Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 129

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SEG Chapter 7.2 – Misplaced Daughter

The early morning sun shone in through the classroom’s clean and bright floor-to-ceiling windows, dazzling people’s eyes until they couldn’t open them.

The students of Year 2 Class 3 have yet to arrive. Looking at the strange yet familiar young faces around her, Su Wan opened her schoolbag on her table. Besides some brand new textbooks inside, there wasn’t even a pen, so forget about homework. How can such a thing exist?

“I didn’t bring the homework.”

Su Wan tipped over her schoolbag and then vigorously shook her flattened schoolbag in front of Xu Nuo’s face.

“Ah, it’s fine, it’s fine.”

Xu Nuo didn’t expect that Su Wan would talk to her in such an amiable manner. One should know that these past few days, Su Wan seemed as if she had eaten gunpowder. Whoever spoke to her would be shot.

Xu Nuo waved at Su Wan and turned to leave, but just as she turned around, she suddenly thought of something and hesitantly stopped herself. She hesitantly looked at Su Wan: “Su Wan, that….. your face looks really bad. If you really are uncomfortable, I could send you to the school infirmary?”

To be honest, Su Wan did really look utterly terrible right now.

Last night, the original owner drank beer all night long and in the morning, she had dark circles on her face and dazedly wore a wrinkled school uniform and came straight to class. And the first she did after sitting at her desk was…… to sleep.

In this state, if the complexion of her face looked good, then that would be strange.

Sensing the concern and anxiety in Xu Nuo’s tone, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile at her: “I’m fine, en, I’ll go and ask Teacher Wen for leave.”

Wen Wenhao, T University’s most outstanding student, Year 2 Class 3’s newly appointed homeroom teacher.

In the original owner’s memory, Teacher Wen was a very elegant and gentle man, but she definitely didn’t know that this Wen Wenhao was actually the heir of a large clan and in the future, he will be one of Jiang You’s pursuers.

Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao would come. 1 Su Wan was thinking of Jiang You and her slender figure appeared at the classroom entrance.

That’s right, the two of them are classmates.

Jiang You was tall and inherited Wen Shu’s beauty. Although she wore the standard blue uniform, she brought about a distinctive air when she stood among the crowd.

At this time, Jiang You’s beautiful eyes turned around the classroom. When she caught sight of Su Wan’s figure, her gaze immediately brightened and then made a beeline for Su Wan.

“Xiao Wan, why didn’t you return home at all last night? Don’t you know that mom and dad were worried to death!”

Jiang You’s voice was very sharp and clear. At this time, she didn’t deliberately lower her voice, so with her questioning, the originally noisy classroom suddenly quietened down.

Did not go back at all last night…….

If it was an adult, this matter would be quite normal, but they were still students and this year, everyone was only 17 years old and not yet adults.

The most important thing was, Su Wan was a girl and a beautiful campus belle.

The beautiful campus belle not going home for the whole night and whatnot, this would definitely be the best heading to put on the campus’ BBS, okay?

Feeling the whispering of the surrounding people, Jiang You who perceived it late also froze, then she immediately embarrassedly scratched her head: “Xiao Wan, Xiao Wan I didn’t mean that, I meant……”

Jiang You wanted to explain but Su Wan suddenly slung her empty schoolbag onto her shoulder 2. Then she indifferently stood up: “Whatever you meant, I do not want to know. And it is not your turn to poke your nose into my matters.”

After saying this, Su Wan didn’t even look at Jiang You and walked to the entrance of the classroom with her head held high and her schoolbag on her back.

“Xiao Wan!”

Jiang You was unwilling to give up. She ran to the classroom entrance in two, three steps and barred Su Wan’s way: “Xiao Wan, the monthly exam is coming soon. You can’t skip class anymore.”

“Who said I was skipping?”

Su Wan lazily raised her eyelids at Jiang You with a mocking smile on the corner of her mouth: “I didn’t bring stationery, can’t I go home to get it? Jiang You, don’t always consider yourself always in the right. There are many matters where you consider them wrong, but it is definitely right. You make way!”

After saying this, Su Wan forcefully flicked away the arm that Jiang You used to bar her way and left the classroom in large strides.

Jiang You stood at the door of the classroom, stupidly looking in the direction Su Wan left in. At this moment, her face revealed a wronged and conflicted expression, but she very quicky pushed down these negative emotions. She habitually patted her fair cheeks, then giggled and said to herself: “Jiang You, you can do it! There will definitely be one day, definitely one day where Su Wan will like you!”

【General Su is currently looking at you, can you feel that?  Young girl?】

As if to prove her determination, Jiang You grasped her little fist again then she smilingly turned and returned to class. At this time, a straight figure was standing by the window in the classroom corridor. Jiang You’s each and every move just now all fell into his sight.

“What an interesting girl.”

The boy by the window murmured to himself then turned and slowly left……

The playground of Feng Heng campus was particularly large. In order to ensure the safety of the school campus, it was forbidden to drive in the campus.

Naturally, all the rules were meant to be broken.

Su Wan was walking around the campus playground with her empty schoolbag when a Porsche sports car rushed towards the playground.

Perhaps because there was no one else on the playground at this time so the lone wanderer Su Wan became a very obvious target —


Along with the roar of the motor and the sound of harsh breaks, the red Porsche sports car stopped in front of Su Wan.

Su Wan’s face remained unchanged and stared quietly at the red-haired youth who jumped out of the sports car.

Su Wan recognised this red-haired youth —

Ling Qing, the heir to the Ling clan’s enterprise and also a 3rd year student at Feng Heng school, one of top student Luo Yu’s diehard followers.

Ling Qing was also an influential person in Feng Heng and has always been flamboyant when he can be high-profile.

“Su Wan, haven’t seen you for a few days, why are you so down ah?”

When Ling Qing was in the car, he actually saw a haggard Su Wan. Previously when Su Wan and Luo Yu were together, she had a lot of problems and such a delicate girl was never Ling Qing’s type. And now that Luo Yu woke up and broke up with Su Wan, it was very difficult for Ling Qing to meet Su Wan even once and naturally couldn’t give up the chance to sneer and embarrass Su Wan.

Faced with Ling Qing’s ridicule, Su Wan merely quietly gave him a glance and then picked up her schoolbag, turned around and silently walked towards the school gate.

There weren’t many others in this world, especially the mad dogs who support the heroine. This Ling Qing would also later be one of Jiang You’s pursuers. He would even become enemies with Luo Yu just because of her.

Of course, how to fight for the heroine is 135 or 246. This was all the problem of that group of men. The most important thing that Su Wan has to consider is –

Where is Su Rui?

Because there was just too many Supporting Males who liked, adored and secretly love Jiang You, and among these men many of them have never met the original owner. So, Su Wan couldn’t estimate Su Rui’s identity at the moment.

According to the original plot of this world, Su Wan was to be cannon fodder. And the reason she was cannon fodder was because she kept going against Jiang You again and again.

In the near future, there will be many excellent men around Jiang You. These men will be stronger than the next, and more merciless than the next.

The origin owner Su Wan would finally die in the hands of a gangster big shot and the way Jiang You and the big shot got acquainted was very melodramatic. At that time, that man’s gang was having internal strife and he was plotted against and severely injured. He fainted in an alley and Jiang You, who was passing by after school, kind-heartedly “picked” him home!

Regarding this, Su Wan just wanted to say — as a triple-A student, seeing someone injured on the street, shouldn’t you call 120 first? Do you think you are the reincarnation of Hua Tuo or something? Can you take care of a bullet wound? 3

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Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 128

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