Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 128

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SEG Chapter 7.1 – Misplaced Daughter

After Su Wan opened her eyes in the Executioner’s Cabin, that sort of feeling as if she was run over by a car finally left her.

She stood up and moved her body about, for the first time ever, Su Wan felt her body was really awesome~

“Cough cough”.

A certain someone who stood to the side while being completely ignored suddenly coughed.

Eh. Only then did Su Wan perceive Ye Xin who stood nearby staring at her.

“Is something the matter?”

Lifting her eyes to look at Ye Xin, Su Wan asked with an indifferent face. In every mission world, she could act as all kinds of people but in reality, Su Wan was actually quite an indifferent person. Before encountering Su Rui, she always lived in her own world and didnt have any friends, nor did she have a need for friends, or that sort of thing.

Truly indifferent ~

Although Ye Xin couldn’t help but complain in her heart,  she still raised a brilliant smile on her face: “For this year’s Cross-Departmental Trial, I will be bringing you and Ding Jiajia to participate.”

Ding Jiajia…..

When Su Wan heard this name she slightly crinkled her brow.  She didnt have any friends in the Lost Space but she still had some sort of impression of the few people in the department who were similarly ranked as her.

Ding Jiajia had the face of a cute, little girl but possessed a devilish figure that people would envy. That fella was a proper femme fatale, a 100 year professional at entraping Male Leads.

In fact, Su Wan thought Ding Jiajia’s professional ability as promising. It’s just that she can’t stand Ding Jiajia’s habit of reverting to a love-struck fool whenever she sees a handsome guy.

One must know that there are many task departments in Lost Time and Space and everyone has first-hand information on their competitors. With such an obvious weak point like Ding Jiajia’s, it would be extremely easy to eliminate her in the prelimenaries.

Seeing Su Wan crease her brows, Ye Xin knew what Su Wan was anxious about. She took a step forward wanting to pat Su Wan’s shoulder but was nimbly avoided by Su Wan.

Ye Xin: ……

I suddenly feel very annoyed. What to do?


Clearing her throat, Ye Xin still maintained the smile on her face and looked at Su Wan: “This time, I will tell Ding Jiajia to pay attention to her image, en, I actually personally came here and waited for you to ask you to help me think of ways to deal with Xu Ce. From those people over there, Xu Ce should be going and he will probably be bringing Qi Mu and Yun Sheng this time. Because noone can use their golden finger, those two would not be a problem, but Xu Ce would be very troublesome, you should know that as well.”

In the Lost Time Space, Xu Ce was a very special existence.

After using the Heart Burial Box, Xu Ce still has no heart even after entering the trial world.

He has no desire and no demands, he has no weaknesses.

Ways to deal with him…..

Su Wan spread her hands a little distressed to Ye Xin: “If I knew how to deal with him, I wouldn’t be standing here, and he wouldn’t…. live till today!”

“Okay, okay.”

Although she expected it to be so, Ye Xin was still a little disappointed. But, she still had some hope in her heart.

“Then I won’t trouble you, um, and Ding Jiajia is waiting to use Cabin No. 3.”

“I know.”

Su Wan nodded as she left the Execution Room, She already told Su Rui in the previous world that she would be changing to Execution Room No. 2, so Su Wan was not at all reluctant to leave this place.

As long as she thought of how she could go and do missions with SU Rui in every mission world later, how she didn’t need to be all alone anymore, Su Wan’s habitually cold face involuntarily broke into a rare, tender face.

At the door, Ding Jiajia noticed the faint smile on Su Wan’s lips as they brushed past each other.  Ding Jiajia, who had just reached the door, staggered and almost fell over —

Your mother, just now this baby definitely must have been hallucinating?

Su Xiao Wan also knew how to smile? 1

Impossible, this is completely impossible ~

Ding Jiajia shook her head and habitually raised her wrist to look at the new mission on her communications device. Recently she was super bored ah. If the handsome guys in the mission worlds were not brainless, then they were perverted ah~

It’s reported that “over there” there was a new fierce newcomer. Devilishly charming, impetuously overbearing. If he doesn’t want to, then he doesn’t want to. Why didn’t this baby not even bump into him even once after entering so many world?

Should I locate him next time? To do or not to do, should she or should she not?

When Ding Jiajia was tangled on whether she should locate a certain newbie or not, in the Plane Restorer’s General Headquarters, Su Rui’s newly bought Positioner has already started flickering, pointing out that Su Wan already entered a mission.

Su Rui smiled and unhesitantly walked into his own Execution Room, No. 11. His ranking stopped here because now all the points were meaningless to him……

Just when Su Rui closed his eyes in the Executioner’s Cabin and connected to the mission world, The entrance to his Execution Room No. 11 was suddenly pushed opened by someone from the outside.

