Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 135

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SEG Chapter 7.8 – Misplaced Daughter

At 7.30 pm, it is the peak viewing time when most families were sitting in front of the TV.

Su Yu, who had changed into casual home clothing, turned on the TV in absolute boredom, but his eyes did not fall on the 50-inch LCD TV in front of him. Su Yu’s eyes wandered in the room, it was obvious he had something on his mind.

The room was always air-conditioned at 28 degrees, which made people feel very comfortable.

Suddenly, Su Yu got up from the sofa and looked sharply at the vertical air conditioner in the corner. The air conditioner’s computer board still showed 28 degrees, but just for a moment, he felt a chill in the air which came from outside, bringing the feel of the chilly night wind with it. 1

Su Yu’s hands consciously touched his cuffs, and a radiant scalpel drew a sharp arc in the palm of his hand.

This was the weapon that never left his hand, and sometimes it felt more reassuring than gunfire.

At this time, only the sounds of a family drama broadcasted by a TV station could be heard from the living room. The mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law were quarrelling fiercely, and Su Yu quietly left the living room. He was like a wandering soul, leaving no sounds of footsteps.

When he came to his bedroom, Su Yu could feel the surging killing intent through the door.

It was obvious that the other party was deliberately not hiding his presence. Su Yu even suspected that the cold chill he felt a moment ago was a signal that the other party deliberately released.

The visitor wasn’t bad and the visitor was strong.

Su Yu focused his gaze, he abruptly shoved open the door of his bedroom. At this moment, the scalpel in his hand had flown towards the bedroom window in a very strange arc.

In the dark room, the cold dazzling light gleamed.

The bedroom window was open as expected, and cold wind rushed in, blowing the curtains to the side fluttering.

Right in the middle of the open window sat a graceful figure. He was wearing a simple shirt and trousers. At this moment, the night breeze blew the lower hem of his shirt and lightly stirred his soft, supple chestnut hair.

Su Yu’s strike could not be regarded as slow. He had already locked onto the opponent’s weak point outside the door and the scalpel had been thrown out precisely at the moment the door was opened.

It was only at this moment, that he actually saw the other person’s face.

It was an elegant and handsome young man, and in the darkness, his eyes shone with a gloomy light.

Facing the scalpel with endless killing intent, Su Rui just casually hooked the corners of his lips. At the next breath, his figure had already disappeared from the window.

In this world, no one can be faster than Su Rui, even if it was Su Yu’s scalpel.

When Su Rui disappeared in front of Su Yu, his pupils shrank sharply—

He has only ever seen one person with such skill, and that person is the dark world’s King of assassins.

Confrontation between the killers is often swift and cruel. At this time, it was too late for Su Yu to be distracted. At the moment Su Rui disappeared, Su Yu quickly dashed to the east corner of the bedroom, his finger was fierce pressing on the wall. As soon as the wall was pressed, a small box immediately popped out of the wall. The box contained a modified desert eagle!

Holding the pistol in his hand, Su Yu’s lip hooked up, and he projected a deep voice to a certain corner of the bedroom: “Come out, or I’ll shoot!”

The sound of footsteps in the darkness seemed particularly abrupt.

A figure slowly emerged from the darkness, like a god of death from hell, and at this moment the face of this person carried a strange smile that made people tremble with fear.

“So it turned out that you still like to use guns?”

Su Rui leisurely strolled to Su Yu, seemingly not minding that he currently had a pistol pointing at him.

“Did the organization send you?”

Su Yu looked at Su Rui, his eyes becoming colder and fiercer: “Do you think I don’t dare to shoot?”

“You can try.”

Su Rui raised his eyebrows, raised his hands slightly, and the bullets slowly fell from the palm of his hand to the floor, making a crisp sound.


Seeing Su Rui’s fearless appearance, Su Yu couldn’t help sneering: “You are really great, but unfortunately … this is my home!”

Suddenly, Su Yu threw away the pistol in his hand, exposing a miniature remote control at the palm of the hand. The red light on the remote control kept flashing, and it looked particularly dazzling in the dark.

“I’ve installed remote-controlled bombs throughout the room. If you’d like to perish together, then come at me anytime.”

Su Yu raised an eyebrow at Su Rui, his face full of confidence.

“Oh, there are bombs?”

Su Rui exaggeratedly widened his eyes, and then looked at Su Yu with an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile: “I can find your gun. Are you sure that the remote control in your hand is still good?”


For the first time, Su Yu’s face was unsightly. His fingers were slightly hesitant, as if he wanted to press the remote control, but he was worried that the bombs would really explode.

