Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 112

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Chapter 112 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (40)

The King had already left the banquet, so it wouldn’t be good if Shen Mubai as the Queen stayed. She didn’t forget to first open her mouth and said a few sentences to relax the rigid atmosphere then turned and left the scene too.

It was only the handsome Prince that still had the mood and called for everyone to keep on eating, drinking and have fun.

Although their hearts unavoidably perturbed, but under the charm of the neighbouring Prince, some groups of people began to talk and laugh again. But for the other groups of Palace people, they naturally followed the King and departed from the banquet too, while some of the ministers wanted to follow suit.

No one paid attention that the Princess Snow White who was originally silently sitting had left the place not long after the Queen left, following quietly.

Shen Mubai who was leaving the banquet remained perplexed while walking on the road, what did the Prince mean after all?

When she was still racking her brains, a soft and gentle voice came over, “Imperial Mother.”

Shen Mubai lifted her face and immediately saw Snow White who was walking towards her.

Snow White was wearing an extremely magnificent imperial gown today, it was tailored from the material that they chose in Wangdu that day. The dark red colour enhanced her white as snow skin and made it more captivating, that pair of inky black eyes were now staring fixedly at the Queen.

The maidservants that followed as Shen Mubai’s entourage gave their greetings, “Your Majesty the Princess.”

Snow White’s eyes didn’t leave Shen Mubai straight from the start, a gentle voice sent out from her throat with a tone that won’t allow any rejection, “Leave us now, I have something to talk about with mother.”

The maidservants’ faces showed hesitation.

Snow White swept a light gaze towards them.

Didn’t know how, but the maidservants felt a dreadful horror in that flash second, they lowered their heads in a hurry, “Yes.”

Shen Mubai felt a bit puzzled as she asked, “How come you leave too?”

Snow White smiled lightly, her gaze felt mysterious, “Snow White saw mother leaving, so I also followed.”

Shen Mubai’s heart felt a subtle feeling, Snow White sticking to her more and more these days. However, she didn’t think much, only thought that it was because Snow White lacked a mother’s love.

Thinking of the marriage arrangements, she lightly coughed and asked to probe, “What do you think of the Prince?”

The look on Snow White’s eyes sunk deeper, within the dim light, the treacherous look on her face was hidden as she said, “Didn’t mother feel that he’s handsome and brilliant?”

Shen Mubai can’t discern the look on her face, so she only thought that it was just an ordinary question, she nodded her head, “Yes, he’s handsome and brilliant.” But it looks like he’s sick in the head, she added in her mind.

Snow White’s eyes was pitch-dark like it has transformed into a dense abyss, her soft smile turned sinister and wicked, if someone saw the expression on her face clearly at this moment, they would be absolutely terrified.

“However, I wish that you don’t marry him.” A voice then followed with a conscientious tone.

Snow White slightly slanted her head, looking at the young Queen who was vexed, the darkness inside her eyes gradually faded. She slightly hooked up her blood-red lips as she gazed at the person in front of her, the voice she let out was obvious with joy, “Mother.”

Shen Mubai blinked her eyes, “En?”

Snow White saw her charming face and couldn’t help but laughed warmly, “You’re really cute.”

Shen Mubai who was baffled because of the sudden praise felt stupefied as she looked at the gentleness on Snow White’s face, thinking if there’s anything that she thought wrong.


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Translator: MadPanda

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