Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 27)

On the other side, Luo Qing Chen kept moving forward.  She was following the guidance of the Exquisite Ring, as she wanted to find Mo Bai Ci as soon as possible.

She wanted to use teleportation, but the system told her that this place was outside the three realms, so she couldn’t use this ability.

When she walked around a corner, she could hear the sounds of footsteps around her.

Although it was faint, in this place without a single sound, she could clearly hear it.

She slowly raised the Exquisite Ring, waiting for that person to approach……

In the blink of an eye, she quickly attacked.  The power of the Exquisite Ring sent the person approaching five meters away.

Luo Qing Chhen slightly knit her brows as golden light sparkled on her hand.  When she came closer for a look, she recognized who it was.

“Qing Chen.”  Li Jin Feng held his chest as he stood up with difficulty.

Her palm had been very light.  Although it had sent him flying, she didn’t use any spiritual energy and just blew him away.

“Where’s Yan Ruo Yao?”  Luo Qing Chen said with a slight frown, “Wasn’t she with you?”

Without knowing why, she kept thinking of the calm expression Yan Ruo Yao had when the fire and lightning fell down.

As the seventh ranked Spirit Spell Master of the Void Residence, she was considered someone who had seen quite a bit.

Although the situation was very dangerous, she wouldn’t be stunned by her fear.

The only possibility was that she knew this would happen……

“I don’t know, I was pushed by a strong force and arrived here.”  There was a trace of excitement in Li Jin Feng’s eyes, as he had a feeling that something that belonged to him suddenly returned to his side.

Although this place was the Unbounded Land, he didn’t have Yan Ruo Yao by his side and she didn’t have Mo Bai Ci.

How coincidental this was…..

If it was always like this, it would be quite good.

“Oh.”  She softly replied and didn’t plan on staying as she continued walking forward.

Without knowing why, there was a bad feeling in her heart and it kept growing stronger.

Whenever she had this kind of feeling, something bad would always happen.

And now, she felt fear.  She was afraid that this feeling was a premonition of death…..

“Qing Chen, don’t randomly walk around.”  Li Jin Feng quickly came over and grabbed her sleeve as he said, “This is the Unbounded Land which is like a dark space.  The unlucky souls that have fallen in this place, not a single one has ever lived.”

“So?”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes were cold as she flicked her sleeve.  She looked at Li Jin Feng and said, “Are you planning on sitting here and waiting for someone to save you?”

She really didn’t like this man in front of her.  Sometimes the caring man was even more annoying than the cruel villain.

“Sir Bai Ci’s abilities are higher than yours and mine, not to mention he is the Destiny Master.  This trip of death, he must have calculated it.” Although Li Jin Feng wasn’t willing, he had to recognize Mo Bai Ci’s skills.

After all, the title of number of Spirit Spell Master of the Void Residence wasn’t a boast.

“Li Jin Feng, did you forget what you just said?”  Luo Qing Chen said in an extremely cold voice, “This is the Unbounded Land, he can’t use any spells at all!”

After saying this, she followed the Exquisite Ring’s guidance without turning back.

Only the unsettled feeling in her heart kept growing stronger.

Li Jin Feng was right about one thing……

This death trip, Mo Bai Ci must have calculated it.  Then why did they fall into this trap and fall into the Unbounded Land?

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