Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 131

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SEG Chapter 7.4 – Misplaced Daughter

Feng Heng School has its own cafeteria, but the students in the school are still used to eating in private restaurants outside the school, and all the high-end restaurants are located around this noble school.

During the lunch break, there were a lot of people at the school gate. Occasionally, there were people who parade themselves around town with a sports car like Ling Qing. They would whistle past the school gates with their car carrying beautiful women.

Su Wan came out later than the others. Usually by this time, there were no people at the school gate, but today there are many people around the gate. Many of them seem to be watching the excitement.

Neither the original owner nor Su Wan was very enthusiastic about this kind of gossip. Just when Su Wan wanted to go round it, the figure of Jiang You suddenly flew past from behind Su Wan.

Then Luo Yu’s tall figure followed closely behind her. When passing by Su Wan, Luo Yu couldn’t help but stare at Su Wan.

Su Wan: …

Who the hell did I to provoke?

She secretly pursed her lips, but Su Wan couldn’t help looking up and staring at the direction Jiang You left in, which was the one that immediately made Su Wan stunned.

The afternoon sun was particularly bright. At this time, there were two tall figures standing side by side at the gate of Feng Heng school. At a glance, these were two young people in their early twenties. Both were wearing cheap shirts and jeans. The sneakers are also covered with dust. This kind of attire made them look like a “migrant worker” who just entered the city after enduring hardships along the way, but these two young people are both very handsome and tall. The young man who was slightly taller kept a cold face and a steady light in his gaze. Even if he wore such low-priced clothes, he couldn’t hide the innate sharpness on him.

The other youth had a cute and charming baby face, and his eyes that were as clear as water kept blinking curiously. That adorable expression almost killed most of them.

It was unknown when the two arrived, but it was clear that they had been stared at by the surrounding people for a long time, and … seemed to be completely unaware?

Most of the people who surrounded them were Feng Heng’s girl students. Although the two handsome guys wore worn clothes, it did not affect their appearance. There were even countless guys who “scanned” with their X-ray vision up and down. Those who were sharp could see their excellent build underneath their thin shirt —

Six-pack abs, mermaid lines and what not.

Aiya, such sex appeal, so enchanting!

“Xiao Qi! Xiao Yunyi!”

Jiang You, who hurried to the door, suddenly screamed with excitement, and then she bent gasping for breath. Smilingly looking at the two who had been stared at by the crowd.

Jiang You.

The Xiao family brothers at the door immediately looked in the direction of the voice. The faces of the two people happened to reveal surprised expressions at the same time. And Xiao Qi even impatiently rushed in the direction of Jiang You.

Xiao Yunyi, who was behind him, followed his elder brother quickly.

Jiang You stood on the spot and looked at the childhood friends she hadn’t seen for so many days. She has known them for almost ten years. It was natural to say that the three people have deep feelings, but it really was Jiang You’s first time seeing Xiao Qi’s calm face reveal such an impatient look.

Big brother Xiao really …

Jiang You smiled helplessly. Seeing that Xiao Qi’s slender figure was close in front of her, she opened her mouth and was about to speak, but the oncoming man did not stop in front of her and directly went straight behind her.

Jiang You froze in place, and Xiao Yunyi, who was following his elder brother’s footsteps, also froze—

Is big brother okay?

Although he had constantly been acting weird during this period of time, he shouldn’t have forgotten Jiang You?

While Xiao Yunyi was hesitant to call his elder brother back, he heard the crowd around him all screaming with high decibels—

At this time, Xiao Qi had stopped in front of Su Wan. He did not give her any chance to speak. He had bowed down and overbearingly kissed Su Wan’s lips.

His arms were very strong, and he seems to want to pull Su Wan into his body.

Su Wan was caught in his arms at this time, and she was kissed breathless.

There were more and more people around, and even some people start to take out their mobile phones to record videos. Xiao Yunyi already went completely stupid. He widened his big pair of eyes and looked at the two people who are embracing and kissing in front of him. There was only one thought–

Oh no oh no, has big brother really gone crazy?