So to say, everyone in this world cherishes their life. Killers were no exception.

They can heartlessly reap the lives of others, and they can treat all the weak as ants, but they cherish their little life the most ……

“Don’t dare to press? I’ll help you!”

Su Rui’s eyes become coldly shone. The next moment he appeared in front of Su Yu like a ghost, grabbing his hand and violently pressed down on the flashing red button—


The violent explosion accompanied by the towering blaze devoured the entire room in an instant ……

For the first time, Su Yu’s face had a startled look. He watched Su Rui dash towards the windows before jumping out of the eighth floor before the fire spread to the windowsill. The direction was not down. His goal was – the rooftop!

The blaze of fire and violent explosions have alarmed all passer-by in the entire building and all nearby streets. In a short time, endless cries were heard on the streets of the city centre.

“Why save me?”

At this time, Su Yu stood in the middle of the rooftop and looked at the expressionless youth in front of him. The expression on his face was somewhat complicated.

Now he has to admit that there is someone outside of him 2. The young man in front of him can no longer be considered on the same level as himself. Even the King of Assassin that he knows, may not be his equal opponent.

“Who said that I’m saving you?”

Su Rui looked at Su Yu and his face couldn’t help but sink. He blasted Su Yu’s home just for the convenience of dealing with the aftermath.

Now Su Yu is already a “casuality” and was officially burnt to death.


Seeing Su Rui’s gloomy face approaching step by step, the increasingly dense killing intent made Su Yu, who had killed people like killing flies, couldn’t help but shiver —

How many people has the person in front of him killed? How can there be such a heavy killing intent.

Of course, Su Yu didn’t know the mountain of corpses and sea of blood that Su Rui had come out from. But at this moment, he felt powerless for the first time.

That profound sense of powerlessness when facing an undefeatable opponent.

“Now let’s end it all as soon as possible.”

Su Rui stood in front of Su Yu, smiling inexplicably: “My wife is still waiting for me to take a bath at home.”

Su Yu: …

Su Rui’s voice hardly fell when Su Yu suddenly fiercely striked. This strike exhausted all his strength at this time and went straight to the dead point of Su Rui’s chest!

At such a short distance, most people won’t be able to avoid, and Su Rui did not avoid it, but–


When Su Yu was about to succeed, his arm was suddenly grabbed by Su Rui. At the next moment, Su Yu felt an unbearable pain from his arm, and his arm was unexpectedly snapped by Su Rui!

Su Yu’s face slightly darkened, and those eyes that had just been filled with determination to win, could only now be filled with surprise as he faced the person before him.

“You hurt my wife with this hand? No, perhaps it’s that one.”

Su Rui flicked his wrists, and then snapped off Su Yu’s other arm in the same manner. Right now, both of Su Yu’s arms were drooping, already obviously lost most of his combat power.

But, how could Su Rui let him go so easily?


After lightly kicking Su Yu to the ground, Su Rui looked down at him, crushing each and every one of Su Yu’s fingers with his glossy, black shoes: “Do you think it’s better if I mince your whole hand and feed it to the dogs? Or stew your whole arm and THEN feed it to the dogs?”

Su Yu: …

Can we not be so cruel?


Hearing the sound of the fire truck approaching downstairs, Su Rui suddenly sighed in annoyance: “I seem to have wasted a lot of time. If I go back late, my wife will be angry. Do you know how I should coax her when she is angry?”

Su Rui suddenly bent over, staring at Su Yu who was incessantly vomiting blood on the floor.

“I want to write her a love letter, a letter in blood.”

As Su Rui spoke, his wrist flicked and a cold, gleaming scalpel appeared in his palm.

This is the weapon that Su Yu has carried for many years.

“I want to let out your blood, write a thousand word love letter, and then use this knife to cut your meat slice by slice, break your tendons, scrape the meat off your bones, and then put them in an airtight container, and feed it to the homeless dogs. ”

Su Yu: …

Who can tell him where this lunatic came from?

“You….. in the end, who are you?”

At this time, Su Rui had started to bleed Su Yu out with a scalpel. Su Yu, who had done a lifetime worth of surgeries and a lifetime worth of killing, finally felt the sorrow and despair of those who faced death for the first time.

Who are you?

This may be the only thing he wants to know at this moment.

“He, hehe.”

Su Rui merely lowly smiled, looking at the blood on the blade with terrifying red eyes —

It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is you, you hurt the wife I care about the most.

Even if only a finger of Su Wan’s was bumped into, Su Rui will let the other party die in endless pain……

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