Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (19)

When the maidservant just wanted to reply, the palace door behind was suddenly opened.

“Mother!” Snow White’s eyes brightened immediately. When she realized her eager inappropriate manner, her cheeks became red immediately. She bit on her dark red lips and said in a small voice, “Snow White comes to give respect to mother.”

The Queen’s line of sight fell on her body, she said in a flat tone, “En.” soon after that, she said casually, “Have you eaten breakfast yet?”

Snow White shook her head lightly, “Answering mother, I haven’t.”

“Then you should accompany me. I was planning to eat breakfast just now.” her manner of speaking remained casual, as if deciding for the other party absentmindedly.

Snow White’s pair of eyes were seeping with a speck of happiness, her face couldn’t conceal the overflowing joy. When she once again realized her expression unbefitting of a princess, she constrained her feeling and said in a soft voice, “Yes, mother.”

In front of the white marble square long table, Snow White and her step-mother sat down facing each other.

Every early morning, people would deliver the freshest milk from the best pasture in Wangdu to Imperial Palace, this kind of milk was produced from the most expensive and rare milch cow type, Braden cow [T/N: 布拉登]. The authentic and genuine milk didn’t even have a thread of mutton smell, the texture was smooth and creamy with savory taste. The milk, served with bacon and toast, simply made her taste bud exploded.

Shen Mubai’s hands’ movement wasn’t stiff and slow at all, the food was decreasing in a speed that can be seen by naked eye.

Snow White slightly lifted up her eyes and stared at the other party.

The beautiful Queen was slightly drooping down her eyelids, with her upright sitting posture, her movements were graceful and elegant while eating the food on her plate. Her face maintained her haughty and noble expression while chewing with a slight upturn in the corners of her mouth, just like a satisfied kitten, a bit teasing and seductive.

The light inside Snow White’s eyes dimmed, her black eyes deepened in a split second as the gaze was focused solely on the person in front of her.

Shen Mubai felt so happy right now, because only at times like this that she can reap the benefit of doing her mission. Hence, her manner of speaking became absolutely light-hearted and lively when talking to system, “System, what are you doing?”

System, “Work.”

Shen Mubai asked, “Systems also have work?”

System said, “I’m working 24/7, and you, what are you doing 24/7 besides eating, drinking and sleeping?”

Shen Mubai, “…” Is there no way to converse nicely?

Thinking carefully, it seemed like there’s some truth though. Shen Mubai lifted her head up carefully with a guilty conscience, planning to check the rate of progress above Snow White’s head, but her eyes unexpectedly met with the other’ deep black eyes.

She was caught stealing a glance, Snow White was faintly panic-stricken and flustered, and her originally snowy-white skin was painted with a layer of red. She nervously held her eyes back, her eyelashes trembled softly.

“What are you doing?” the young Queen slightly knitted her eyebrows.

Her red cheeks turned deathly pale because of the Queen’s discontented short sentence, Snow White’s slender eyelashes trembled even more violently as she restlessly bit her lips until it looked like it would bleed, “Mother, I…”

“En?” the Queen looked at the frail young girl and issued out an arrogant light snort from her nose.

Snow White gripped her knife and fork tightly like she was mustering up her courage, then she lifted her eyes and looked directly in front, “Mother, Snow White… afterwards, can Snow White come here everyday?”

The young girl was wearing a gorgeous ancient European gown; today’s red imperial palace gown added a bit of colour to her snowy white skin, pure and clean, but also bewitching. Her raven black hair flowing down beautifully, framing her tender small face. Those pair of brilliant black eyes were gazing at the person in front with rapt attention.

Translator: MadPanda

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