Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (20)

Shen Mubai’s breath in a flash became stagnated; you can put this long face anywhere and it could still become a murder weapon. She still had tender affection towards Snow White’s small pitiful face, so she opened her mouth in agreement.

The happiness that can’t be controlled spread to her blooming face, Snow White slightly curved her eyes up and gently said, “Thank you mother.”

Shen Mubai gave a quick glance at the progress bar above Snow White’s head, it already reached 5% now.

Although her steps were very slow, but because there’s no one to compare with, she still consoled herself. At the same time, she made up her mind to deepen the mother-daughter relationship between her and Snow White.

After Snow White left her palace, her maidservant, Arian, came over.

She used a scrutinizing gaze at Shen Mubai, then indifferently said, “Queen, the time of you going out is too frequent these days.”

Arian would come for a while at every morning, but she would always be dismissed by Shen Mubai every time with an expression of ‘I’m always right’.

Hearing Arian’s utterance implied with warning, the gorgeous Queen coldly shot a glance over, “Are you using this kind of attitude to question me?”

An astonished expression emerged in Arian’s sharp eyes, she said, “Arian is only concerned about the Queen’s whereabouts.”

Slightly lifting up her chin, the Queen’s beautiful face was smeared with a disdaining look, “Arian, you and I are both aware, the reason why I don’t want to argue too much with you was only because I’m looking at His Majesty The King’s face. However, when all is said and done, I, as the Queen, do I still need to report this kind of thing to you?”

Arian showed a stunned look, but she quickly covered it with an indifferent one, “What Queen Consort means is that Arian has exceeded her position.”

Although she still acknowledged her mistake, but her manner of speaking made people felt that it was just a petty mistake.

Shen Mubai understood, the other party still didn’t put her position as the Queen inside her eyes. But this thing didn’t matter at all, the premise was, just don’t try to hinder her from completing her assignments.

When it was close to noon, the King sent people to pass on his order to let Shen Mubai make a trip to his place.

The moment she entered inside the Imperial Palace, Shen Mubai shivered in her heart, “System, I have a way…”

Her words were still familiar, her manner of speaking too were still familiar, the only difference was, last time, the one who gave solace was the system, but this time it became aloof and indiferent, even mercilessly urged her, “Hurry up and get in, don’t break your character’s design.”

Shen Mubai, “…”

The King was still sitting at the same place as when she met him the last time. He looked over her with a gentle and soft expression, his gaze was pampering.

Shen Mubai thought in her heart, big brother ah, can you please not smile anymore? It’s unbearable oh.

When she came closer, the King’s smile became even deeper, “Fujiana, come.”

The young Queen looked at him with admiring gaze as she cutely sat down beside the King’s seat.

The King who’s handsomeness and brilliance hadn’t been reduced by the passage of time, held the young girl’s tender and smooth pair of hands gently, “Fujiana, what are you doing nowadays? Have you been missing me?”

Shen Mubai endured the goose pimples that were threatening to pop out, she slightly lifted her face up and mustered her mind to show a deeply affectionate look mixed with a young girl’s shyness, “I missed you so much, Your Majesty.” within her lovely coy words revealed a bit of complain, “But you’re always busy every day, I don’t dare come and disturb you.”

The King’s doting gaze was mixed with a bit of helplessness, he sighed a breath, “It is true that lately I’m too busy with work, to let Fujiana feel lonely is indeed my fault.” Then he turned the topic of conversation as if it was done so casually, “I heard that you and Snow White has been really close as of late.”

Shen Mubai’s heart tightened slightly.


Eww, the King is back…

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