Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: Cold destiny master’s cherry blossom spirit (Part 28)

At the same time, in the fire cave.

The youth’s moon white robes had been dyed red with blood and drops of blood kept falling down like water.

His eyes were tightly closed and his beautiful frosty face was as pale as paper.

The vines of the flame lotuses had already penetrated his meridians and entered his bones.

“Good.”  Yan Ruo Yao looked at Mo Bai Ci and her lips kept trembling in anger.  There was a red lotus orb that was the same colour as blood that appeared in her right hand as she looked at him and said, “You forced me to do this.”

He had his head down, but when he sensed that red lotus orb, his lips curled into a faint smile.

Finally, it was time for the disaster.

The dim fire cave was lit up by the red lotus orb.  There were a hundred and one large holes on the roof of the fire cave, which had a strange feeling to it.

The red lotus orb slowly rose in Yan Ruo Yao’s hand, only stopping when it reached the biggest hole.

The air was filled with killing intent, as Yan Ruo Yao read the curse that Su Qing Xie gave her.  After a few seconds, the red lotus orb slowly opened and quickly began to turn.

“Hong long——”  After that, a blood red light fell down in Mo Bai Ci’s direction.

The air was permeated with a rich blood smell, but on the lips of the youth covered in blood, his smile became even stronger.

He moved his lips without making a sound, “One.”

“Mo Bai Ci——”  Yan Ruo Yao saw that he took the sacred blood flame of the Blood Demon Hall’s sacred object, the Red Lotus Orb without any reaction and didn’t look like he was going to beg for mercy at all.

With the might of this orb, if this person wasn’t Mo Bai Ci, they would have already been turned into ashes.

Why, why did everyone in this world want to protect Luo Qing Chen?

Moreover, they even used their lives to protect her……

Was one Luo Qing Chen worth it?

She tightly gritted her teeth as the red light in her hand became stronger.  She raised her right hand and activated the Red Lotus Orb again.

Instantly, another beam of blood red light fell down onto Mo Bai Ci.

“Un humph——”  He gave a groan as his primordial spirit began to fade.

“Two…..”  He thought this word because he no longer had the strength to say it.

“Mo Bai Ci, if you give me Luo Qing Chen and the Starlight Sword, I can let you and Li Jin Feng return to the Void Residence.”

Silence…..deathly silence……

“Alright, then you can take her place in going to hell.”  Yan Ruo Yao took a deep breath as her eyes became bloodshot.

She slightly raised her hand and the Red Lotus Orb quickly turned again.  One hundred and one red glows gathered together before falling down on Mo Bai Ci.

He closed his eyes as his hanging heart finally fell down.

Actually he didn’t know if he could block the Red Lotus Orb’s sacred blood flame a third time, he just knew that this Red Lotus Orb was her heavenly disaster.

And he definitely wouldn’t let her take it……

It was known that the Blood Demon Hall’s sacred object, the Red Lotus Orb could only be used once every thousand years and it was split into three attacks.

The Stellar God told him that when the Thousand Year Old Cherry Blossom Spirit used the ancient sacrifice spell to seal the Demon Monarch, she was destined to be baptized by the Red Lotus Orb.

This was her heavenly disaster, she could never avoid it.

But today he used this abnormal method to help her take her heavenly disaster.

“No——”  A heart rending cry came from the distance.

After that, there were cherry blossoms all around them, as a rich cherry blossom scent filled the air.

“Don’t come over!”  He used all his strength to cry out from the bottom of his heart.

The Exquisite Ring on her hand was covered in golden light as she instantly charged in front of him.

The red lotus vines that had trapped him touched the golden light and quickly retreated.

In the blink of an eye, he quickly grabbed her and protected her under him.

“Peng!”  The third blood red light fell onto his body.

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