Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 137

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SEG Chapter 7.10 – Misplaced Daughter

Su Yu’s death was officially identified as a gas explosion. Su Haicheng received only a bunch of ashes that could not be identified. He did not question anything about the event of Su Yu’s death. After all, Su Yu has hidden herself very much. And well, Su Haicheng always thought that his nephew was just a doctor with profound medical skills.

In places not reachable by Su Haicheng, the Interpol headquarter’s reward for the killer code-named “Scorpion” was revoked overnight, and the reward was credited to a Huaxia secret account that day.

Well, this bounty is the first money our general Su earned in this world — a full one million dollars reward!

It turns out that Su Yu’s life is worth the money?

But General Su is very dissatisfied with this!

Playing with the encrypted version of the communicator that came from Su Yu’s home, Su Rui’s eyes flashed and flashed-

How much bounty would he get if he killed the entire assassin organization? Or would simply replacing Su Yu to join the organization, and taking on more missions in the organization make more money?

This was really a difficult choice!

Regarding General Su’s struggle, Su Wan just wanted to say one thing: All the rewards will be seized and confiscated! A man who doesn’t give his money to his wife is not a good man ~

“Of course, the financial power of the family must be given to the wife.”

Naturally, Su Rui did not hesitate to turn in his reward, but Xiao Yiyi, who saw his elder brother and elder sister-in-law who had been lovey-dovey on the sofa for a whole day, finally couldn’t help weakly raising his hand: “Brother, can I say something?”

Ignored people can only use this method to find the feeling of existence.


Upon hearing Xiao Yunyi’s voice, Su Rui immediately looked up at him: “Yunyi, you also want money?”

Su Rui was not disgusted at this nominal younger brother of his. If he really wants money, Su Rui would never refuse.

“N- no!”

Hearing what his elder brother said, Xiao Yunyi immediately desperately waved his hands, then he raised his phone in front of Su Rui and shook it. A rare serious expression appeared on that chubby face of his: “Brother, Director Qi has made about a dozen phone calls and asked us to hurry back to finish up the play, or we will be charged a penalty! ”


Su Rui only then remembered that he had left the film crew, it seems that this film crew is still a billion-dollar production, and the penalty was not small?

Thinking of this, Su Rui groaned and lowered his eyes, and his fingers subconsciously twirled the ends of Su Wan’s hair: “Wife, what do you think?”

Always listening to your wife’s arrangements. General Su, you really are a proper slave to your wife!

“Yunyi, you go back.”

Su Wan, who was lying on Su Rui’s legs, didn’t even raise her eyelids and answered without hesitation.

Xiao Yunyi: Ying ying ying, this adorable thing was disliked by the sister-in-law, definitely must have been disliked, right? Sure enough, being a light bulb is shameful ~ 1

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Xiao Yunyi was sorrowful, but Su Rui on the sofa flashed his eyes. Forgive him, for the past few days, his mind was full of his wife, and he has forgotten about the rest of the world.

According to the mission story that Su Rui knew, the Xiao brothers had been developing in the entertainment industry, and it was this movie that was being shot now that will make Xiao Yunyi famous overnight! In the original plot, during the filming of this movie, the actor who played Male No. 3 had a serious car accident halfway through the filming and could not complete the filming. At that time, Director Qi could not find a suitable actor. At this time Xiao Qi took the initiative to recommend his younger brother because at that time, Xiao Yunyi happened to be the body double for this Male No. 3! The well-known Director Qi would never noticed someone who was obscure, and only the back of the martial substitute was exposed in front of the camera. This time, he really had no other way, so he promised to let Xiao Yunyi try a few shots. After putting on the outfit and coming out of the dressing room, the entire studio’s staff were stunned — this baby face was specially made for the role of the Male No. 3 of this movie, right? It’s a god’s reconstruction! Director Qi made the final decision on the spot and replaced it with Xiao Yunyi, and Xiao Yunyi, who has been a martial substitute for many years, was not frightened in front of the camera. The two sides cooperated very happily for the first time. When the blockbuster movie was released at the end of the year, most of the audience went to watch the famous director’s production which starred Film Emperor Tian Hou as the leading role. This movie was called “Chaos of the Imperial Capital”. To summarize, it was about changes at the treacherous Imperial Palace. Male No. 1 was the Crown Prince who was planning to set the country on the right path, and the Male No. 2 was the Second Prince who always lost to the Crown Prince and could be described as cruel and scheming, but in the end, what impressed the audience was the Sixth Prince who had the least scenes —

The first time he appeared, he was wrapped in a furry, snow-white fox fur coat. Paired with that innocent baby face, it made people feel pity at first sight.

He was the son of a Palace maid, always being bullied and humiliated in the Imperial City, but a bright smile hung on his every day.

Such a naive and cute child who would always surround the Crown Prince and call out “Elder Brother Crown Prince”, soon captured the hearts of most of the female audience.

However, the next plot rapidly changed, and the East Palace caught fire late at night, and the Crown Prince was attacked by an assassin in the palace!

When the Female Lead – daren came to escort and used the sword to lift the cloth off the assassin’s face, everyone went stupid.

The Sixth Prince who wore all black still had that baby face, but at this moment, his eyes were inhumanely indifferent.

“Big brother Crown Prince, are you hurt?”

It was still that soft voice, but coming out of his mouth now, it was frighteningly as cold as ice.

Trouble arises within the family, brothers murder in cold blood, this was precisely the sorrow of the Imperial family.

