Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 130

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SEG Chapter 7.3 – Misplaced Daughter

Su family’s villa was not far from Feng Heng School. When Su Wan left the school, she sent a text to Wen Wenhao asking a class’ leave and then returned to Su house by taxi.

Early in the morning, Su Haicheng had gone to the company’s office. When Su Wan opened the door and entered the house, Auntie Zhang, the housekeeper was cleaning.

“Young Miss, you’ve returned!”

Seeing Su Wan’s figure, Auntie Zhang immediately put down the rag in her hands and looked at her nervously and respectfully. Auntie Zhang had worked for the Su family for several years. She was also very clear on the temper of this Eldest Young Miss Su, especially since after Jiang You, the true Eldest Young Miss returned, Su Wan’s temper got worse day after day.

Children at this age were actually rebellious and foolish. Like the original owner who suddenly went from a princess to a “Cinderella”, the gap in her heart can be imagined.

Just like every naughty and rebellious brat, they don’t really want to act like an overlord. Perhaps, they just hope to receive a little bit more attention from others.

Su Wan was originally this house’s princess, not having to worry about clothes and food and also had unlimited doting from her parents. Ever since Jiang You appeared, the Su couple felt that they owed their biological daughter so they thought of wanted to treat Jiang You even better. And Jiang Yuo was very considerate and sensible, so the relationship of the family of three rapidly warmed up. The original owner felt that she had been left out in the cold and abandoned, which was also inevitable……

In fact, among the parents in this world, Su Haicheng husband and wife were both kind-hearted and earnest. In all fairness, they already treated Su Wan very well.

In the original plot, Su Wan was jealous that Jiang You stole each and every one of the people she loved. She hated Jiang You for snatching the parents that belonged to her, so she went against Jiang You everywhere, finally walking the path of a cannon fodder……

“Su Wan?”

A gentle male voice suddenly broke Su Wan’s train of thought. She subconsciously turned her head to look up at the thin figure at the top of the stairs from the living room.

The man on the stairs wore a clean and fresh beige sweater. Leaning against the stairs, his thin, sleder hands rested on the handrails.

Su Wan subconsciously glanced at his hand. This pair of hands were used to save people, but at the same time, was also a weapon for killing.

“You came.”

Su Wan retracted her gaze and greeted the man in the salty and indifferent manner based on the tone in memory of the original owner.

“What happened? Now you don’t even call me brother?”

The man on the stairs gently smiled at Su Wan, and then slowly walked down the stairs. The man was very handsome, his eyes had a gentle and warm gaze. When these kind of people smiled, you would feel as if you were bathed in a spring breeze. It was very hard for people to be disgusted with him.


Su Wan just happened to have a very strong alertness to such Jade Princes.

There’s nothing that can be done about it. The shadow that Xu Ce left on her that year was too big. As long as Su Wan sees such a gentle and cultured gentleman, a very strong sense of loathing will bubble up in her heart.

Su Yu gracefully walked to Su Wan, looking at his “cousin” with a gentle look. It was obviously the same face, but……the young girl in front of Su Yu gave him a strange feeling. His eyes flashed but his face maintained a gentle smile: “Aunt’s body is getting worse by the day. I just finished giving her a check up and she has fallen asleep. Su Wan, do accompany her more when you have the time.”

Wen Shu didn’t have much time left, even Su Wan knew this.

When she heard Su Yu’s words, Su Wan nodded earnestly: “I know, I will accompany her more.”

Speaking as such, Su Wan took a step wanting to go up the stairs when Su Yu suddenly grasped her shoulder.

Su Wan frowned at the pain and coldly turned to look at Su Yu in surprise: “What are you doing?”

“There was something on your shoulder.”

Su Yu smiled lightly at Su Wan and raised his hand, looking completely innocent.

Su Wan didn’t say anything. She carried her schoolbag and returned to her bedroom on the second floor.

Once she entered, Su Wan immediately leaned on the door with a pale face. She pulled open her school uniform and turned her head to look at her shoulder. Long, slender finger marks were left on her fair shoulder, the red mark especially noticable.

Su Yu……

Su Wan lowered her eyes. Truly such an unfriendly guy.

According to the task plot, Su Yu was a doctor on the surface, but was actually an S-rank killer wanted by the international police for many years.

His existence was similar to an invisible cheat. When the Su family was in trouble, he would move. When Jiang You and her man were plotted against by the enemy, he would move.

Just now, the two people just met face-to-face, but it was clear that Su Yu, who had the keen intuition of a super assassin, was aready suspicious of her and he even dealt with her without any misgivings.

This was a probe, and also a warning.

After reorganising her clothes, Su Wan no longer thought about Su Yu, but rather found her stationery and other learning tools on the messy desk according to the original owner’s memory. After packing everything, Su Wan turned and went downstairs.

Outside the villa door, a black Lexus parked quietly outside, and seeing Su Wan carrying her schoolbag out, Su Yu, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, smiled and lowered the window: “Going to school? I’ll send you. ”

Su Wan didn’t answer, but walked silently to the car, opened the door and sat quietly on the back seat.

AdvertisementAlong the way, Su Wan leaned on the back seat with her eyes closed, and Su Yu was very focused on driving. Neither of them spoke until the car stopped at the school gate. Su Wan opened the door silently and got down from the car. Seeing that she would leave without saying a word, Su Yu finally said slowly: “Su Wan, uncle and aunt have always regarded you as their own daughter, you … don’t let them down.”

Su Wan’s figure paused for a moment, and she turned slightly, staring at Su Yu in the car.

