Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 16

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SEG Chapter 2.1 — The Ninth Nightmare (1)

As she opened her eyes in the warehouse, Su Wan did not immediately get up, but instead subconsciously rubbed her shoulders lightly.

Very sore.

When she was leaving, the expression on Su Rui’s face as if he was near insanity still remained fresh in her memory. Su Wan clearly understood that if the body she possessed didn’t disappear, then Su Rui would break the body. 1

Just like right now, she clearly returned to her body but her soul still felt the pain.

Su Wan stood up and dispersed the pain in her heart. At the same time, she habitually reminded herself that the world has passed and that the people in that world had no connections with her anymore.

Over the years, she had waked through various planes of existence and her heart had long become extremely numb.

Su Wan was more clear-headed than anyone else. She knew that she would not stay in any of the worlds for a long time, so she should not have any feelings for anyone in any of those worlds.

Including affection, friendship, love. Regarding those, she considers them the most wasteful/ extravagant thing.

Returning to her own residence, Su Wan took a comfortable bath and changed her clothes. Then she lied down and slept on the big bed that she hasn’t seen in a long time.

In fact, the time they lost here and the time in each task plane were not the same. She stayed in the Great Xia Dynasty for a few months but the amount of time that passed here was only one day……

After she had enough rest, Su Wan examined the communicator on her wrist to see her current score. 123,400 points.

The accumulated points is her foundation where she can establish herself on. The rank of every department was determined based on the grand total of accumulated points. These points can also be used as currency to buy anything that they needed for completing the mission in the task planes.

This time, Su Wan collected 10,000 points for cheap. She quietly calculated the price of the thing that she needed. The happy expression that she had on her face because she collected 10,000 points collapsed. It seems that with the points she had now, she only had a fraction of the amount needed to buy the thing she wanted.

It seems as if she needed to exert herself even more to earn points!

Thinking like this, Su Wan immediately opened the Plane Destroyer’s Headquarters on her communicator and looked at the newly refreshed list of tasks. She inquired about all the tasks related to the “ex-girlfriend” tag in the list and finally, Su Wan still chose the task with the highest amount of points.

The Ninth Nightmare.

“I’ll take this then!”

After clicking on the chosen task, all the information related to the Ninth Nightmare was transmitted into Su Wan’s communicator.

Number 003, the task was received successfully.

Please proceed to the plane to execute the task within two hours.

Almost at the same time that Su Wan successfully received the task, the Ninth Nightmare mission also popped up at the Plane Restorer HQ that was only a kilometer away from the Plane Destroyers’ HQ….. 2

The Ninth Nightmare. It was a kind of nightmare world.

The story began with Yi Zi Xuan, an ordinary college student.

Yi Zi Xuan looked dashing and handsome but the condition of his household was average. After being with his girlfriend for a year, they parted due to the two of them having different values.

After the two broke up, Yi Zi Xuan was hit hard by the breakup. In the state of losing his rationality, he wanted to smash the jade pendant that he originally bought for his girlfriend. Who would have thought that he would accidentally smash his finger and his blood dripped onto the jade pendant. Then, that magical jade pendant unexpectedly attached itself to his skin. Since then, Yi Zi Xuan had the ability to go back in time. Although, at the start, he could only go back 10 seconds in time, it was still absolutely amazing.

After obtaining the ability, Yi Zi Xuan started to change into an influential figure in the school. From a person who was unknown to the public to being liked by many female students.

Yi Zi Xuan’s ex-girlfriend didn’t expect that her ex-boyfriend would suddenly become popular. Though she had some slight regret in her heart, she still had her own principles and insisted on not grazing on old grass. 3

In this way, more than half a year passed. In order to pursue the flowers in the department, a rich second generation by the name of Chen Yu Feng, who was Yi Zi Xuan’s roommate, organised a spring outing to strengthen the bonds of friendship. For this networking event, exactly nine people joined. Those nine people took a commercial bus and originally wanted to go to the forest park on the outskirts of the city. However, they encountered a major traffic accident on the way there and the car could only make a detour. In this way, they lost contact with the outside world and entered the world of the Ninth Nightmare.

In the first layer of the dreamworld, they went through experiences together that made them fearful, and finally everyone woke up in the vehicle and realized that they had a really long dream.

But was it really just a dream? 4

It was unknown why but the path to the spring outing seemed to have become so far away that it seemed to take forever to reach it. Every two hours, the people in the bus would fall asleep without notice and would enter the next layer of the dreamworld.

In the second layer of the dreamworld, the nine people were informed by a voice that among them was a person that already died in the first layer of the dreamworld and the world where they eight living people were in was the nightmare world of that ninth person. That person (ghost) would kill in this world….

Dreams come one layer after another, who can live till till the ninth layer of dreams?

Who can escape layer upon layers of murderous intentions to see the coming of another day?

“Su Wan! Su Wan!”

The crisp and melodious voice carried a hint of fear. Suddenly it was near, then at the next moment it was far away.

Su Wan slowly opened her eyes and the pallid face of a young girl came into view.

“Su Wan, you’ve finally woken up.”

When the young girl saw Su Wan wake up, she immediately tensed up and excitedly stretched both her arms and hugged Su Wan: “Just now you really frightened me to death la!”

“Tian Tian?”

Su Wan looked at the person in front of her with some uncertainty. The young girl in front of her eyes was wearing azure sportswear and carried a small cute bear backpack. Her name is Fang Tian Tian and just like her name, she looked like a sweet girl.

Fang Tian Tian and Su Wan were fellow university classmates, and the both of them lived in room 503 so they were also roommates.

There were four people in each room of the university dormitory. The other two residents of room 503 were called Bai Xiao Yue and Meng Ting Yao. Bai Xiao Yue’s birth was rather complicated and her temper wasn’t too good. She also wasn’t popular in the dormitory while Meng Ting Yao was the flower of the department. Not only was she pretty, she also came from a wealthy family and was even the top female student.

In short, Meng Ting Yao public enemy of female students.

Under these circumstances, Fang Tian Tian and Su Wan became sisters who had the best relationship in the dormitory.

“Tian Tian, I……what happened to me?”

Su Wan exerted herself to rub the back of her head: “I remember that we were in the commercial bus?”

“I also don’t know a!”

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Fang Tian Tian’s complexion went even more pale. She always had a small courage and liked to follow Su Wan in whatever she did.

“Su Wan, did we……encounter something evil?” 5

Fang Tian Tian was especially low: “Do you still remember that we encountered the scene of a traffic accident on the mountain path not long ago?”

Although the scene was already blocked off by layers of blockades, the distance between the bus from the scene was also really far but Fang Tian Tian still saw a lot of blood on the ground and was especially terrified.

“Tian Tian don’t panic, how can this kind of thing happen in this world?”

Su Wan turned her face away and stood up. She realised that right now, she and Fang Tian Tian were in the middle of a mountain forest with beautiful scenery.

Based on the original owner’s memory, she was sitting on the bus and was listening to a song with Fang Tian Tian but after waking up again, she came to this strange place…..

That’s right, they have already entered the world of the Ninth Nightmare.

And all the sights in front of Su Wan tells her that she should be at the first layer of the nightmare.

In this first layer, one person will die, and that person is…..
Author’s note:
A new chapter open, dang dang dang dang!

It’s getting dark, please close your eyes~

Ferocious ghosts are striking, people (ghosts) are fighting, in the end, will the ferocious ghosts or human feelings be more dangerous?

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