Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 18

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SEG Chapter 2.3 — The Ninth Nightmare (3)

Although she knew in advance who died in the first layer, Su Wan still didn’t dare to be the slightest bit negligent. In this world, anything could happen. She could know the plot in advance and use the plot to her advantage. If she can do that, then couldn’t others do the same?

Su Wan still treated Qi Mu with some caution and kept him at arms length. This man gave her a bad feeling. In the original story, he was also a big, two-faced villain that even caused the death of half of the nine people.

When the plot progressed to the fifth layer of the dreamworld, Qi Mu, who was proficient in calculations, found that there was a certain pattern in every dream, and that each layer would have a death quota.

Yes, no more and no less than one person!

9 layers of the dreamworld, 9 people. Only one person can live to reach the last layer alive.

Ever since he knew that this pattern had potential, Qi Mu started to wittingly or unwittingly mislead and frame others to protect himself. In the end, he even began to kill his companions.

Of course, an accident occurred when he was trying to kill Yi Zi Xuan. The moment when Qi Mu was going to kill him, he rewound time. Later, he held the initiative and he controlled Qi Mu……

With Qi Mu leading them, the three people finally arrived at the empty piece of land that he mentioned. Looking at the pile of dry firewood on the edge of the open space, Su Wan looked at Qi Mu in doubt: “Big brother Qi, did you prepare these?”

“Yes a!”

Qi Mu nodded unconsciously: “I originally still wanted to check for more in the woods but I ended up running into the both of you. However, these firewood should be enough.”

As he was speaking, Qi Mu squatted down and fished out a lighter from his pocket with well-practiced movements.

Seeing him gracefully show-off some tricks with the lighter, Su Wan couldn’t be bothered and turned a blind eye to it, but Fang Tian Tian, who never schemes, kept staying by Qi Mu’s side, looking at him with a look of worship.

This little girl who doesn’t scheme is the easiest to confuse by using appearance.

After a while, Qi Mu already raised a large fire and the three people surrounded the bonfire. The orange bonfire in the flickering shadows in the night really made people feel a lot warmer. Even the chill that was accumulated in the heart seemed to gradually disperse.

Fang Tian Tian and Su Wan were sitting at one end of the bonfire. The two of them leaned their back against each other. After a short while, Fang Tian Tian’s breath evened out and she fell asleep.

Su Wan was not tired and sleepy one bit. However, seeing Qi Mu keep calmly observing her and Fang Tian Tian from the other end of the bonfire, Su Wan simply closed her eyes and not long after that, she fell asleep.

Seeing that the two people had already fallen asleep, Qi Mu stared at the bonfire for a while. Then, he very cautiously got up, turned around and walked deep into the woods. 1

After Qi Mu’s figure disappeared, Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes held no trace of sleepiness.

It’s so late, what is Qi Mu doing alone? Why must he wait till she and Fang Tian Tian fall into a deep sleep before he left?

Su Wan’s hand gently rested on her backpack and opened the zip. She took out the napkin that she used to wipe her face earlier in the evening from a small inside compartment.

As expected…..

Staring fixedly at the wrinkled napkin, Su Wan’s face somewhat ugly.

“Su Wan, you’ve woken up?”

Qi Mu’s voice suddenly sounded from behind Su Wan. She pretended that she was frightened and tightened her grip on the crumpled napkin in her hands. Her face turned pale and she slowly turned around: “Big brother Qi! You scared me! How did you run to behind our backs?”

Qi Mu’s face was somewhat awkward: “That….I went to the toilet and then I got lost. Damn, when night comes, this place becomes a high-level maze a! Really can’t find the way.” 2

“Oh, really?” 3

Su Wan’s face also displayed an awkward expression: “Actually, I also need to…..go to the toilet.”


Qi Mu slightly lowered his eyes: “That, don’t go too far. Rest assured, I won’t…. won’t peek at you.”

After speaking, Qi Mu went back to where he lied down earlier. As if he was afraid that Su Wan wouldn’t feel relieved, he covered himself with his coat and turned his back to Su Wan.

Su Wan looked for her cellphone from her backpack and used it as a flashlight. Then, she strolled into the woods behind her.

The mountain forest seemed like a huge, black creature at night. It doesn’t know when it will open its bloody mouth. Actually, Su Wan did not want to solve physiological problems. She just didn’t want to make Qi Mu suspicious. 4

After walking a few steps in the woods, Su Wan stopped and sat on a rock on the side. She looked at the screen of the cellphone which emitted a faint white light. Su Wan subconsciously looked at the time. Unexpectedly, it was already 10:50 at night and the cellphone battery still had two bars.

Just as Su Wan was staring at the screen of her phone, the screen suddenly changed and the ear-piercing ring startled her, almost making her throw away the phone!

The ring continued, sharp and jarring.

The screen displayed the caller’s name. Unexpectedly, it was Fan Shu Jun!

Fan Shu Jun and Yi Zi Xuan stayed together in room 503 of the male’s dorm. When Su Wan and Yi Zi Xuan were together, she saved his number.

In the original owner’s memory, Fan Shu Jun was an inarticulate otaku. On ordinary days, the biggest hobby on weekdays was to hole himself up at home and play games in his bedroom, or form a group with Qin Lu, who stayed in the same bedroom, to spend a night at an Internet cafe.

This was the standard game otaku, who was also one of the nine people who came to the spring outing.

Su Wan’s gaze flashed. She saw that her cellphone still had no signal, but the number flashing on the screen of her phone is telling her that what was happening right now was not an illusion.

“Wei! Fan Shu Jun?”

With no time to hesitate, Su Wan immediately connected the call.

“Sha sha sha, sha sha sha.” 5

Bursts of strange rubbing sounds came from the receiver, making a person’s back go cold.

“Fan Shu Jun, is that you?”

Su Wan’s grasp on the cellphone tightened and couldn’t help but ask another time.

“Ninth……the ninth…..the ninth…..”

A constrained and hoarse male voice came out intermittently from the receiver. Su Wan couldn’t even judge whether it was Fan Shu Jun’s voice or not, but she couldn’t help but ask: “What is the ninth?”

“Meng……meng…..a! Creak, crunch……” 6

The sound coming from the phone began to become strange and hair-raising.

Su Wan still maintained the phone call, but she felt that Fan Shu Jun’s breathe gradually disappearing.

Du du du……

The phone call disconnected and Su Wan fixedly stared at her phone screen. The whole screen changed back to how it was before. There was still no signal, still had two bars, the time…..was still 10:50! 7

BLU: ……..the end was pretty creepy huh? What’s with that ‘shashasha’ sound?! How eerie! Also, what’s that creak & crunch sound?! Don’t tell me,….. he’s getting eaten???? *sweats* (・Θ・;) (;゚д゚)

Also, this is totally gonna ruin the mood, but at the ‘Du du du’ part, my derp brain suddenly played that ddu du ddu du song. Ahahaha~ ╮(*´∇`*)╭ 

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  1. I thought the ghost or creature already got hold of MC’s phone, also what’s up with the handkerchief?

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