Seeing the slowly closing Execution Cabin, Yun Sheng couldn’t help but bitterly smile: “Came a step too late.”

While speaking, he lowered his head and looked at the stack of materials that were just copied from Xu Ce in his hands. These were concrete data on the elites of other departments.

Although he didn’t know why Ce ge wanted him to give these to Su Rui, but seeing that Su Rui had entered the Mission Cabin, Yun Sheng was forced to turn and leave.

In the entire Plane Restorer’s HQ, no one knew the real reason why Xu Ce recruited Su Rui in the first place. Yun Sheng was naturally like the others and didn’t know that Su Rui was born with a golden finger —

Su Rui’s spiritual ability was innately more formidable than other people, his perception was also off the charts. This means that no matter which time-space he enters, as long as he remembers that person’s soul fluctuation, then he could easily capture that spirit fluctuation in a sea of people.

So, General Su was a cheat. And in the Cross-Departmental Trial, Xu Ce planned to use Su Rui as a hidden ace,,,,,,

Inside the Mission World —

Su Wan was nudged awake by someone.

“Su Wan, hand in your homework.”

A slightly tender female voice with a hint of timidity.


Su Wan’s consciousness gradually cleared. Homework…… what the hell is this?

Su Wan couldn’t help raising her hands and rubbing her slightly uncomfortable head. With her movement, everything in her line of sight gradually became clearer. Only then did Su Wan realise that she was sitting in a clean, tidy classroom. There were many seats in the classroom but most of them were empty.

“Su Wan?”

It was still the same girl as before but this time, her tone was more careful: “Are you feeling uncomfortable? How about I send you to the school infirmary? Or how about I help you look for Teacher Wen?”

“No, no need.”

Su Wan shook her head, her gaze carrying some scrutinity as she attentively looked at this girl dressed in a blue school uniform and wearing thick, heavy glasses in front of her.

She should be called…… Xu Nuo, and is this class’s Class Monitor.

The original owner’s mind was still chaotic because of last night’s sleepover. Fortunately, Su Wan had a rough idea of the mission plot of this world before entering the mission. The story plot of this mission world was very simple. The story happened in an aristocratic school (it actually didnt have a relationship with the school itself, that was just the setting). The original owner Su Wan was recognised as the campus belle (as expected, the campus belle in the mission world is also used as cannon fodder ~)

As a campus belle, Su Wan naturally had someone who protected the belle beside her. Her boyfriend, no, maybe it should now be ex-boyfriend.

Su Wan’s ex-boyfriend Luo Yu is this world’s Male Lead. He is a top student. A tall, rich and handsome top student. A cool and overbearing top student.

Originally, Su Wan and Luo Yu were considered an ideal couple. They had good family background, very well matched. But just last semester, in this school called “Feng Heng Aristocratic School”, someone suddenly enroled into the school via special enrolment.

Special enrollment had always been synonymous with “poor ghost”, “nerd”, and so on. They have always been the most disliked existence in aristcratic schools. But the special enrollment this time was somewhat different.

The female special enrolled student was named Jiang You. Not only was her appearance outstanding, she also had amazing martial arts skills. It was said that she was recommended for special enrollment by a popular star because she was a martial arts substitute for that star. Her tuition and accomodation were completely free ~

With the arrival of Jiang You, the style of the whole school drastically changed —

As long as there was a fight, Jiang You would appear.

As long as someone bullied the weak, then Jiang You would appear!

As long as a stray dog or cat showed up, then the smiling and kind-hearted figure of the Female Lead daren would definitely appear~ 2

In short, she is light, she is electricity, she was Feng Heng’s legend.

In only one semester, Jiang You made a name for herself in school and was hailed as a new generation goddess by many outstanding boys.

Of course, Luo Yu also admired Jiang You very much at this time. So much so that after breaking up with Su Wan, Luo Yu immediately went pursuing after Jiang You ina high-profile manner.

But this was actually not the root of the contradiction between Su Wan and Jiang You.

In fact, although the general background of this world happened on campus, all the main plots happened in Su jia. 3

In D City, the Su family can also be regarded as a famous family. Su Wan’s father, Su Haicheng started out with a seafood restaurant. Now, Su family’s industry not only involved the catering trade, but also the department store industry and chain supermarkets.

Su Haicheng’s wife, Wen Shuze came from a rich, powerful family in D City. When the both of them were young, they were enthusiastic volunteers, both of whom had taught in remote villages. The both of them met then and fell in love.