When many people were sympathising with this role, the sixth prince gave everyone another surprise when the film was nearing its end –

At this time, the Second Prince’s rebel army were already in the city, and he controlled a portion of the Crown Prince’s forces. He thought that this time, he could force his way into the Imperial City in one fell swoop, but the blaze brightly burnt in the night and a large group of the Emperor’s army suddenly poured in from all directions.

The one who brought in these reinforcements in a rush was not anyone else but His Highness the Six Prince who was supposed to be imprisoned by the Crown Prince!

With a towering blaze behind him, a serious expression appeared on the teenager’s face for the first time and he said –

Second Royal Elder Brother, give up!

From the beginning, you lost, because you don’t have an Emperor’s heart!

After many unexpected changes and climaxes in the Imperial Palace, the Crown Prince naturally successfully ascended the throne, married the Female Lead and had a good ending, but almost all the female audience who came out of the movie theater cried till their eyes were red –

Poor Little Six!

Director, screenwriter, you return my Sixth Prince!

It turned out that during the finale, the Second Prince was forced into a corner and caught the Female Lead – daren in desperation to threaten the Crown Prince. At that critical juncture, it was still the Sixth Prince who bravely stepped forward and in the end, although the Female Lead was successfully saved, the Sixth Prince died a tragic death under the blade of the Second Prince.

At that scene, blood dyed that innocent and pure face of his.

The teenager just earnestly looked at the person next to him, and smilingly raised his hand —

Since childhood, he has been the Prince of the Cold Palace who no one loved. His birth was a mistake.

He smiled every day, but it was just him pretending to be strong. In fact, his heart was closed off and very lonely.

In these years, only one person had truly given the warmth of family and let him know the true meaning of family.

That person was his Elder Brother Crown Prince.

Finally, at the end of his life, he closed his eyes in the arms of his brother with a smile – Next life, let’s be brothers again, okay?

In this world, love was not the only thing that can make people want to live or die.

“Chaos of the Imperial Capital”, made the role of the Sixth Prince become popular overnight!

Almost all female viewers who have watched this video can’t help but ridicule this in their blog and Moments – 2

The female protagonist was really annoying.

You used to be fearless of weapons and the same as a female guardian diety. Why did you become a little white flower without the strength to truss a single chicken at the critical moment? Of course, it is not your fault that you were caught, but it is your fault for causing our Sixth Highness to die ~

The roasting of the female audience was formidable, and the power of female fans is infinite. Xiao Yunyi became famous overnight, and soon went from an overnight celebrity to the most unstoppable star in the entertainment industry…

In fact, Su Rui was very clear on the thing called ‘acting skill’. Can you expect his nominal younger brother to have it?

This role was encountered for the first time in a movie. In fact, our family’s Xiao Yunyi, who was loved by his brother from an early age, said that we have to always perform our inherent qualities.

“Big brother?”

At this time, Xiao Yunyi saw that his elder brother had been silent. The expression on his face was strange. He couldn’t help worrying and continued to say, “Actually, I can also go back, I can do it alone.”

In fact, he was very afraid to say it, but as Huaxia’s good younger brother, he can’t make big brother embarrassed ~

Suddenly feeling that he was so sensible, Xiao Yunyi really wanted to give himself thirty-two likes ~

Su Rui: ……

Oh please, what nonsense are you imagining?

“Yunyi, it’ll be like this then. I’ll call Director Qi, and … forget it, I’ll say it later!”

Su Rui originally wanted to remind Xiao Yiyi that if something happened to the crew, he should first inform him of the accident. For example, Male No. 3 having a car accident, but Su Rui thought about it and still chose not mention it.

If Xiao Yunyi can enter the entertainment industry without himself this time, then it is his fate.

And if he lost this opportunity, then it doesn’t matter. After finishing the film, Su Rui won’t let him be a stand-in again. They are not short of money now and will have more money in the future. He can raise this younger brother of his.

In the end, Xiao Yunyi could only obediently pack and leave. When he had to separate at the airport, even though the foodie was thinking that there were chicken legs on the plane and that the chicken legs were delicious, his eyes still couldn’t help but turn red.

Since childhood, he has never been separated from his brother.

The elder brother was the person closest to him, and Xiao Yunyi who lost his parents when he was young, so his elder brother was not only his elder brother. In his eyes, he also played the role of father and mother, painstakingly supporting him. Although they later encountered their adopted father and their lives had improved a lot, but in Xiao Yunyi’s mind, no one could replace his brother’s position in his heart ……

Leaving the airport, looking at the plane that just took off, Su Wan held Su Rui’s big hand: “Relax, he’ll be fine. He should have his own path. We can’t stay with him all the time.”

Entering the mission world and entering the lives of others, each missionee is more or less affected by the feelings of the original owner. 3

The Xiao brothers depended on each other, and the deep feelings between the brothers made Su Rui’s envious.

“Yeah, and this child will … be very happy in the future.”

Su Rui smiled and grasped Su Wan’s palm:”Let’s go back!”

Two people took a taxi and returned to the rented apartment. Before going upstairs, they had not even walk to the door of the apartment when Su Rui’s expression changed.

The door to the apartment was opened, and now there is someone in the room.

Su Wan obviously also felt a slight anomaly. When she came to the door of her “home”, Su Wan hesitated before slowly pushing the door open. On the sofa facing the door, sat an imposing and dignified figure.

Seeing Su Wan’s face, that man’s gaze stared, and a complicated glare flashed on his face.

“Dad, you’re here.”

Before Su Wan entered the door, she whispered first.

Inside the room was not some stranger, but Su Wan’s father, Su Haicheng.

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