Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead Chapter 111

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Chapter 111 — Snow White in a Dark Fairy Tale (39)

When the banquet arrived at its later time, the King finally opened her mouth and stated the true purpose of this banquet, “Prince Arlenweiss, we should enter into the main subject now.”

The prince who was sitting at his seat and sometimes discharging electric current all around seemed like he suddenly remembered something as he turned his head and smiled, “Oh, look at my memory, if it weren’t for Your Majesty mentioning it, I’d forget what I came to do.”

His words aroused many discontented look. Prince Arlenweiss has bad reputation in Roenzent, if it weren’t for the kingdom’s formidable power, they wouldn’t agree to this marriage too. However, His Majesty the King didn’t declare what he’s thinking, so they also had no reason to speak out.

The King appeared just like before with his soft and gentle expression, as if he already had his plan toward this prince’s temper, he laughed lightly, “Snow White is my dear daughter, she’s a lovely and sensible child, furthermore, she;s highly outstanding at other parts too, I wish that you both will get along and has a harmonious relationship.”

Arlenweiss’ face revealed an astonished expression, “Oh, really? I don’t see anything like that even for a bit though.”

The King still said with a good temperament, “Prince Arlenweiss, I understand that there’s no lack of beautiful and outstanding noble daughters here in Wangdu. However I dare say that Snow White excel in both appearance and status, and also, we, Alesia, have a good relationship with Roenzent since a long time ago, right? Snow White, stand up. Let His Highness the Prince carefully examine you.”

The beautiful Snow White silently stood up, this made the jealous noble ladies can’t help but gave birth to a sense of inferiority inside their hearts.

The King looked at the taciturn and timid Snow White and his eyes revealed a bit of annoyance, but he immediately thought about something, making his face showed a strange smile, like he was feeling pleased from his own twisted perversion.

The handsome prince’s line of sight stood still for a time at Snow White’s body, but soon after that, he looked straight at the King, as he displayed an uncertain smile, “Her Highness the Princess is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, however…” An interest fleeted past his eyes, his gaze was placed to the noble and haughty Queen who was wearing the imperial crown, “I think the Queen looks much more interesting.”

Arlenweiss didn’t mince his words and caused restlessness to spread in the banquet, there were even some ministers that couldn’t control themselves and stood up, “Prince Arlenweiss, what does Your Majesty means by that?”

Arlenweiss only displayed an innocent expression, “I’m only telling the truth, is there any fault in it? Is this how Alesia treat their guests?”

That minister’s face changed to a purplish red colour from his anger as he directly sat back down in a huff.

The King’s face wasn’t any better, but he was hindered by Roentzent’s formidable power, so he could not flare up, he can only force a barely adequate smile as he said, “I see that today is unsuitable to discuss this matter further, Prince Arlenweiss, we had already arranged for the residence which will be yours to reside in this period of time, as for the marriage arrangements, I wish that you will properly get along with Snow White from here then on.”

After saying this, the King stood up and departed with obvious anger.

These series of matters had reversed already, Shen Mubai felt that she became more muddled because of it.

The blonde prince still shamelessly sent out electric current towards her, displaying his bright and charming smile without any scruple.


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