Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 138

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SEG Chapter 7.11 – Misplaced Daughter


In the past few years, Su Haicheng had been struggling in the business world in D City. He had become accustomed to the deception and greed among his opponents, already having cultivated a unique businessman temperament. At this moment, although Su Haicheng is just sitting quietly on the sofa, he still seemed indifferent and imposing.


Hearing Su Wan’s call, Su Haicheng couldn’t help but coldly snort: “Hum, do you know that I am your father?”


Su Wan somewhat innocently bit her lip. When Su Rui, who had been standing behind her, heard Su Haicheng’s apparently bad tone, narrowed his gaze at him and coldly gave Su Haicheng a glance. Perhaps it was because General Su’s eyes were too sharp that it was immediately noticed by Su Haicheng.


The eyes of the two men collided. Su Haicheng, who initially wanted to give Su Rui a show of strength, was gradually defeated by Su Rui’s very sharp eyes –


This young man is too aggressive!


For the first time, Su Haicheng put away his contempt, and quietly observed the young man behind his daughter. At the door, he was dressed in a decent casual suit, and his short hair was clean and refreshing.


People with status like Su Haicheng would never look at people based on appearances but on their bearing and manner.


Almost at the first glance of careful observation, Su Haicheng’s heart was shocked. The feeling the youth in front of him gave himself was really shocking!


Su Haicheng asked himself how many people he had read before, but he would actually be defeated in a single glance by a young man such as this. Every posture would bring a naturally elegant and noble air. Su Haicheng just saw such a person only once from a distance, and the man he met at that time was the real Eldest Young Master from the 49th City.




Isn’t there something wrong with this? Jiang You clearly told him that this young man named Xiao Qi was just a stuntman from the martial arts class?


“You … are you Xiao Qi?”


Involuntarily, Su Haicheng asked with a frown.


Su Rui raised an eyebrow and nodded casually: “I’m Xiao Qi. I’m meeting you for the first time. Hello, Uncle Su!”




When Su Haicheng heard Su Rui’s words, he also subconsciously nodded at him after being pressured by Su Rui’s powerful aura.


Of course, at this moment, Su Haicheng’s first impression of Su Rui did improve a lot. At least this time, General Su’s bearing was more than a hundred times stronger than his imagined image of a guy who grew up in the countryside but gained a foothold in the city through hard work. But even so, he couldn’t look on as his daughter messed around with this man. 1


“Since you called me an uncle, I will be self-important and call you Xiao Xiao. Little Xiao, I heard Jiang You say that you’ve just arrived in City D, have you found a job?” 2


An old fox deserves to be called an old fox. When just two people entered the door, Su Haicheng obviously put on a stance to violently criticise. Now. seeing that General Su could not be overwhelmed by his aura, Su Haicheng had immediately changed his tactics.


When Su Rui heard Su Haicheng’s question, the coldness on his face decreased quite a bit.


This feeling of being evaluated by his father-in-law made General Su feel quite good.


“I don’t want to find a job yet, but I plan to…… start my own business!”


Start your own business? The youth’s voice certainly was not weak.


Su Haicheng smiled, squinting his eyes: “Young people now have the energy and determination! But …… with only $200,000 as start-up funds, it is still difficult to make a place in City D!”


This is the art of businessmen’s speech. Su Haicheng was perfectly aware that his two daughters had given Su Rui $100,000. He didn’t bluntly point it out but just said it this way. First, he ridiculed that Su Rui had to rely on women to start his own business. Second, it was more to probe him……


If you want money, say a number, as long as it can be solved by money, then it’s not a problem.


“Uncle Su is joking.”


Hearing Su Haicheng’s words, Su Rui also smiled: “200,000 RMB is not enough for me to buy a dress for my Xiao Wan.”


With that said, Su Rui couldn’t help but stop Su Wan’s shoulders with one hand, and regardless of whether her father was still watching, he smiled and turned to Su Wan’s face: “Wife, do you think this is right?”


Su Wan blinked at Su Rui and grabbed a bank card before Su Haicheng got angry and handed it to Su Haicheng: “Dad, here is 70,000 RMB, you take it back to Jiang You. We don’t want unnecessary money. Xiao Qi has money himself, and he won’t use our Su family’s money. ”




Su Haicheng, who had just arrived saw the act of Su Rui frivolously being intimate with his daughter, stared at Su Wan with an angry look: “Has money? How much can he give you? Xiao Wan, you are still young, you don’t even know the sinister heart of people in this world! Xiao Qi, I see that you are also a talented person. Let’s not make any insinuations. What kind of price do you want me to pay before you let go of my daughter? She is still in school and she cannot trifle you! ”


At this time, Su Haicheng couldn’t keep pretending to be elegant, he couldn’t let the daughter he pain-stakingly raised be deceived by a white-eyed wolf. 3


Hearing Su Haicheng’s words, Su Ru’s gaze cooled. He stepped forward slightly, staring at Su Haicheng’s face, and his sexy lips curled a somewhat weird arc: “I don’t know how much Uncle Su’s Su clan’s business is worth in total?”


Hearing Su Rui’s question, Su Haicheng couldn’t help but abruptly stand up from the sofa: “Young man, don’t be insatiable. The entire Su family’s assets are more than 100 million RMB. You can’t eat it in one bite!”


