed for 5 seconds!

Of course, this was the lightest penalty. If it happened a second time, the penalty will double. If someone had evil intentions and wanted to assault others, the most serious case would be being blacklisted by the system. In this life, they would not be allowed to re-enter the world of 《Lingshen》.

Regarding this hidden system, most people did not know about it and it was introduced on the official website, but with the increasing number of people in the game, this system will no longer be a secret. Moreover, after the system update, the system will appear even more to protect the privacy of players.

Taking advantage of the time White Wolf was paralyzed, Su Wan gave herself several continuous Heals. After that, she aimed at White Wolf again and threw out Light Bullets–

– 200, – 200, – 200, – 200……

Watching as Su Wan’s health was restored to more than half and his own health drop by 1000, White Wolf also wanted to cry but he had no tears ah!

Priest this occupation really make people annoyed ah!

When PK-ing at the arena, other occupations cannot use items to restore their health but Priests could restore their health to save themselves ah!

Checking the CD of his attack skills, the instant his skills were restored, White Wolf faced Su Wan and charged over…..

The two people fought for several minutes. Su Wan had the time to restore her health and, because her movements were nimble and her perception was particularly sharp, it caused White Wolf to fail his surprise attacks several times. By the time the arena’s 5 minute countdown ended, both of them were still alive. As a result, the system automatically declared Su Cheng Wan Yue the winner based on their remaining health!

When the two people were sent back to the entrance of the Millennium instance, White Wolf ferociously looked at Su Wan: “You played tricks! Do it again!”

“If you’re a man, you can afford to lose, unless, you admit that you’re not a man?”

Su Wan raised her eyebrows at White Wolf and her body faced White Wolf and leaned over. This time, it was as if White Wolf was frightened and quickly dodged out of the way. Seeing that he wasn’t blocking her way anymore, Su Wan quickly trotted to the NPC and took out the item to open the instance. Her figure flashed and her whole body appeared in the instance the next moment…..

“Damn it!”

White Wolf, who was thrown outside, looked at the entrance of the instance. Finally, he bluntly looked for a place to sit down. He was going to wait her and didn’t believe that Su Cheng Wan Yue could stay in the instance and not come out!

Meanwhile, it was unknown who did it but White Wolf and Su Cheng Wan Yue’s arena PK video was recorded and uploaded on the official forum for 《Lingshen》.

Su Cheng Wan Yue, who disappeared for many days, has returned to Fourth region, PK White Wolf did not fall!

Just the title had already attracted a lot of attention and among the vast number of onlookers who carefully watched the tournament, someone soon found the moment of White Wolf’s abnormality. After that, there were players who anonymously logged in to explain to outsiders what the “Beware Of Perverts” system was. After the player who did a good deed and explained left without leaving a name for himself, the entire post began to skew towards a bizarre direction–

Onlooker A: White Wolf actually dared to touch the Goddess’ chest! Truly perverse! I just want to say some words to him — put it (your hand) down, I’ll go!

Onlooker B: Upstairs +1

Onlooker C: Upstairs +10086

Onlooker D: A bunch of perverts! What’s so good about Su Cheng Wan Yue? Great God White Wolf, I want to give birth to your son! 8

Onlooker E: ……..

《Lingshen》, Huaxia Sixth region.

These few days the new instance was open, the entire backbone of Eternal Night Guild were occupied with reclaiming land at the instance, but Su Rui had been hiding out at the level 70 area alone to train. Now, he could already cast ice spells especially skillfully and effortlessly. In an unnoticed corner, Su Rui was still trying to combine his Qinggong with the game’s skills and the results of his experiments was not bad.

After fighting monsters for a day, looking at the almost full experience bar, Su Rui felt satisfied and took out a scroll to return to Eternal Night’s Guild Station in the city.



Seeing Su Rui, who was dressed in a blue mage’s robe, walk through the entrance, the huge “Region’s First” title really blinded people’s eyes.

Ice-cold Small Hands, who was responsible for managing the guild’s logistics warehouse, laughingly gave Su Rui a greeting. Seeing that Su Rui’s face was still expressionless, he did not get angry. Instead, he immediately began to type to gossip in the guild chat–

Ice-cold Small Hands: Leader is back! There is an iceberg president releasing cold air all the time, really makes people feel that this summer is really awesome ah!

Cloud Poet: Small Hands! You’re a guy. Is it really good to be smitten like this?

Beautiful Woman 9: Although Lun Jia is a fujoshi, Lun Jia will still not support you secretly falling in love with Leader-daren! Leader-daren is so aloof. Scramble mortal, do not dream!

Ice-cold Small Hands: I was wrong, I am guilty! I only wanted to be a man like Leader, that’s all!

Beautiful Woman: There is no hope for you in this life. Get a good birth in your next life first!

Ice-cold Small Hands: Beautiful, even if there were thousands of mountains and rivers between us, I will still feel the thick malice coming from your heart!

Beautiful Girl: Small hands, be good. Big sister has now already transferred back to the city! Can immediately be near the Leader-daren! Hou hou hou! 10

Awe-inspiring Evil: You guys are so noisy! Give me some quiet already!

Melancholy Sheep: Awe-inspiring Elder Brother, you came out from the arena ah! Did you see the official forum just now?

Awe-inspiring Evil: ??

Melancholy Sheep: Su Cheng Wan Yue returned! Just now at the Fourth region’s arena, she PKed with White Wolf at the arena!

Awe-inspiring Evil: Really?

Night Rain: Really?

Beautiful Woman: ??

Melancholy Sheep: ??

At this moment, Ice-cold Small Hands finger’s were typing in a message when he slowed– Your mother! The Leader-daren, who never spoke in the Guild chat, actually showed up today!

Was it true? Was he alive?

Beautiful Woman and Melancholy Sheep were ignorant, and Ice-cold Small Hands subconsciously turned his head to look at Su Rui, who was sitting at the other side of the station and was concentrating on typing. At this time, a new message appeared on the guild channel–

Night Rain: What happened to Su Cheng Wan Yue?

Actually, the original Situ Ye was a very introverted person, so he never chatted with other people in the chat room and Su Rui did not like lively people. After he became Situ Ye, he still maintained Situ Ye’s habit. Only, in the chat room’s settings, Su Rui set the four words “Su Cheng Wan Yue” as keywords. Once someone mentions Su Wan’s name, his chat box would automatically appear!

– – – – – – – – – –

The Third

BLU: Wew~ I hope Su Rui meets up with Su Wan soon uwu. Just like the previous chapters, I haven’t proofread this yet! I’ll do it after I finish the arc! (<- This lazy bum is procrastinating)

If there are any mistakes, please do tell me! ^^ Good night~!

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