Later, the two also married there and not long after their marriage, they had Su Wan. Because Wen Shu’s health was always bad, Su Haicheng decided to bring his wife and daughter away from Da Shan and return to D City for the sake of his wife’s health and daughter’s future. His unrelenting effort over the years finally gave him his current wealth and status.

Because the couple only had this one daughter Su Wan, they had both overly spoiled her over the past 10 years. This also caused the original owner to acquire many shortcomings — delicate, willful, princess illness.

These shortcomings were not big yet they were not small either. But because she had always been loved and pampered by the people around her all the time, the original owner never felt that she had any specially major shortcomings.

Until one day, the authentic heroine Jiang You appeared and Su Wan’s entire life was completely overturned.

Jiang You originally came from Da Shan and to D City to look for her parents.

This started all the way back with Jiang You’s tough life. She was born as a child in a single-parent family and was single-handedly raised by her hardworking mother. When Jiang You was 8 years old, in order to let her study, Jiang You’s mother Zhao Mei took her to a small country town. The mother and daughter pair rented and lived in a leaky, single storey house. Zhao Mei worked 5 jobs a day from dawn till dusk just to be able to afford to pay for Jiang You’s school expenses and the living expenses for the both of them.

It was like this year after year, when Zhao Mei’s body finally broke down.

And at this time, Jiang You was already 17 years old.

In fact, during the 9 years that she stayed in the country town, Jiang You would secretly go out to collect rubbish to sell everyday. At that time, Jiang You got to know the brothers Xiao Qi and Xiao Yunyi. Their (father ???) was the local gangster but was hacked to death by the enemy in a gang fight. Since then, Xiao Qi and Xiao Yunyi were adopted by a martial arts master. Since young, he had supported his family through martial arts and Jiang You naturally learned a lot of skills with Xiao Qi.

Until Zhao Mei fell ill, the hospital said that Zhao Mei could only get better through a kidney transplant operation. This operation not only needed a matching kidney but also a large amount of medical expenses. In desperation, Jiang You went to look for the Xiao brothers for help. Xiao Qi lent Jiang You money and also helped her look for work as a martial arts substitute.

With great difficulty, Jiang You finally made enough money to pay for the first phase of hospital expenses. At this time, the hospital suddenly informed Jiang You that her blood type and Zhao Mei’s did not match, so she cannot donate her kidney to Zhao Mei.

At this time, Zhao Mei, who was already on her death bed, finally criedn and told Jiang You the truth. It turned out that Jiang You was not her biological daughter.

At that time in the clinic in the mountains, Zhao Mei and Wen Shu gave birth on the same day, and both of the gave birth to girls.

That time, Wen Shu’s body was weak so she passed out after giving birth. Zhao Mei took the opportunity to swap the two girls while the midwife was away.

At that time, she was really selfish. Her husband just died not long ago and she was afraid that she would not be able to support her own daughter, so she suddenly lost her mind.

By the time Zhao Mei regretted it 2 months later, Su Haicheng had already moved away.

For the past 10 years, Zhao Mei had always felt that she had owed Jiang You. She did everything she could to give her the best, but in the end, her body fell first……

In the end, Zhao Mei couldn’t hold on till the surgery and she left some clues and a picture, telling Jiang You to go to D City to look for her parents, but also help take care of Zhao Mei’s biological daughter.

Jiang You stepped foot in D City with the wishes of her adoptive mother and her determination to find her parents. After some twists and turns, she finally found her biological parents.

In just one night, Jiang You went from a “country girl” to Su family’s Eldest Young Miss. And in one night, Su Wan fell from heaven to hell.

Although the Su couple resented Zhao Mei from the bottom of their hearts, the children were innocent. These past years, they have invested so much of their feelings into Su Wan, so in the end, the Su couple did not make Su Wan leave Su jia but rather made her and Jiang You sisters.

From being a genuine Young Miss to a person relying on someone else’s charity, one can very well imagine the disparity in Su Wan’s heart. She was depressed and started indulging in drinking and playing truant. Over time, the feelings between her and Luo Yu became weaker and weaker. By the time Su Wan returned to her senses and wanted to redeem herself, Luo Yu was already moved by the strong and brave Jiang You and hardly hesitated to break up with Su Wan, and began to turn to pursue Jiang You….

Now, it was already the 5th day Su Wan was dumped by Luo Yu. Because of the break up, the original owner had hangovers practically every night. The students in class knew of her family circumstances and also knew that she was dumped by Luo Yu. Seeing her in a bad mood, no one was willing to provoke her. Only the slow, honest Class Monitor Xu Nuo dare to ask Su Wan to “hand in homework” at this time……


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