“Uncle Su, so it seems that you are a multi-milionaire!”


Hearing Su Haicheng’s words, Su Rui still showed an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile: “Since Uncle Su loves Xiao Wan so much, even if you lose hundreds of millions for the sake of her happiness, what would you do? Or does she not compare up to your business and wealth?”


Which is more important, money or feelings?


Su Rui unknowingly changed his and Su Haicheng’s position. It should be said that from the beginning until the end, Su Rui had been in control of the rhythm of this conversation.


At this time, hearing Su Rui’s questioning, Su Haicheng’s look suddenly changed, and then he realized that he had fallen unknowingly into the kid’s spoken trap –


If he answered that Su Wan was more important than the Su clan, then he would take the opportunity to ask an exorbitant price.


And if he answered that the Su clan was more important than Su Wan, he would also achieve his vicious purpose of provoking his relationship with his daughter!


Su Haicheng, who also experienced countless negotiations in the business world, quickly calmed down and carefully looked at the young man in front of him. In the end, he still looked down on him.


“Xiao Qi, there is no meaning in you sowing discord. Xiao Wan is my daughter, and my property will be hers in the future.”


Su Haicheng smiled and lightly spoke to Su Rui, thinking that he had seen the other person’s true face. Su Haicheng just waited for Su Rui to say the final price, and then he could bargain.


Unfortunately, Su Rui will never play cards according to Su Haicheng’s imagination.


“Uncle Su, I heard that Jiang You is also your daughter. Even if you leave all your net worth to two daughters, our family’s Xiao Wan will only get half of it. You can only give her this, and I …”


Su Rui raised his eyebrows. For the first time, he looked at the middle-aged man in front of him with a very serious look: “Within one year, after Xiao Wan comes of age, I will be like hundreds of Su clans and marry her. I want to let everyone in D City know that in my heart, the entire Su family is worth less than one hundredth of Xiao Wan. ”


Hundreds of Su clan’s would be tens of billions of capital!


Hearing Su Rui boasting like this, Su Haicheng instinctively wanted to refute, but at this moment Su Rui’s eyes suddenly became gloomy and profound, and the oppressive eyes that suddenly appeared out of nowhere made Su Haicheng swallow what he wanted to say.


“Good! Good! Good! Now that you dare to boast this much, then we will wait and see!”


In the end, Su Haicheng had no choice but to angrily turn around and leave.


And staring at his departing back, Su Wan could not help turning to look at Su Rui beside him: “Are you going to rob the bank?”


“Wife, that’s illegal.”


Su Rui couldn’t help raising his hands and rubbing Su Wan’s hair. Her wife’s hair was comfortable to touch, and he washed it himself. It was still so nice to touch.


Thinking of this, Su Rui’s gaze couldn’t help but change again: “Wife, Yunyi is gone, shall I help you bathe again tonight?”


“You haven’t told me what you plan to do, don’t change the subject!”


Su Rui took the encrypted communicator that Su Yu used to contact the killer organization with. Su Wan knew this.


At the same time, she also knew that Su Rui would not say some empty words that he could not do. Now that he has spoken in front of Su Haicheng, he will definitely get the money within one year. Now Su Wan is only worried that Su Rui will use a very extreme method. It was just for a task, she doesn’t want Su Rui to work too hard.


Alas, seeing Su Wan’s unwillingness to overlook it, General Su could only smile mysteriously: “Wife, please rest assured, I have a sense of propriety when doing things.”


Who still robs the bank now? It was pathetic, okay? General Su never considered himself a person who used violence to solve problems. We are people who use our high IQ brains to work, okay?


“Wife, am I just such a violent person in your heart?”


Su Rui put on a pitiful look again and looked at Su Wan with resentment: “Anyway, I’ve also been in a research institute and worked as a doctor. Men of culture can’t frequently beat and kill. A gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist. ”


What ‘not killing’! 4


General Su, who killed people like flies, could speak these words. Su Wan is also drunk, but her eyes flashed when Su Rui mentioned the institute.


Indeed, the more mission worlds you enter, the more skills the missionee can master, but … the research institute for the zombie viruses that destroyed the world ’s balance and laws?




Su Wan still wanted to say something. Su Rui smiled and made a ‘hush’ gesture at her: “Wife, do you believe in me? Just trust me and leave everything to me.”




Su Wan nodded, naturally, she believed in Su Rui.


The only person in the world who can make her trust and rely on so unhesitantly is this man.


Seeing that Su Wan nodded, Su Rui’s lip curled up again–


What was the thing that this world lacked the most? What was the thing that was demanded the most?


There are actually many ways to accumulate huge wealth in a short time, and Su Rui’s mind just happened to have a high-tech that is very suitable for this world——


The online game “Ling Shen”, the game that another world’s TX company spent hundreds of billions of dollars to create the world’s first holographic online game!


The entire technical core of this game is in Su Rui’s mind.


Why would Su Rui create Su Xiaosu in the future? Why did he connect Su Xiaosu’s data across time and space through Ling Shen’s virtual world?


Technology changes lives.


This was actually a gift his future self left to the current him – the world of Ling Shen, and Su Xiaosu.



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