Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 136

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SEG Chapter 7.9 – Misplaced Daughter

When Su Rui returned to the apartment from the outside, he had changed his clothes from head to toe. Don’t ask General Su how he did it. He won’t tell you if you asked.

Opening the bedroom door, it was no surprise that Su Wan was sitting by the bed. She had put on the white men’s shirt. When Su Rui came back, Su Wan suddenly stood up, her pair of dazzling white legs almost blinding Su Rui.

“You’ve come back?”

Su Wan stared Su Rui up and down, and saw that his complexion was very good and he didn’t look like he was hurt. Su Wan let out a sigh of relief in her heart.

“You were waiting for me?”

At this time, Su Rui had already hidden his killing intent. In front of Su Wan, he was always the man who would only smile gently at her.

Walking slowly to Su Wan, Su Rui raised his hand and rubbed Su Wan’s long hair: “Why didn’t you take a shower?”

Her hair was dry, not at all like she had just washed.

Hearing Su Rui’s words, Su Wan lowered her eyes, and her voice was a little weak: “If you don’t come back .….. who will help me take a bath? But you … but you have been hugged by this lady .….. wu.”

Su Rui blocked Su Wan’s words with a kiss. He kissed her vigorously, and at the same time carried Su Wan in his arms, turned away from the bedroom and walked towards the bathroom .…..

In the bathroom, the warm water flowed continuously from the shower. Su Rui held the shampoo in one hand and gently rubbed Su Wan’s long hair with the other. The plump foam flowed along her waterfall-like black hair on her back, leaving white traces on Su Wan’s fair and smooth back, it looks particularly stirring.

“Wife, you’re so beautiful.”

Su Rui couldn’t help kissing Su Wan ’s hair, Su Wan ’s cheeks were reddened by the steam: “Su Rui, do you … do you want it?”

AdvertisementAlthough Su Yu’s ending was not asked, Su Rui made a move and Su Wan felt that Su Yu had now completely disappeared from the world.

Even if Su Rui tried his best to hide it, he had just killed someone so his body was inevitably stained with a trace of bloody air.

Su Wan remembered a phrase that went “Unable to return the favor, can only devote her heart.” She has been using all her strength to love Su Rui, but most of the time she feels that she hasn’t given enough because Su Rui never needed to do anything for him.

He doesn’t need anything, just needed her to love him.

Faced with such a lover, Su Wan felt that he had really reached the point where she could not return the favor……


Su Rui helped Su Wan wash her head and hugged her tightly under the shower. Men are animals that can’t control their lower body, especially in front of their favorite woman, but .….. 1

“Let’s go to sleep after we’re done washing.”

Su Rui murmured lowly in Su Wan’s ears. Many men like youthful and even unriped(underage) bodies, but Su Rui knows his situation. As long as that person is Su Wan, he can’t control his strength. It’s easy to hurt her.

And this body of this world is obviously unable to withstand his fierce toss.

So, in this world, General Su is determined to be an ascetic–

Good things in life are worth waiting for. He will wait and get it back in the next world, General Su thought so!

After coming out of the shower, Su Rui helped Su Wan dry her hair, and the two of them cuddled and hugged tightly in bed. On the first night in the world, they both slept sweetly and steadily …

The next day happened to be the weekend. Su Wan originally wanted to laze around in bed with Su Rui. However, early in the morning, Xiao Yunyi was weakly knocking on the bedroom door: “Big brother? Big … Big sister? Are you up?” 2

For the unfamiliar title of “big sister”, Xiao Yunyi is not quite used to it, but he did not reject to Su Wan. People who can invite him to a big meal must not be bad people, yes, that’s the way!

“Xiao Yunyi! Do you want to die?” Su Rui’s murderous roar sounded from the room.

Xiao Yunyi subconsciously shrank his shoulders, blinked his big eyes and pitifully looked at the person beside him: “Jiang You, you see ……”

“Brother Xiao, Xiao Wan, it’s me!”

Jiang You cleared her throat and shouted at the door.

Last night Su Wan didn’t return home at all, which naturally made Su Haicheng very dissatisfied, and Jiang You was afraid that Su Haicheng would take out his anger on the Xiao brothers who were with Su Wan, so she took the initiative to confess that Su Wan and Xiao Qi were “dating” .

