Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (18)

Snow White who was wearing a magnificent princess attire was standing at the same place, her fair skin was smeared with a faint scarlet colour that looked mesmerizing, especially her beautiful deep eyes that seemed to contain the night itself. Yet her pure aura possessed a beauty that could confuse and poison people’s minds, her appearance would make people’s breath stifled with just a quick glance.

Shen Mubai unconsciously nodded her head. Waiting until she recovered from her absentmindedness, the other party’s lips already curved in a joyful smile, she said in an incomparably gentle voice, “I’ll be waiting for mother.”

Those pair of inky black eyes slightly curved up as her expectant gaze was twinkling with hope.

After returning to the Imperial Palace, Shen Mubai asked the Magic Mirror, “Magic Mirror ah, Magic Mirror, what will I eat tonight?”

Magic Mirror said, “Answering the Queen, your supper tonight would be shiitake and cabbage mix.”

Shen Mubai, “…Oh.”

Her whole person became wan in a split second, taking an appearance of ‘nothing left to live for’.

Although the former Queen was quiet vicious, nevertheless she already became different nowadays. Magic Mirror was really fond of this kind of Queen, at the very least, she wouldn’t grab it and vent her anger while threatening that she would break it into pieces. After seeing the Queen in low spirits, Magic Mirror felt a sympathy in it’s heart, so it decided to coax the Queen to be happy.

“Queen, you’re really beautiful tonight, just like the most beautiful rose in the flower garden, no, you’re even more beautiful than that.” The Magic Mirror vehemently praised her.

The Queen listlessly glanced at him without speaking anything.

Magic Mirror, “…”

Is the Queen dissatisfied with my words?

Magic Mirror felt embarrassed, it was a mirror who can’t tell lie, it’s unable to say that the Queen was more beautiful than Snow White ah. Thereupon, it started to rack its brains to figure out a suitable praise, and after eliminating one sentence to another sentence, it finally decided to speak.

“Queen, your beautiful face…”

“Magic Mirror ah, Magic Mirror, tell me what they’re doing at the kitchen.” the Queen interrupted its attempt on making another praise.

Magic Mirror, “…answering the Queen, the kitchen now is preparing His Majesty The King’s afternoon tea and snack.”

The Queen slurped a mouthful of saliva and continued to ask, “What will they cook at afternoon?”

Magic Mirror, “Truffle, club steak, foie gras, caviar…”

The more Shen Mubai heard it speak, the more she couldn’t bear the sorrow in her heart. After she heard ‘tomato salad’, she immediately wailed, “That one is for me, am I right?”

Magic Mirror, “…that’s right, Queen.”

Shen Mubai thought in her despair, today will be a very long day

Magic Mirror felt complicated inside, the Queen has really changed, she wasn’t like this before.

As a result, in the next several days, Shen Mubai constantly unableto resist the temptation of running towards Snow White’s palace.

The two people’s relationship was getting more and more harmonious, until the day when Shen Mubai didn’t need to eat like a vegetarian again arrived.

Inside her own imperial palace, she threw off all restraint and merrily eat, at this time, Shen Mubai forgot about the pitiful Snow White completely. By the time she became aware, three days have already gone by.

Ah, I’ll go tomorrow, Shen Mubai thought in a daze, and soon slept once more.

When the second day arrived, just when she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, Shen Mubai heard a faint conversation coming from outside.

“Is mother still resting?” the soft and gentle voice was lowered until it became like a feather.

“Answering Your Highness Princess, does Princess need me to go inside and make a report of your arrival?” the maid guarding at the door answered.

“Since mother is still resting, then I’ll come back tomorrow to pay respect.” Snow White’s eyelashes quivered as her gaze flitted across the doorway.


Finally the meat ban had been lifted! And Shen Mubai forgot about Snow White as soon as she can eat meat… poor Snow White…

Translator: MadPanda

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