Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 17

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SEG Chapter 2.2 — The Ninth Nightmare (2)

The ninth nightmare, this is a world where horror is everywhere and is also the kind of story world where the male leads upgrades by defeating demons and eventually wins over the beauty.

In this world, Yi Zi Xuan, who has the golden finger of turning back time, would escape from the dreamworld by the skin of his teeth each and every time. This would also make Meng Ting Yao, this flower of the department, who always had her eyes above her head, look at him differently.

As the ex-girlfriend of Yi Zi Xuan, Su Wan was just a small cannon fodder in this world.

It’s said that heroes love a beauty and the most beautiful person among the nine people was, naturally, Meng Ting Yao. The beginning of he plot was when Yi Zi Xuan’s roommate, Chen Yu Feng paid and organized this time’s spring outing in order to pursue Meng Ting Yao.

The two dormitory rooms were originally eight people but because Chen Yu Feng’s driving skills weren’t good and the others did not have a driving license, so he asked his childhood friend, Qi Mu to help drive.

Both Qi Mu and Chen Yu Feng came from wealthy families and often play together. Knowing that Chen Yu Feng wanted to play around with the department flower, Qi Mu naturally happily joined in on the fun. After seeing Meng Ting Yao himself, Qi Mu also thought of making a move on her.

However, Qi Mu was four years older than Chen Yu Feng and was now working in his family’s company. Compared to several college students, naturally, he knew how to disguise himself better.

When Chen Yu Feng was fawning upon Meng Ting Yao, Qi Mu had a gentle face and got closer with Su Wan as a cover. Who made Su Wan’s appearance second only to Meng Ting Yao among the four girls ne?

Although the original Su Wan was a little vain, she wasn’t a girl who would scheme. During the trip, she and Fang Tian Tian just sat at the first row behind the driver, so she and Qi Mu simply chatted along the way.

Until they entered the first dreamworld, Su Wan and Fang Tian Tian was trapped in the middle of the woods. The first person they met was also Qi Mu. After personally experiencing series of frightening illusions, the three people finally met up with the others. But everyone didn’t expect that after everyone just gathered, the true terror would descend upon them…..

In the first dreamland, one person died.

Everyone thought that they were simply dreaming until the second dream came. They gradually recalled their memories of the first dream in fear and were told to find the culprit that was hidden among them……

“Su Wan, what happened to you?”

Fang Tian Tian saw that Su Wan was lost in thought. The cowardly her couldn’t help but cautiously and solemnly tug on Su Wan’s sleeves and asked her question in a low voice.

“I am fine.”

The complicated look in Su Wan’s eyes gradually disappeared.

The person who died in the first dreamland was exactly the cowardly Fang Tian Tian. 1

And the second person to die, was Su Wan. 2

In fact, Yi Zi Xuan, who had the ability to turn back time had the opportunity to save Su Wan, but a moment of hesitation lead to Su Wan’s death. The second dreamland just directly ended and dissipated….. 3

“Let’s walk ba! The day is quickly turning dark. We should meet up with everyone as soon as possible before it’s dark!”

Regarding Fang Tian Tian who shared the same fate with her, Su Wan put on a very gentle manner.

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Fang Tian Tian bobbed her head in agreement and immediately followed after Su Wan.

Originally, everyone was coming for a spring outing, so the both of them were wearing sports shoes. Rushing about in this mountain forest wouldn’t be too hard on them.

Based on the direction of the sun, Su Wan roughly estimated a direction to walk in and brought Fang Tian Tian towards the north.

This part of the story was not mentioned in the archive of the original world’s story line. It was only casually mentioned. Who has the leisure to care about the adventures of two cannon fodders a?

Because it was like this, Su Wan was especially cautious about their each and every move. According to her deductions, in the first dreamland, Fang Tian Tian was probably killed in this time period!

Because it was just the two of them at this time, the possibility of danger was particularly great.


Su Wan recalled that when she woke up, the back of head ached and her whole body was covered with dust. Fang Tian Tian’s body was especially clean in comparison and there weren’t any scars or bruises at all on her body.

Perhaps, from the very beginning, Fang Tian Tian already died?