Knowing this, Su Haicheng was naturally furious. For Su Wan and a man she just knew, and even went out to rent a house together, Su Haicheng thought she had no regard for herself! This was wallowing in degeneration! She was deliberately being self-indulgent.

The angry Su Haicheng immediately found out the address of Su Wan’s address with his personal connections. He was supposed to bring someone to come over last night, but Su Yu ’s apartment suddenly exploded. Because Su Yu ’s parents died early, his only relative in City D was Su Haicheng. Since such a big thing happened, Su Haicheng could only temporarily put down Su Wan’s affairs …

Su Haicheng did not return all night because of handling Su Yu’s affairs, and while taking advantage that today was a holiday, Jiang You took the money from Wen Shu and came straight here .…..

The people in the bedroom heard Jiang You’s voice and went silent for a long time. When Jiang You waited outside the door for a long time, she couldn’t help but want to speak again, but the bedroom door finally opened from the inside.

“Is there anything?”

Su Rui was wearing pajamas and looked at Jiang You outside the room with a poor expression.

Jiang You glanced at Su Rui’s pajamas, and glanced at the big messy bed in the room: “Brother Xiao, you … and Xiao Wan, together…….sleep together?”

“If he doesn’t sleep with me, then does he sleep with you?”

Su Wan, who had just changed her clothes, came out from behind Su Rui, while holding Su Rui’s arm, she looked at Jiang You with a mockery on her face.

Jiang You’s face immediately became embarrassed: “Xiao Wan, I … no matter what I’m still your sister, how can you say that?”

Obviously, our pure and noble Female Lead – daren couldn’t accept Su Wan’s blatant sarcasm.

Regarding this, Su Wan can only hehe.

You can play ambiguous with a large group of men, and finally you can play the NP Mary Sue Female Lead – daren, you really can break through the sky!

“Sister? I don’t have a sister.”

Su Wan couldn’t help but coldly speak to Jiang You: “How did you find this place? Did you tell my dad about Xiao Qi and me?”

With Jiang You’s brains, she could never find Su Wan’s current address. The only person who can do it in Su family is only Su Haicheng.

Hearing Su Wan mention of Su Haicheng, Jiang You suddenly remembered the purpose of her visit: “Xiao Wan, Brother Xiao, my dad already knows about you guys, he has something to take care of right now. When he comes back, he will definitely come to trouble you guys!”

Jiang You hurriedly took out a bank card from her bag: “Brother Xiao, there is 100,000 yuan here. If it is not enough, I will send it to you later. If there is something going on at home, then go back first! Don’t stay here, it’s dangerous. ”


Hearing Jiang You’s words, Su Rui couldn’t help raising heiseyebrows and clamped the bank card with two fingers: “Uncle Su knows about me and Xiao Wan? Jiang You, it was you who told him. Why are you coming here pretending to be some good guy? ”

“No, no, I’m not … I just fear my dad will hurt you, I didn’t mean it.”

Hearing Su Rui’s cold words, Jiang You, who once again felt that she was misunderstood by Brother Xiao, desperately wanted to explain, but the more anxious she became, the more she got tongue-tied.

“Jiang You, you never do anything on purpose. You will always be innocent. It’s not you that’s wrong, it’s the whole world. This is fine, right?”

Su Wan really didn’t want to waste her time having this stupid conversation with the Female Lead – daren. She couldn’t help but step forward and pushed Jiang You, who was at the door, and strode toward the living room with a big steps: “I am hungry, Xiao Qi, you go to cook! ”

“Roger that.”

As soon as Su Rui heard his wife’s order, he immediately put away his cold face and walked towards the kitchen with a smile—

He would like to thank Xiao Yunyi, and Father Xiao who died.

The brothers of the Xiao brothers would not be orphans if it was not for the death of him and his wife.

As an orphan, Xiao Qi has always been bringing around a child from another marriage with him, Xiao Yunyi, but this child from another marriage was still a foodie.

Therefore, thanks to the “blessing” of Father Xiao and Xiao Yunyi, Xiao Qi has been self-reliant since he was a child, and has also cultivated a very good cooking skills.

General Su expresses that he could finally go down to the kitchen, hehe, and never have to worry about his wife being conquered by other people’s cooking ~

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