“I know.”

Leaving these three words, Su Wan flung back her head and left with her schoolbag on her back.

Sitting in the car, Su Yu watched the petite figure geting farther and farther until she disappeared, and then he recovered his gaze, raised his slender hands, and smiled gently with his hands crossed— —

Obedient children are good children.

Disobedient ones can only disappear …

There was a flash of light in his eyes, and Su Yu then started the car and went away …

When Su Wan returned to the classroom, it was halfway through the second lesson. She knocked on the door and returned to her seat without looking at the teacher’s face. Then she took the book out of the schoolbag and concentrated on listening.

The high school curriculum in this world was not at all difficult. As a person who has been taught by a special private tutor, Su Wan was not stressed at all during the whole class.

The morning passed unknowingly. When the bell rang for lunch break, cheers immediately sounded in the classroom. Everyone rushed out. At this time, a tall figure punctually appeared at the doors of Year 2 Class 3.

When Su Wan and Luo were together in the past, she always had to go to Luo Yu at lunch break, but now, it was Luo Yu who came here every day. Of course, the person he wants to meet is Jiang You.

Sure enough, only favored people will receive such preferential treatment.

Seeing the figure of senior student Luo Yu, all the boys in the class looked enthusiastically–

When a person is too outstanding, so outstanding to the point that you don’t even have the courage to be envious, jealous and hate, you can only worship him fanatically.

Top student Luo Yu was such a particularly outstanding person. All the people in Feng Heng, whether it were men or women, they can only bow to him.

Su Wan just continued sitting in her seat and was slowly packing her things. The schoolwork of this school is just a waste of time for her. Now, Su Wan was already thinking about the future.

She knows that the original owner had a Zodiac card, which holds the New Year’s money and pocket money she recovered over the years. So far, she has saved a paltry 100,000 yuan. This money was enough for Su Wan to find a place to stay outside, and then slowly develop her own career.

Su Wan did not leave her seat, and Jiang You, who was in the classroom, also did not leave. When everyone else left, there was only Luo Yu left at the door.

Luo Yu was tall and had a good figure. Even just standing, he was naturally dazzling and he was even stared at by the people who were passing by in the corridor. Luo Yu frowned slightly, and went straight into the classroom, watching Jiang You from afar: “Jiang You, let’s go!”

Hearing what Luo Yu said, Jiang You turned her gaze and walked to Su Wan’s desk with a smile, and happily smiled at her: “Xiao Wan, let’s go eat together!”

Jiang You knew Su Wan liked Luo Yu, so … even if Luo Yu was a very outstanding person, he was also a person that her sister liked.

Obviously, Jiang You is still thinking about matchmaking Luo Yu and Su Wan and getting them back together, but she seems to have forgotten that there is a word in this world called “The more you help, the more trouble you cause.”

Sure enough, when Luo Yu heard Jiang You, his slender eyes subconsciously landed on Su Wan’s face, revealing unconcealed traces of coldness.

In Luo Yu’s heart, Jiang You has always been so warm and kind, but …

She was just too kind that she can’t see that Su Wan was completely malicious towards her.

“I have an appointment.”

Su Wan finally finished packing her things, and slowly looked up at Jiang You and Luo Yu. When she saw that Jiang You still wanted to speak, Su Wan indifferently added: “Also, don’t try to pull together this fella and me together. He and I are not very familiar, please give up ” 1

Speaking as such, Su Wan stood up and walked quickly around the Luo Yu.

“Xiao Wan!”

Jiang You yelled behind her again. When she saw that Su Wan’s feet not stop as she left, Jiang You became anxious and raised her foot to chase after her. As a result, she was pulled back by Luo Yu.

“What are you pulling me for?” Jiang You anxiously tried to break free from Luo Yu’s restraint.

“She doesn’t want to accept your feelings at all, so why are you making things hard for yourself?”

Luo Yu looked at the stubborn Jiang You before him, and felt a little distressed for her. She tried so hard to get Su Wan’s approval, but what about the other party?

That woman just can’t tell good from bad.

Seeing Luo Yu mention Su Wan with a cold face, Jiang You couldn’t help but bite her lip: “Xiao Wan is also very kind, she just misunderstood me, and it will be okay if the misunderstanding is eliminated. Luo Yu, don’t always target her. Actually, she … Xiao Wan really likes you. ”

Speaking till here, Jiang You’s tone was a bit complicated. In fact, she also admired Luo Yu, this kind of excellent and elegant boy. However, whenever Jiang You thinks of how Su Wan’s dazed appearance after the breakup, she forces herself to not have any “delusions” of harboring feelings for Luo Yu…

“She likes me? Then what about you? Don’t you like me?”

When Luo Yu heard Jiang You’s words, he was stupefied. He suddenly took advantage of his tall body and instantly pressed Jiang You’s slender figure against the desk.

Looking at the handsome face that came closer and closer, Jiang You’s heartbeat accelerated unstoppably.

“I…… I……”

Jiang You’s face blushed, and her tone of voice was involuntarily eager: “I … I don’t.”

“No? Then what are you blushing?”

Luo Yu looked at Jiang You’s flushed, bashful face and couldn’t help but get closer. His long eyelashes were about to touch Jiang You’s cheeks. Right at this moment, a weak female voice suddenly sounded outside the classroom: “Jiang, Jiang You, there are two people at the school gate who came looking for you, and they said … that they are your friends!”

Xu Nuo to stood embarrassed outside the classroom. She did not expect that she would see such a scene.

So it turned out that senior student Luo Yu and Jiang You were already together?


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