How could he hug and kiss someone?

Doing it like this, will he be arrested by the police?

When Xiao Yunyi was worried, those around him who recognized Su Wan were even more noisy.

**silk youth kissed the Ms. Perfect of the school, the school belle, is this to counterattack?

General Su: …

You are the silk, your whole family is silk~

“Wu wu.”

At this time, Su Wan had flushed because of the kisses, and she was out of breath. Seeing her struggling, the person in front of her finally reluctantly released her.

“Su Wan!”

The moment Xiao Qi released Su Wan, Jiang You immediately rushed to Su Wan, and raised her hand and grabbed Su Wan ’s wrist: “Xiao Wan, he is my friend, he … he, he did not mean it, you Don’t … don’t hit him! ”

Su Wan: …

She froze for a bit and looked at the excited Jiang You with a strange look in her eyes: “Did I say I was going to hit him? Also, what is not intentional? He kissed me in front of so many people. This is my first kiss! ”

After hearing Su Wan’s words, most of the surrounding people clamored around even more. Some people even turned around secretly and looked at the indifferent Luo Yu who was standing in the crowd this whole time — Aiyaya , I seem to have found this out by accident.

For example, the first kiss.

Jiang You hesitated upon to hear Su Wan’s words. She didn’t know how to solve the situation in front of her. God knew what Xiao Qi contracted, how could he suddenly …

Did he already know about the Su family, so he deliberately did this to help her embarrass Su Wan? 1

“I will take responsibility.”

At this time, a certain man who had been silent this whole time finally spoke faintly. Instead of paying attention to the tangled Jiang You beside him, but rather stared gently at Su Wan’s face: “I will be responsible for you.”

Your mother, this drama is really has one climax after the other!

It would have been fierce enough for a **silk guy to forcefully kiss the school’s belle! As a result, this handsome guy is still a close friend of the school flower rival?

Of course, this is not over yet. Now this handsome guy is madly saying that he will take responsibility for the school’s belle.

Dude, I admit that you look handsome, but you can’t just depend on that to get the girl ah! Have you seen our campus belle Su’s ex-boyfriend? Yes, it is that tall, rich and handsome guy in the crowd. You have to have at least half of top student Luo’s wealth and potential to dare to say such crazy words, right?

While countless spectators were sitting waiting for the handsome guy to be beaten by the school flower, Su Wan narrowed his eyes and sneered at the man in front of him: “Fine, since you want to take responsibility, then from now on, you are my, Su Wan’s, man! ”

Onlookers: School Flower School Flower, this script is not right!

The bitter men in the crowd: So this was the right way to pursue school flowers? Today, Laozi is really learnt something new! 2

General Su: …

What is with all your “a flower inserted into cow dung” expression?

That’s right, Xiao Qi is naturally Su Rui. When he entered the task, he found that he had become a “childhood sweetheart” of the heroine and he was also carrying a silly child around with him. The innocent student Xiao Yunyi got shot lying down→→

Regarding his brand-new identity of “Oddjob Martial Substitute”, General Su was still unaware. After regaining his consciousness, he immediately left the crew and packed all his papers with Xiao Yunyi and hopped on a plane to City D …

Blu: I dunno why but I really don’t like Jiang You. I usually don’t mind rather brainless characters like hers but she ain’t cute at all. Tsk tsk. Idiot sandbag.

Samui: its a bit sus tho don’t you think. She keeps saying just the wrong thing. Like hmmmmmm brainless, really? *Protect Su Wan squad activated*

Blu: For those that haven’t read the summary nor the essay, please do! 🙂 It’s back in chapter 128. You can choose not to, but I’ll post the link here anyway ha ha.

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  1. idk man, female antagonist is putting up an airhead clutzy cutsy with a mix of white lotus act to me,
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    1. yeah, either the ‘heroine'(lol) is so blindingly oblivious and stupid (which would make her a walking example of killing with kindness) or she’s one hell of a two-faced white lotus actress.

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