This kind of possibility also existed.

Thinking of how the cute and charming younger sister beside her that tugged on her sleeves could be a blood-covered ghost with broken limbs, Su Wan’s back subconsciously straightened.

The sun gradually set, only the staggered breaths of Su Wan and Fang Tian Tian resounded in the quiet mountain forest.

The two people didn’t know how long they walked. The mountain forest seemed as if it was limitless, as if they couldn’t ever get out of it no matter how much they walked.

There was only a bottle of water left in the backpack. Fang Tian Tian, who lost strength in her whole body and couldn’t walk anymore, just sat under a big tree: “Su Wan, I can’t walk anymore!”

Fang Tian Tian’s feeble voice carried a hint of despair: “Su Wan, we won’t be trapped here till we die, right? I’m so scared.” 4

“Don’t speak such ominous words!”

Su Wan stopped her steps, took her phone from her pocket and had a look at it. At 6:48 in the afternoon the phone still had two bars of battery life but there is still no signal in this place. 5

“Tian Tian, let’s just stop here first….”

Su Wan hadn’t finished speaking when a black shadow suddenly appeared from thin air and suddenly approached her—-


Fang Tian Tian, who was sitting at one side, cried out in fear. At her cry, Su Wan wasn’t flustered and lightly dodged the black shadow.

Flap flap, with the gust of wind, the black shadow quickly flew away.

“Su Wan, are you okay?”

Fang Tian Tian, who was still badly shaken, immediately rushed to Su Wan’s side.

“I’m fine.”

Su Wan got up. She raised her hand and lightly rubbed her face, her brows scrunched up in a frown.

“Ya! You’re bleeding!”

At this moment, Fang Tian Tian realised that Su Wan’s face had a red welt: “Was it that monster that bit you? Su Wan are you really okay? Is there any poison?”


Su Wan felt speechless. Suddenly, a laugh sounded not far away in front of the two people: “What monsters could possibly be here? It was just a bat that flew past just now. The wound on her face should’ve been from being scratched from the small pebbles on the ground.”

The glow of the evening sunset was already covered by the dense layers of branches and trees. In the middle of this thick and dark forest, a slender straight figure leisurely appeared in their line of sight.

Qi Mu’s appearance was not particularly pretty but had a little elegance. Paired with tasteful casual wear and an indifferent smile on his face, he had a slight air of a handsome yuppie.

“Big brother Qi!”

Seeing Qi Mu’s figure, Fang Tian Tian’s tone changed. After walking for so long, they finaly came across a living person!

Qi Mu rushed to Fang Tian Tian with smile and walked to Su Wan. He elegantly squatted and looked at her: “How did you put yourself in such a difficult position/ embarrassing situation?”

His tone was not considered soft but a hint of care can be heard.

Not eagerly attentive but just enough so that you’ll notice it.

There’s no choice but to say that in front of girls, Qi Mu was a womanizer. He was particularly skilled in this business.

“But the skin has been broken so your looks have been destroyed.”

Su Wan took no notice of it and fished out a clean napkin to wipe the bloodstain on her face. She subconsciously raised her hand to throw away the blood-stained napkin, but she hesitated and calmly put the napkin into the small bag that she always carries with her.

Qi Mu kept secretly looking at Su Wan. Seeing her little movement, Qi Mu’ gaze slightly flashed and the next moment, his expression changed into an indifferent smile: “I also haven’t met other people on the way. It’s really great to see the two of you. Let us three people go look for them ba? I guess that other people should be in this forest.”


Hearing Qi Mu’s suggestion, Fang Tian Tian immediately happily nodded her head. After that, she hesitated a bit: “This forest is way too big. How are we supposed to look for them?”

“When I was coming over earlier, I saw a piece of open space not far away in the northwest. The day is already dark. We should go to that open space and light a fire. If the others are nearby and they see the fire, they will naturally come to us.”

“Big brother Qi, you’re so smart!”

Hearing Qi Mu’s suggestion, Fang Tian Tian’s gazed sparkled and looked at Qi Mu with adoration while on the other side, Su Wan still remained expressionless.

Light a fire?

Are you really sure this is a good idea and you’re not courting death?


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